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PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tassov

Miss Fortune: The Team Fight Terror

Tassov Last updated on October 2, 2010
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Welcome to my Miss Fortune Build Guide

I am no longer going to support or update this build. Honestly the fact it was spammed down the first day was hard to handle and since then repeatedly I get downvotes without a reason or justification. I spent a lot of time on this build and have and still play MF extensively with very good results using this build (and the variations any player should make to any build based on enemy team comp) I am sick of hoping people will have constructive feedback/comments and might at least try this build so it is being archived.

This build emphasizes AD and a powerful auto attack. I utilize a Rageblade to help normal attacks as it first increases attack speed as it stacks but also increase normal attack damage by increasing the Impure Shot bonus damage per stack. Also the AP will help Make it Rain hurt a bit more especially after you have the full stacks from Rageblade.

*Revised 9-25-10*
I have changed the Seals from Health/Level to Mp5/Level Have gone into more depth on ways to use the skills as well as more discussion as why the items have been chosen

I would like to give Credit To HeAt for his many builds which have helped me get off on the right foot with several champs, Dirty Goolash has a great item efficiency chart which I referenced as well recently when tweaking a few items, lastly Lvx for his Arp/MP calculations which I tried to keep in mind while picking items/runes.

This is my first guide here so any constructive feedback is welcomed. I have put many hours of work both in testing and writing this build please, please at least read it and try it out before you rate it. As with most builds if you downrate please leave me a comment why or better yet bring it up first then downrate if you do not like the response. It is very disheartening to see your guide spammed down over a few hours without a single comment especially when you know most have not tried the build.
I have played MF extensively since she was released including most other builds (more the AD then AP builds) I really have not found a build that worked better for me. There are many builds out there that may work better for some but I would really appreciate if you gave mine a few tries before you bashed it or downrated it. This is an older screenshot before a few tweaks, will try for a newer one on a day I play just MF.

Summoner Spells
After quite a bit of play using flash as HyakKi YaKoU suggested I find myself picking Ghost and Flash 95% of the time now, especially as I have gotten more aggressive throughout the game and often need a quick escape.
A great escape/chase mechanism and it lasts quite a while so you can really get away from a group that is trying to chase you down. It can also allow you to very quickly get to a team fight or defend a lane that is being pushed.
It can help get away before you are hit with a stun/slow breaking contact before they are able to stop you. While initially I did not like using flash, it really can break contact at the key moment to save you where ghost cannot.
I have found exhaust to simply not be as useful as flash has become. Rushing Tear of the Goddess makes Clarity not needed. I can see Cleanse being useful sometimes as well, but I still think for escapes flash/ghost will save you more often than Cleanse and while Ignite could be helpful rarely it is not as useful as flash and ghost.

-As she is a physical based class I use Armor penetration for the Marks.
-Mp5/Level for the seals helps both early and later game to stay in lane longer. The health never seemed to make a difference. Either you got Roflstomped or you had more health then the runes gave you after a fight.
-CD reduction for the Glyphs and Quintessences to bring her ultimate up sooner which is paramount for helping in team fights, and having the other abilities ready faster can make all the difference in them getting away with that sliver of health.


For the masteries I felt that putting points in defense wouldn't really gain enough to be worth the points. For her a better offense seems the best defense. The rest of the points went into the utility tree, improved ghost, and then mana regen, max mana (helps with manamune) as well as 15% longer neutral buffs although that point could be placed anywhere else. I also chose to not get the 2% attack speed boost and instead get the last 2 points of the AP in the offence tree. The reason for this is she does benefit from AP and it can help both her auto attack damage through Impure Shots as well as her Make it Rain aoe, both I think would help out more than 2% attack speed.

Her abilities
Great for getting around the map quickly to join team fights or set up ganks. This cannot be relied on as the sole speed boost as any damage taken removes it.
This is one of the best harass tools to date. It is a very annoying skillshot to make sometimes, but the payoff is that unlike many skillshots it WILL hit them behind a minion and for MORE damage. This is also very handy in top or bottom where you can hit one enemy champ and then bounce this shot to the other. This ability does substantial damage early on and throughout the game which is why it is important to level it quickly. When going for a kill pay attention to where they may run when they get low health. Often it is directly back and if you target the last minion you can get them if they have all but escaped with a bit of health left. Also if you have enemy champs at a tower and one is behind the other with low health you can again use this to reach well past to the tower to get the kill. Lastly in team fights you can use this to get the champions who are falling back behind the higher health champs.
This is a simple passive damage boost to your auto attack that has increased damage stack going to four stacks. The active gives you an attack speed boost. I get it third as the slow from Make it Rain helps you slow for a kill or escape a gank. This ability only scales from AP so the AP from the Mastery as well as the Rageblade will actually help improve your basic attacks so the AP still helps auto attacks.
Early on this is primarily just a slow that does a bit of damage, it is great combined with exhaust for early ganks. Later on it can quickly clear minion waves to help farm gold as the latter ranks do substantial damage. If you have a large minion wave you can auto attack to get Rageblade stacks then use Make it Rain which utilizes the additional AP from the stacks. Also if you are auto attacking in a team fight keeping your stacks up it allows make it rain to hit that much harder.
This ability can quickly turn a team fight from lost cause to an ace. It is very important to aim this ability well to get the maximum effect. Placing a make it rain on the escape path or on top of the enemies before you use Bullet time can help keep them in it as long as possible. Often it is worth waiting a moment when a team fight starts to get the whole team inside of the cone.

