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League of Legends Build Guide Author PerplexD

Miss Fortune - Straight Rape.

PerplexD Last updated on September 12, 2010
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First off, this is my first guide so please be gentle :). I feel after playing Miss Fortune since the day she came out that I can say this build is extremely good for her.

Your first item should be boots and 3 health potions.

Next... your laning partner and you.

If you don't get mid, don't worry. I personally like to lane 2 v 2 and I always partner with someone who can keep me save. I always lane with taric, Janna, Shen, Kayle .. etc. This is because they can heal me and aren't very dependent on minion kills. This makes it easy to farm minions and harass the other team easily. Now as a ranged DPS carry you should really focus on last hitting minions and if you notice the other side is getting a bit cocky push em back with your partner.

By level 6 I always have around 1600 + gold depending on if I get any kills. I will usually return and get a B.F Sword and heal up. If the laning phase has not ended continue to farm and just keep farming. The key to any carry is to be out gearing the other carry to pew pew more.

After the laning phase ends, always position yourself behind the other team and have good map awareness. Pay attention to the movement of the other team so you don't get ganked from behind. Also when you are behind your team, if the other team tries to initiate the fight your usually out of range from ulti's that can hurt you severely like nunu's and amumu's.

Miss Fortune and her ultimate. Her ultimate is the single most awesome ulti on a carry by far. The range and damage help you pick off anyone without taking damage yourself. As long as you're positioned behind the your team and they initiate or the other team does, you can safely use your whole ultimate and usually do about 1.3k damage after channeling fully to anyone caught inside the blast radius while not taking any damage yourself. Another good thing about miss fortune's ultimate is being able to tower dive without tower diving. That means if you see some champs have low health and choose to hug their tower, you can simply use your ultimate to finish them off. The range is so ridiculous you can stay safely stay outside of the turret range and still do good damage.

Item wise. I find rushing a infinity edge and then a last whisper before actually completing your boots is amazingly effective. This is because you will still have your passive's speed to get around the map for team fights. If you're a good farmer, by 20 minutes in you can have infinity edge + last whisper and boots. After I begin to buy elixirs of fortitude and agility to gain that survivability and extra pew pew. By the time those run out I begin building a frozen mallet starting with the giant's belt for extra health. Now if your game is being dragged on, that ins't necessarily a bad thing because this means you could get farmed even more :). After my frozen mallet I tend to start working on a madred's bloodraizer to hurt those tanks in the aftermath of the fight. Lastly a GA for a 2nd life because everyone knows Jesus died once, this prevents that from happening :)

Summoner Spells. I find using ghost and flash are the best summoner spells so you can have some sort of escape spells, combination with make it rain make it fairly easy to get away from ganks or if you lose a team fight and need to get back to the safety of your turret. I find you don't need the damage/health reduction from ignite nor the stopping power of exhaust because you dish out enough damage. As for cleanse, I don't need it because I rarely get exhausted because of my positioning. Clarity + Heal are useless imo because you simply don't need it. Rally... fortify ... need I go on?

I think I covered everything needed. Please rate and comment and let me know if there's something I missed or if there is something I should add/take out :).

Here is my solo Que from today :) and right before I wrote this

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