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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Miss Fortune - KrisWald's AP Defense

Last updated on September 19, 2010
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Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

This guide is written for a friend who loves Miss Fortune but isn't quite one of the elite with her yet. With this guide you will NOT be chasing the enemies down one at a time to their death. You will NOT ever be alone unless defending the base in which case... tower hug. You will not be solo'ing a lane because we are assuming you need some help staying alive. You will want friends and you know who else needs friends? Amumu! the lonely mummy.

We start out by picking a lane. This does not matter. I prefer the top as there can be quite a bit of movement on the bottom lane since it is closer to the dragon.

Preferrably lane with your tank if possible. The tank will more than likely be melee and have a little bit of trouble killing mobs with the enemies harassing. You want to play defensively and only last hit until they get near the tower then open up your rain of bullets on them. You are going to pretend you are a noob. This means no harassing... no walking past the river... no doubleshots... no use of mana unless to push away from the tower or to kill 2-3 creeps at a time. You rain will not kill minions here. So try to hit the mobs down until you get 2-3 below half then rain on them for the last hits.

Ask your tank to let you get all the last hits if possible... he can help attack the higher health mobs making it easier for your rain. He may also wish to harass or scare the enemy while you gather gold. You need to get enough to buy your soulstealer. Soon as you get the gold Pill to town and buy it. Look on the map for anyone that is below half life. Offer to help and rush out there Rain bullets on them while they kill. Always try to sneak through the forest and come up to the side or behind so they do not see you. Ignite if they run... and if they get away from you let them. you should be with the mid solo ... or the bottom lane... it is their job to kill you slowed them with rain and did some dmg... if they get away its fine you are not to die. Remember this guide is for your friends that aren't pros yet. Please ignore the team mates yelling at you for not chasing. =] u get 2 stacks for a kill 1 for assist. dont worry if you dont get the kill. Go back to your lane and continue farming like before, letting your tank last hit this time.

You want to try and farm up about 2,000 gold to buy glacial shroud and some boots. this will greatly reduce your cooldowns so you can spam rain of bullets more often and bring your ultimate's cooldown to a reasonable timer. You will try to join in on every team battle staying back out of the fray best you can and just rain of bullets and then activate impure shots. Work on Rylai's Scepter for more slow and ability power. Upgrade to Sorc Shoes if you are fine or Mercury's If they have a lot of disables in the current fights. Basically if you are owning... Sorc shoes keep owning... if you are losing... Mercury's. When in doubt always go Mercury.

Your goals in this stage are:
#1 Don't Die
#2 Get assists for stacking your soulstealer
#3 Don't Die (you will lose stacks)
#4 Slow the enemies for your team mates to kill
#5 Don't Die (this is pretty obvious)
#6 watch for other enemies that may interrupt battles and ping or call them out.
#7 Watch your team mates and learn from them how to become better while you stay safe.
#8 Not to chase... Not to be left alone... Not to wander off... Soon as battle is over find the nearest tower and work your way back to town or back to a lane that has minions. At this point.. you will not be confined to a lane. Try to be aware of the map and everyone on it as they appear and disappear. Hit tab frequently and see what heroes are alive or dead... and how long their timers are... do they have teleport? Ghost? how soon can u expect them. If the team is pushing let them know 10 seconds are left until 3 come back to life. etc. Help out best you can in the little ways =]

Alright finish the build with Abysmal Scepter. Now you are more immune to their magic, reduce their resistance to you, and more ability power yay.

Last item... hit your Tab Button
Look at the enemy's items. Are they stacking magic resist? if you see them with a lot of magic resistance items buy a void staff... if not... save up for Zhonyas Ring... for tons of ability power and during team fight if u get focused you will have to click the ring in your inventory to become immune for a few seconds... this should give the team enough time to pick them off or have them change target for you. This takes a lil work but it is your only item to click. Gives you good practice for other toons. If you are dying a lot... then that soulstealer wont be working to maximum potential... buy yourself a guardian angel for yet more armor/resist and again if you get focused you will pop back up. Top it all off by upgrading your shield to a frozen heart and you are set.

Your ultimate will be on a 60 second cooldown and your rain and shots will be 9 sec cooldowns roughly. You should be able to fire rain on a wave and hit impure and watch everything die... don't save your ultimate for them to run away... at the start of the fight when the tank initiates let it rip all the damage you have. First rain then Ult. After it ends impure shots... ignite anyone that you think you should... pop a rain again and ghost if you need to run =]

Another item to try out once you reach your cooldown maximum is innervating locket. will help the team out a little bit and give you health/mana as well.

Also try to get a Philosopher stone at the start if you need a little help with regen of mana/health as it also gives you gold and will last you til the end of the game. Lastly if you want a little more survivability try to con one of your team mates into getting will of the ancients... for spell vamp. your rain and your ult will heal you if you are near them. If you have problems getting your soulstealer to 20 stacks in most games then switch it out for soul shroud... which will give you increased life and an aura that will reduce cooldowns for your whole group... it is twice as expensive but quite possibly easier for someone of your calibur.

Hope you Enjoy. This is my first guide =] More to come! =]