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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marked4Death

Miss Fortune Pro Status

Marked4Death Last updated on September 12, 2010
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Marked4Death's Guide to Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is the second pirate to join the League, and she follows pretty closely in Gangplank's speedy footsteps. Her passive is a moves peed bump, she has a healing debuff, a targeted shot, and Make It Rain sounds an awful lot like a mini-Gangplank-ult. Really, she's like Gangplank 2.0, because that ult sounds devastating. At rank 1 it will hit a target for as much as 325 damage, on top of whatever other skills she's throwing at you.

- High Damage early, mid, and late.
- Great harass for mid or side lanes
- Great Pusher
- Best farmer in the game currently
- Basically the new twitch without stealth, Ulti can clear teams if placed right.

- Squishy
- No escapability without summoner spells
- People will rage on you :D
- Kills will come so easy, you may get bored. :)

Recent SS of games played 9/12/2010, All 5v5 Solo Queue. Lost 2 games because of a **** pug team, and still did well.

Section: Runes

Miss fortune is a mana hungry girl. Her skills are so spammable that having mana is key. I like to use mp5 yellow to help negate any mana problems i might have.

Armor pen for obvious reasons. MF is a ranged physical carry. Most of her damage is coming from AD, so armor pen is a beautiful thing to have.

CDR Blues to get her ulti as low as possible.

Section: Masteries
I chose the basic essentials out of the damage tree, and the rest into utility for mana regen and experience gain as well as buffing ghost.

Section: Abilities
Double Up: Miss Fortune fires a single bullet at an enemy target, dealing [damage to] that enemy and another target behind the first.[What they forget to mention is that you have to fire at the minion in a straight line to the enemy behind it, or it will just hit a random target(usually not the champ ur gunning for)]
Impure Shots: Miss Fortune passively increases damage dealt to a target with each strike. This ability can be activated to increase Miss Fortune's attack speed and cause her attacks to lower healing received by the target. [Impure shots is amazing, this is where your attack speed comes from. A few tips. During the beginning of the game when people are still using health pots. Try to activate this skill and hit them to reduce healing. That is by far one of the most annoying things you can do, and it makes it so they basically wasted money on pots, GG]
Make It Rain: Miss Fortune unleashes a flurry of bullets at a location, dealing waves of damage to opponents and slowing them. [Place Make It Rain in front of where you think an enemy is going to run before they see you. If you do it right, they get startled and run away. Usually through it. The Slow affect + your ulti = GG, and basically any time you use your ulti, Make it Rain first to slow anything in the blast area, you'll thank me later]
Bullet Time (Ultimate): Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her for 2 seconds, dealing damage plus bonus damage based on her attack damage or ability power per bullet, hitting up to 8 times on each target. [This ulti is just friggen rediculous. Mows through enemies with no problem. Just remember to not waste it, it's a little hard to gauge when and where to shoot it if your not used to it. It can be stopped by stuns or interupts, and it's easy to run out of. However, if you time it right, their to dead to do anything about it]
Strut (Passive): Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after falling out of combat for 7 or more seconds, increasing each second up to 80 maximum bonus speed. [It's good to note that even though it FEELS like your super fast all the time, If someone coughs on you, you lose it. And when it falls off, it's a huge hit because your so used to running around fast. This can be both a gift and a curse. However breaking away from enemies to let it turn back on as you leave them in the dust is an amazing feeling. Especially with 20HP left :)]

Section: Summoner Spells

What I use
Flash - After playing a few games with MF using flash, it's just way more beneficial for escaping and early ganks than exhaust. I now use flash.
Ghost is also key, MF is very squishy. Being able to get away is by far the most important thing. She has amazing run speed, but she loses it if someone even coughs on you. I suggest ghost on Miss Fortune every single time.

What you could also use

Exhaust is nice, great for helping you get away. Great for slowing someone if you can kill them, etc.

Cleanse - as i said miss fortune is very squishy. Having a cleanse handy along with your ghost could help save your life in so many situations.

Ignite - For obvious reasons, if your a kill fiend and need this spell for some punk enemies that get away with less than 300 life, go for it killer. My suggestion would be to not go with the normal exhaust + ignite combo, but to keep ghost.