Item Build

I use a slightly different build than many other builds. I have played it and other builds rather extensively. This build provides a bit weaker Bullet Time and Double Up but greatly improves auto attacks, and improves Impure Shots and make it Rain. Please try it before you say it will not work as it has worked quite well for me so far. Please read my reasoning for each item as well so you can understand why and when it is purchased. Also as with any build sometimes you need to improvise and change an item or two based on the enemy team.

Before I leave the spawn I get
These items are pretty easy to understand, the pendant gives you mana to use while harassing, the mana pot helps after you push for a kill and find yourself low on mana, and the health pot is great to stay in lane after you push and take some damage.

Depending on how long I am able to stay in lane when I return to spawn I will then buyandor if I am short for the better boots simply
Tear of the Goddess gives you a nice chunk of mana, mp5 and helps you increase your max mana pool. When later upgraded to Manamune this will give you more AD from the passive. This alone should be enough to make it so you do not find yourself out of mana much. I ended up picking the attack speed boots as a suggestion in a comment. By getting these it gives you enough constant attack speed to help with last hitting and dropping towers. If it is a heavy stun team picking up Murcury's Treads might be a better choice.

From there If i have not already upgraded the boots then upgrade those and also upgrade to
Now why do I choose Manamune? First as you start to build it you get a Mp5 item early on which helps you stay in lane and harass without running out of mana. When you then upgrade to the Tear of the Goddess that gives you some extra mana to lane with early on as well as the MP5 and with that mana you can spam your abilities more often giving yourself more mana from the passive. Then when you upgrade to Manamune 1.5% of your mana is converted to AD which endgame is about 33 with the primary build. Also your auto attacks also increase your max mana which quickly lets you cap out the 1000 mana. If you choose to get Glacial Shroud instead of Brutalizer then that is another 6-7 AD you get as a synergy bonus with Manamune. I also like ALWAYS having mana, with your increasing max mana you quickly get to the point where you do not have mana problems at all without having to worry about relying on getting the Golem buff or losing out on the damage in the offense mastery tree to go into the utility tree.

If you still have gold left over getotherwise wait until you can purchase
This is the item that has been discussed the most. First as you have already have some attack speed from the boots you want AD to take advantage of the speed, thanks to Impure Shots you can also take advantage of the AP on this item for auto attacks. I chose this item over a pure AD item for several reasons. First, while she is more of an AD class she has two abilities that ONLY use AP. Her Ultimate uses either AD or AP whichever is higher (AD with this build and any hybrid build is the higher bonus) Impure shots applies 5% of your AP per stack totaling 20% AP PER SHOT after 4 stacks, which can end up being pretty solid damage combined with the Rageblades attack speed boost. Rageblade not only has a passive AD and AP boost but when fully stacked at 8 (which is rather quick with impure shots active and the berserker boots) it gives an additional 32% attack speed and 48 AP. This means it gives a total of 83 AP fully stacked. This means 67 additional damage for Make it Rain and 17 additional damage per auto-attack at 4 Impure Shot stacks.

Next you want to purchaseOR you can consider
I chose brutalizer as it gives you some cooldown reduction, a bit more AD as well as some more armor pen at a rather cheap cost. Since this is a rather expensive build having a cheaper utility item makes sense to me. Also with many fights being or becoming team fights around the time you are buying this the 10% CD reduction will greatly help. However against a physical dps team or at least physical carries glacial shroud can help as well. This provides more CD reduction, mana which in turn gives you more AD (due to Manamune) and armor which can help you in team fights you can then upgrade this item to a frozen heart for even more armor as well as an attack speed reduction aura and further CD reduction. In doing this you lose the Armor Pen and some 18ishAD(the mana gives you AD from Manamune). Glacial Shroud is MORE expensive however so if gold is in short supply The Brutalizer is probably the better choice.

From there I get aASAP and then upgrade to
With the hail of auto-attacks you are doing at this point I find that Black Cleaver will be at 5 Stacks extremely fast, especially if you have some stacks of the Rageblade and use Impure Shots. With Black Cleaver you can force a tank to back without even using an ability. Also using double up in team fights helps drop armor on two champions and whomever you are attacking has greatly reduced armor which also helps your team do more damage as well. For games without any tanks or where no one has high armor Infinity Edge is probably a better choice to help drop the squishier carries faster through the critical chance and 250% crits.

