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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elonas

Miss Fortune: Shock. And awwwwh.

Elonas Last updated on September 15, 2010
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Hello there! This is my first real build so... here it goes!

This is my take on Miss Fortune, the physical carry/bounty huntress extrordinaire!

I'll do a quick guide over what I do when I play Miss Fortune, and hopefully it'll be helpfull.

Start off with grabbing a Meki Pendant + 2 health potions. The meki pendant because of the -awesome- mana regen early game, which is a big problem early game when you're trying to be aggresive. I try and be as aggresive as my set-up allows. I normally do well with a tank/stunner. Like Ammu, or a melee physical "toughie" like Xin Zhao or Warwick. Which are mostly helpful when you're being focused, and can't do squat.

Grab double-up first, then Impure shots. Lots of people take make it rain first. But I prefer Impure Shots because of the small added damage on double-up and just the general extra damage on auto attacks. You want to keep harassing to a maximum.

Next items on your list should be making that Meki Pendant into a Tear of the Godess, this brings much needed more mana regen, and a sizeable jump in mana pool. I try to be able to complete Manamusa before I have to go back, but if you stop by early and can only afford the tear, try to grab boots, too. After I get manamusa I normally have next to no mana probems, even with no mana regen masteries of runes. You can chose either Mercury's or Bezerker greaves. Bezerker if there is little CC(not often) and Mercury's if there is lots of CC and Magic on the other team(more of a cover all).

After completing both boots and manamusa, you should be ready to save for the big'uns. I go straight for two B.F. swords, because you want the damage on your double-up to be as increased as fast as possible, as it is an -awesome- ability in fights, and the damage on it is awesome. After you get 2 B.F. swords, you can make a choice. You can either go for a Bloodthirster for the lifesteal and extra damage, or the infinity's for a lot more auto-attack damage due to crits. Double-up can't crit, unfortunetly, but still gains a lot from the infinity's, and of course your auto attacks can crit, which always helps you nab those sneaky kills.

I personally normally get the Bloodthirster first, as it gets me much needed lifesteal, since Miss Fortune is -very- squishy.

After the Infinity's and Bloodthirster are complete, you can go a number or ways. You can either build a second Bloodthirster, to cap off life-steal and a ton more attack damage. Or frozen mallet for the slow and lots more health. After one of said items grab the other, then phantom dancer as your last item. To help get more of those awesome crits.

Now, a few notes on playing:

Exhaust/Flash: I chose these because Exhaust is just awesome, in every way. And Flash imo helps more than ghost, because my main problem is getting ganked. So a quick make it rain + flash goes a long way to be able to run.

DOUBLE-UP IS YOUR FRIEND. Its damage can be unexpectantly high, so keep it going on enemies. Remember to try and aim the second hit on said enemy, but if needs come to needs, the main shot of the skill does a decent amount of damage too. It is your main damage ability.

IMPURE SHOTS. You must remember to use the activation, it really helps out. If you know you're commiting to a kill, pop impure shots and then double up, since double up will apply the debuff.

MAKE IT RAIN. A very useful skill. Not for damage, but for running/chasing. When an enemy is running away, toss make it rain as far in front as possible, to get the maximum duration of her slow on said target. When you're being attacked, try to pop make it rain, followed by a flash if the need is dire, if not just try to run. Also very useful for lining up your ulti.

STRUT. Probobly my favorite passive to date. The run speed really adds up, making it a lot less of a pain porting back from a lane to go shopping/mana/dieing. Also amazing if you feel like running around ganking or running. But DO NOT COUNT ON IT IN FIGHTS. If so much as anything hits you, it's gone. Always have a back-up plan. If you can pop a make it rain behind you while running to help get more time to strut. Do so.

BULLET TIME. Unfortunetly doesn't slow down time, but fortunetly, does -massive- damage. Pop make it rain first and foremost if you don't have an AoE stunner/snare on your team to slow enemies, making it a pain to get out of. The range on this spell is awesome, and I've often manage to get sneak kills while enemies think they're safe behind towers. Works awesomely with Ammumu's ultimate. Almost too much so.

I can't think of anything else to add. I think I've added a lot already anyway. Thanks for reading!

If you see any errors. Please do tell :).