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League of Legends Build Guide Author Master Yoshii

Miss Fortune - Tell the Fortune of Your Victory

Master Yoshii Last updated on September 20, 2010
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Welcome to my first guide with Miss Fortune...


Okay this is the most important as people who think that manamune is a good item for MF are terriblely wrong.

First get Dorans Blade with some good all around dmg, lifesteal, and health bonus...

Afterwards you should farm your butt off and try not to focus on to many kills...

By the time you come back you should have enought money for a B.F Sword or a Cloak of Agility for your infinity edge.

When you pick that up I would suggest to go red buff with your laner or try to solo it (Probably have to back then and waste time on the buff). Now that you have red buff u can easily gank your lane or middle (again you can go to the opposite lane but it will waste time on the buff). When ready for the gank ghost in and use your Make it rain on the champion and hit them with a regular hit then go up to them (so you don't fall behind) then follow up with another hit and while they back and u see a minion infront of them hit double up and finish it off including dmg your partner did. IF they are low hp it is recommended to waste your Ulti for the kill

Probably now you have around 600 gold so just farm your lane until you have 1350ish to pick up infinity edge. Now your red buff should be gone but while it was on you should have ganked as much a possible.

Know you are in the team fight stage and start fighting u want to stay in the back as much as possible and just double up the tank in front of you. If you see a squishy champion try to come up to you just shut him down by pressing W and just regular hitting him. After the team fight whether you lost or not buy Elixers of Fortitude and Agility . Now you can easily solo red buff so pick it up and get ready for a second team fight. At this point you can deal heavy dmg and melt down the squishies. If your team has any type of cc of the team is grouped up always Ulti in the back.

(With extra money you gain you can pick up Breserkers Greaves because you need a little more speed in your attacks even though your W gives some.)

Now you should be basically rolfstomping everyone with red buff on so when you have enough for a B.F sword go Blue pill to base. Then right once you get enough for the Blood Thirster start farming it up. Now you should be buying Elixers over and over again unless you are having problems with tanks pick up a Last Whisper OR if you have trouble survining because the dumbasses started to focus you down know build a Guardian Angel

Then once end game if its still going on just build up another BT and life steal the **** outta people and become a tank.


Miss Fortune can not be played as a well champion with out tier 3 runes you need to farm as fast as possible and with Make it Rains going to every single minion wave you die out on mana pretty fast without Tier 3 mana regen runes. Even then it is a suggestion to pick up blue and just farm really quickly. By level 6 average money should be around 1500 coins enough for Cloack of Agility and regular pair of boots.

How to use her Summoner Spells

Ghost is usually for chasing and escaping but it is also used to line up Bullet time.
Flash is considered the same you want these spells as much as possible as they are your only escape method also along with your make it Rain.

My Thoughts on MF

She is a very easy to use Carry which deals massive amounts of DMG when built right. People say if APs viable not really as you deal completed garb DMG only your Make it Rain with like a 10second cooldown doesnt really work. She was meant for DPS in my opinion but play her as you want.