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Miss Fortune - Ladies Are No Joke

Last updated on September 14, 2010
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hello people,this is my first guide,it might not be the best,but this build is viable for me,so i was wanting to share this with you.

Early Game
The best lane for miss fortune is mid.why?because you havnt got a lane partner and the best thing about that is because:
1)You have no one last hitting your minions
2)You level up quick enough to get your ulti,and be ready when you get into mid game and your game-changing ulti is does OMGWTF dmg.
back on course,you should ALWAYS be last hitting minions.if the enemy champ is behind that minion,throw a Double Up at the minion,and hope it might/will hit him.

Mid Game
teamfights should be starting now.You should be around lvl 8-11 when the teamfighting starts.if youve been last hitting like balls,you should be at lvl 11,and ur ulti on lvl 2 ( which is a big advantage at the teamfight)
people shouldnt really be getting away from you (well of course if you get stuned or slowed,and they pop ghost u cant chase xP)but with the help of ghost/flash,your passive Strut,plus your E skill 'Make It Rain' for that slow,it should let you get up to people.

Late Game
by late game and you have all items,you should have uberwtf i got 1-hit killed by miss fortune ulti dmg and a nice mana regen.all these items round you up with a grand total of around 460-500 dmg with full stacks on Sword Of The Occult,which means you can 2-3 hit a squishie with normal atks.if the game still goes on,and you have lots of spare gold (which means you are uber pwning the enemy team.if you aint,i will tell you what to do in the items section)sell the merc trends and buy Phantom Dancer.

Runes & Masteries
Armor Pen Marks - Armor penetration for some extra dmg,and split their armor to pieces!
Mana Regen /5 Sec.Per Lvl Seals - Miss Fortune uses alot of mana because you need to spam Double Up double up to harass/kill,and Make It Rain for the slow to save your team or stop people running away from you.
CD Reduction Per Lvl Glyphs - Its important for you to be able to spam your skills to the max to deal some good dmg ( Double Up )
Arm Pen Quints - Same as marks,you wanna split those armors like nothing!

Masteries i go with a 21/9/0 build,for the max dmg output,and some little survivablity.

I always start my games with Saphire Crystal + Health Potion + Mana Potion for max lane staying shouldnt be taking too much dmg,but if you are just pop a hp pot.
you can upgrade saphire crystal straight away to Manamune,but if you have to go back to base because of low health/mana and no health/mana potions,go back and grab yourself a Tear of Godess.Keep farming,untl you have enough for Manamune.this item should help alot with your Mana Regen Seals,plus the passive is like made for Miss Fortune,since your spamming skills alot,it will also increase your mana and ur atk dmg.

Next is Sword Of The Occult.(if your getting ganked,skip this item and go to the next one)
this item gives some good dmg at fullstacks,especially the extra passive it gives at 20stacks.

Next is are of your choice really,but i choose Mercury Treads.why?because of those nasty slows and stuns people make on you.

Last Whisper,an awsome gives 40% Armor Penetration,+ your Arm Penetration Marks and Quints,you should be killing tanks straight off the the atk spd + Impure Shots,pushing towers are a piece of cake.

Infinity Edge - Speaks for itself,it gives 80dmg which is a big addition to ur Atk Dmg,but also the crit chance and the can proberbly do 50% hp of twitchs hp in a normal hit crit.

The Bloodthirster,your final item.although i love this item so much,i dont know how to explain it.the passive that gives 1 atk dmg per enemy unit killed,60+ atk dmg, 15% lifesteal is just <3.(if you didnt get Sword of The Occult,get another bloodthirster)

you might be thinking 'woah thats alot of items to get and must be VERY costy!'
but your wrong,the total cost of the normal build (without anything taken out,etc) is only 13504g!i find that very cheap since you'll have alot of minion kills,and most likely alot of champ kills.

thats the end of my build,please comment,bad things,good things,anything welcome ^_^