If the game is still going on (which with your gold farming it can very well be)then it is time to purchase your(If you chose Glacial Shroud Vs Brutalizer) and
I have removed Bloodthirster here as now you purchase Black Cleaver as your 5th Item. If you are fighting a team without any high armor characters and purchased the Infinity Edge as your 5th slot you still might want to get Bloodthirster as your last item. Otherwise if the game is still going Infinity Edge means you will be doing so much damage you can almost walk around just auto-attacking to great effect. Also if you purchased Glacial Shroud this is a good time to upgrade it to the Frozen Heart


In general your goal throughout the game will be to farm as much gold as possible. Moreso than other classes. The item build is not particularly cheap, and you will find that Fortune is very item dependent. To this end early on you need to be careful to last hit with your auto attacks, sometimes this will mean walking back and forth then clicking to attack right when you need to hit. If you do not time your auto attacks you can often end up getting in the hit that brings them down to a sliver of health and the minions finishing it off. As the game progresses Make it Rain will become a better and better tool to clear minion waves. After you purchase the Rageblade you can get stacks quickly then cast Make it Rain and clear a double minion wave in 4-5 seconds. Also I find it very useful to go after the group of 4 ghost type neutral creatures as they are easy to kill and provide good gold. As you get higher level getting golem, lizard and dragon also can help give gold as well as the very useful buffs for you and your team.

Early game (Level 1-6ish)

I actually have found that this is when to be carefully very aggressive. Double Up lets you quickly bring down the health of a champion, especially before they start to learn how to stand to avoid it, and they tend to feel safe behind their minions. After you have brought their health down you can ghost and get into range and simply follow them with autoshots for a kill before they make it to the tower. With your emphasis on lastshotting if you are mid you tend to not push creep waves very far which gives you plenty of room to chase them, if you are top or bottom if your partner understands not pushing the minion line then it can help you kill both champions after you have worn down their health. Until you get your Ultimate it is all about getting hits on the champions when possible and timing auto attacks to last hit minions whenever possible. When you finally get your Ultimate let the minion line push towards your tower, then do your best to lure them close, or get into the bushes behind them and coordinate with your lanemate to use your ult for a single or double kill. Then play it by ear and as long as you have farmed up a reasonable amount of gold you can head back and get some items!

Middleish (level 7-12)

If you are top or bottom when you run back have your lane partner let the creep line get to your tower around the time you get close. Instead of walking down the lane go to the bushes near the River and let them push to the tower. As they start to get some hits on the tower rush behind them, drop Make it Rain halfway behind them and on them, then use your ult, activate Impure shots and then fire a Double Up into them. If your lanemate engages at the same time you should have yourself a nice surprise and likely get a double kill letting you both push the lane and possibly get the tower. It has worked for me more times than not so far, and by the time they realize what is happening they generally are in such a panic they just try to get away rather than focus you.

At this point with your boots and your passive you can generally move around the map to help push creep waves/down towers/help in team-fights pretty quickly. Use your mobility to your advantage, but also make sure you do not spend too much time running around as you still need gold and experience badly. You will want to start saving Bullet Time for when there are team fights. Another plus of your speed is that when there is a 1v1 occuring near you you often can get there and ensure that the enemy champion drops. Sometimes people will complain about you getting a kill steal, but these are often the people who were at 1/4 health to the enemies 2/3 health when you showed up and saved them. If nothing else your Make it Rain can often slow the enemy enough for them to escape. I often will intercept 2 champions who were trying to gank a teammate and drop a make it rain to push them off and/or slow them to allow my teammate to live. Near the end of this you should be starting to put out tons of damage in team fights. Generally I will stay near the back when a teamfight starts then Make it Rain, Bullet Time, Impure shots. Then depending on how many champs there are and where I will start to pursue and use my Double Up to try and stop any Champions who are fleeing, again using Ghost can let you follow a low health champ to clean up and get that Ace.

Late Game (The rest of the Levels)

The late game for MF is when she gets very fun. By this point you should have your BF Sword if you have farmed well and paired with your Rageblade you can auto-attack a champion for substantial damage, in team fights you can quickly bring down squishy champions without any abilities, and with your abilities you can literally reduce an entire team down to half health if you get your shots aimed well. Generally in late game you will be taking down creep waves when the opportunity is there, a few auto-attacks plus Make it Rain will clear the wave allowing you to take it out alone and quickly move before people come to gank you. You will find with your mobility you can assist in any 1v1 or 2v2s as well as give you the ability to set up and move before and during team fights to make the best of your Ultimate as well as catch runaways.
You still have to be very careful, if heavy hitting champs catch you off guard or champs who can stun/slow/disable you can still go down quite quickly. Never stay alone somewhere for very long, use your mobility to keep them guessing as to where you are when you are not engaged in a fight. Also by staying near the back and being careful if a teamfight goes very bad you can usually get away and defend. Your hard and fast hitting auto attacks paired with your Make it Rain which is boosted from the Rageblade can slow and hurt the leftover enemy champions enough that you can prevent them from destroying any towers while you wait for your team to respawn. If they do not back off your Ultimate can be enough to actually let you kill 1 or 2 if they are the only champions up, or scare away 3+ champions long enough for someone else to get there.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this gives you a place to start with Miss Fortune, please feel free to leave any comments be them critiques or ideas to make the build better. I will be happy to try out new ideas and builds and strategies.