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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigHeart

Mord Jungle Hybrid Carry

BigHeart Last updated on June 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! This is my very first time posting a build online, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Now I know what you're thinking, "Jungle mord...without smite even? Wtf gtfo!" and "Armor pen mord???!!! WTF FFS GTFO!!!!!" But hear me out! I've been using this build, and it's extremely viable! It takes a little practice and skill, but it's worth it. Don't vote unless you've tried it. And if you've tried it a couple times, and it totally fails then you can vote it down :). Let me know what you think! Any tips on anything is welcomed. Have fun!

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Before I get into any detail about the build at all, there's a few things that MUST be done if you want to actually win the game that you use this build for. If you do not do these things I list here, then you will fail miserably.

1. As soon as champ select has started, make sure EVERYONE on the team knows, that you are NOT tanking. That someone else needs to tank, and that you are a carry JUNGLING without smite. Sometimes you must repeat yourself 3 or 4 times before people actually understand what you are trying to say, the tank mord is so prominent that people will automatically assume that you will be tanking, and they will even overlook what you're saying about not tanking unless you bug them about it.

2. You must let your team know that you need help with killing the blue golem. Make sure to tell them not to steal any exp, and to leash and get the golem to at least 1/3 hp before going to lane. Unfortunately Mord cannot kill golem by himself at level 1, but if your team helps you for that first golem, then the rest of the jungle is easy to do by yourself. If your team does not help you at blue, then you must start with the wolves.

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Creeping / Jungling

When you start at blue, put on your W after your teammates leash it for you so that the little lizards and the golem are all receiving the aoe damage to them. Don't forget to have them help you get golem to 1/3 hp. As soon as you start losing life, pop your first hp pot. Target the golem with your auto attack the entire time so that the little lizards will stay alive to fuel your iron man shield while you beat on the golem. Finish off the little lizards after you kill golem and head to the wolves. Wait until your cd is ready on your W before you engage the wolves. Put W on yourself and nuke the wolves with E. Make sure that you time your spell casts to be in between auto attacks to maximize damage output. Continue to pop hp pots as you move from wraiths to red lizard. Make sure that your hp is almost full before you engage the red lizard by waiting for your hp pots to rejuvinate you a bit before you aggro it. If your hp is too low after lizard, then skip the 2 golems at bottom, otherwise finish off the 2 golems and teleport back to base for healing and buying. After that, jungling from then on should be easy as cake, and you can decide when to gank or not depending on the situation.

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I go armor pen reds, flat armor yellows, magic resist blues, and movement speed quints.

- The armor pen allows you to kill off the jungle a lot faster early game, while it also helps late game when your lich bane + gunblades attack damage are hitting super hard boosting your lifesteal as well.

- The flat armor boosts your survivability in the jungle early game for much faster jungling.

- The magic resist is for keeping your champion alive in battle, since Mord is more of a close combat champion (especially with this build) and has trouble when being kited by casters.

- The movement speed quints stack with lich banes movement speed and ghost. Allowing you to chase down weak carries that you need to turn into your pet, or escape from bad situations.

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I go 21 offense, 0 defense, and 9 utility.

The reason for the 21 in offense is that Mord normally when in early lane needs survivability from masteries or else he gets stomped. In jungle though, there is no harassing champ (unless there is a counter jungler in which your team needs to help out accordingly), and you won't be leaving jungle until around level 4 or so at the earliest. Also all the offensive masteries synergize with Mord's abilities and item build.

The 9 points in utility boosts your ghost effectiveness, increases your ability to level up faster, and allows you to keep your red and blue buff on longer for when you really need it.

If they gave us more mastery points to use, there would definitely be some helpful masteries in the defensive tree, but alas Riot does not.

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First thing you buy, is a cloth armor and 5 hp pots. This will give you the survivability you need to sweep through the jungle as fast as you can, for as long as you can.