Teleport - This skill is alright I guess, but with your speed and map awareness I don't think it's needed. Plus, you need the escapability from other summoner spells.

These are just my suggestions, you as a player whose been able to farm the 6300 IP for this champ, or spent money to buy her, probably already knows what summoner spells best work for your play style.

Section: Item Build
This section has been revamped after testing some different item builds.

Manamune - ok, so i've finally seen the light. This item must be started with and rushed fast. No questions about it, this item was practically made for miss fortune.

Start with aMeki Pendant andHealth Potion x2

With the above skilling order you should be killing creep waves fairly easily and getting last hits with auto shots and double-up.(p.s. if you shoot a minion in front of an enemy champ it will hit them, but make sure you hit the last enemy in the group, and the enemy champ is behind it, not on the side of it)

When you can go back and buy yourTear of the Goddess Say goodbye to any mana issues you may have had, with runes plus this You'll be all set. Also buyBoots of Speed. With your passive going nuts you won't need to upgrade these for a while.

Now just kill creeps until you can finish yourManamune.

Now that you have manamune built I would now finish myBoots of Swiftness With manamune building up your soon to be huge-for-you mana pool and upping your damage at the same steady pace.

Now I have a few kills, and I have farmed creeps steadily I can go back and start building myInfinity Edge starting withB.F. Sword

Now it's time to buildFrozen Mallet. With the damage output you have from your first two items, plus the slow from this, plus your passive. Enemies will not get away period. It's an amazing grab for MF.

At this point the game is coming to an end, but because MF is such an amazing farmer and player killer, i like to add a little more attack speed and armor pen to finish the game strong. Now it's finally time to pick up ourLast Whisper

Now that your core items are done, you can have a little fun with it, aka Situational items. The route I take is to now build aBanshee's Veil The health + mana, and the unique effect of blocking a spell cast on you is great, especially at end game.

Build Recap

Optional Items
Mercury Treads - Take these if the other team is super caster heavy, or full of CC's/Stuns.
Ninja Tabi - Take these if the other team is melee heavy, and you can use the dodge etc.
Trinity Force - Completely up to your play style, i personally wouldn't buy this item for MF, but it does give you a little bit of everything that's good on her. It's just not a must have. Again, pending on your playstyle this might be a nice item to grab after infinity edge if you don't care about lifesteal from blood thirster.
Black Cleaver If you want some more armor pen, this is a decent pick up. Great damage enhancing item. Not a must have though.
Blood Thirster - I used to think this item was a must have on her, turns out that Frozen Mallet is actually a lot better. However, if you really want the life steal, pick this bad boy up it does add a whole lot of damage.
If the enemy team is tank heavy, this isn't a bad pick up, i would get it instead of last whisper if your going to drop anything.
Youmuu's Ghostblade - This is another item i got on MF a lot and was included in the original item list, starting with brutalizor however, it's not needed, but still very good if you want the CDR.

Section: General Tips
- Miss fortune is squishy, try not to get jumped as you will be creep killing a lot, just play smart and don't stay in the same lane too long.
- You should ALWAYS be killing waves a creeps every chance you get. And by every chance you get i don't mean while your teams in a team fight with the enemy and your off in some lane farming. Then your just going to get yelled at and probably cause them to get aced. Have some common sense. And when you can jungle on your way in between creep waves. She's an amazing farmer, so use that to your advantage.

Section: Updates
As Miss Fortune is a new champ, and though I've played her and only her since release, she's still new. Things will happen, or my build may change a bit. All changes will be posted and dated here.

9/11/2010 - Added Header Image. Also fixed the item build area a little bit and some typos. Re vamped item list.

9/12/2010 - Revamped the item list, Archived the old build and posted this one since it's basically all new.

9/12/2010 - Revamped the item list yet again after trying some new things throughout the day. This is by far the best item build i've used yet.

This is my first guide on mobaFIRE. Please do not spam down vote me without posting a comment telling me why. If you like my guide don't forget to +1 it. Many thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the end here. I will try to continually update and fix the guide as i have time. Miss Fortune has become my favorite champ, and i plan to keep her around a while.