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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slim#12846

Miss "Mass Damage" Fortune

Slim#12846 Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Hey guys, this is my first build so be nice to me :)

Okay so this build is for Miss Fortune! Here are some of here pros and cons.

Great damage
Great mobility
Heal debuffing
Group killer

If hit her mobility goes down the drain
needs gold to keep up
needs good placement to be any good to her team.

Okay so, miss fortune is an amazing carry, she can be the deciding factor on epic team fights if she is played right.

Good summoner spells-

i know she has a speed boost but what if you get hit and are in trouble? thats right.. you want ghost. Its also great for trecking the whole map in 30 seconds.


i use it mainly for the blind, MF is squishy so if she can stop her enemies from hitting her while she kills them then its great.


Good for taking towers and harassing

Any other summoner spells are bad just don't bother!


Miss fortune gains a speed boost after 7 seconds of being out of not being hit. It increases every second to a maximum of +80 speed.

-- This is probably my favorite passive in the game, this gives her amazing ganking ability because she can run anywhere fast. She can get away easily if she hasn't been hit as well, it is also very good for chasing since you can hit more if your keeping up with your enemy.

Double Up-

Hits your target enemy and an enemy behind the target.

-- Holy **** can you say harassing tool of the century? This is an amazing tool to harass your enemies whether you are in mid or in a side lane with a partner. You can run up to the enemy minions and if your enemies are behind them you can hit the furthest one back and deal a good amount of damage. It deals on hit effects so you can get your frozen mallet slow off on them or any other item on-hit effects.

Impure Shots-

Increases attack speed and lowers the enemies healing by 50% when hit.

-- Great speed boost, the heal debuff works with double up. This can help you kill towers in no time at all and give you the edge on solo and team fights.

Make it Rain-

Deals damage to all enemies in the target area and slows them.

-- This is a great disable if you haven't gotten your frozen mallet yet. And even if you have it this can help you catch someone who wont get in range of your attacks. The damage isn't great but this with your ult will rip your enemies apart.

Bullet Time-

Deals large amounts of damage per second to enemies in a cone.

--This ult is amazing, but its not the easiest to use. Getting someone low and forcing them to the tower then running to the side of the tower behind the wall and unleashing it can usually get you a kill if your enemy doesn't run past it, this is unadvised for beginners since you cant see where the enemy is and you will be shooting blindly. You can use this to get extra range and kill someone who is running faster than you to get away (doesn't happen often but it does" and this ult can dominate a team fight.

Item Build-


Other Optional Items-

Early game- Grab your ruby. If you go mid stay out of range of your enemies attacks at all times unless you can use double up to hit him once, don't get greedy. Miss fortune play is a dance, you need to last hit creeps and harrass your enemy while staying safe yourself. I will usually stay in my lane till i have about 1200-1800g or if i am forced to low health and need to retreat.If you went mid ganking sidelanes at 6 is highly advised.

Mid Game- By this time i hope you have your serker boots and are almost finished if not done with building your frozen mallet. This will give you an amazing advantage against all enemy heroes. Get buffs when you can but its not the end of the world if you dont. Don't run into fights that are bad odds without help, you can't heal and if you get hit you are doomed.

End Game- Now you should have your bloodthirster at least and working on your infinities edge. Team fights are the entire point of end game play. Stay behind your tanks if you have them and stay near your heals or support if you have them.. dont run in first and use bullet time.. even if you get it off you are the first person in line and your enemies can either kill you, disable you and run, or just get out of it easily. You need the chaos of a team fight for your ult to go off for a decent amount of time.

Thanks for reading my build, have fun with miss fortune!