After your first sweep through jungle, you need something to keep you in the jungle longer but that also builds into your core items. The vampiric scepter will heal your life, while your iron man shield takes the blows from the jungle minions. BUT, if for some reason you are doing extremely well, and out leveling everyone with red buff, then you should get some boots first instead and start ganking. This is situational, try and discern whether or not you are ready to gank.

Complete your regular boots into sorc boots, this will greatly increase your damage output, especially against squishies with already low base magic resist.

Get the bilgewater cutlass using your vampiric scepter, this item's active mixed with red buff will drastically slow an enemy you are ganking, making it very easy for you and your laning teammate to get the kill.

Finishing into your first Hextech Gunblade will increase your damage and survivability by a lot.

Normally after finishing your first Gunblade you can't afford a Sheen right away, so get the null-magic mantle, since magic damage normally counters this Mord build the most. BUT if you can afford the sheen all at once, get it first.

Complete the Lich Bane, the damage boost from Lich Bane proc will stack with Mord's Mace of Spades, and you'll also spell vamp and lifesteal off of it.

Buy a hextech revolver, and then your next gunblade. At this point, Mord will have 40% lifesteal, and 50% spell vamp. Your abilities should be healing you for quite a bit in team fights, making you much harder to kill while making it easier to kill them at the same time.

By this time in the game if you've been doing your job correctly, the enemy team is going to start stacking magic resist against you. If this is the case, (and it normally is) then you need to purchase a Void Staff. This will give you a total of 49% magic penetration. Unfortunately this is the cap, but the 15% from masteries at the start is necessary for early game dominance.

Another gunblade to complete your build, and you will be at 60% life steal and 75% spell vamp. Yowza! Your ult could possibly heal your entire health bar at this point.

Now this is just the core build, there are a lot of situational items for different scenarios which I have listed in the "Situational Items" part of this guide.

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Situational Items

Here's some situational items that work for me...depending on the situation of course.

Leviathan - If you find yourself doing extremely well early on, and the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, get a leviathan. Without the leviathan, you may still do very well and carry very hard into late game, but eventually the enemy team's damage will be great enough to kill you before you can spell vamp since they will begin placing all the crowd control on you, disabling you from doing damage and keeping you from spell vamping during team fights. With the leviathan stacks, you'll have enough survivability late game to tank the crowd control, and still have enough time to get off Mordekaiser's spells to replenish your hp before they can kill you.

Quicksilver Sash/Banshee's Veil - If the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, and it's a pretty close game. Get a quicksilver sash, or a banshee's veil depending on what kind of champions are against you. It'll save your life when you have to cast a spell to survive when they are trying to stun and disable you.

Abyssal Scepter - If the enemy team is mostly magic damage, and not a lot of crowd control and you're having trouble dealing with it, get an abyssal scepter. Not only will it help you stay alive longer and do more damage, it'll also boost your team's magic damage output as well.

Thornmail - If the enemy team is full of attack damage, and they are giving you trouble. Get a thornmail. This way you won't have to sell your armor cloth that you got at the beginning of the game.

Randuin's Omen/Frozen Heart - If the enemy team is full of attack speed champions with a mix of hybrid attack damage champs building madred's bloodrazors, get Randuin's Omen or a Frozen Heart.

There's other situational items that would work on Mordekaiser that I have not listed here, but I feel these are the most important ones to most situations. If your situation calls for something different, then go ahead and buy something else. Don't let my guide stop you.

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Skill Sequence

In order for jungle Mord to actually jungle, you must invest in Creeping Death first, and level it as fast as you can. The early game benefits of increased armor and magic resist is too good to pass up, and it will keep you alive while jungling. The way you skill build is leveling up W first, followed by E with no points into Q until you hit level 10 or around there. Obviously whenever you can put a point into R do so immediately. Again, I can't stress this enough, all points must go into W, unless you can level up your R. Once the game has progressed far enough to have the Bilgewater Cutlass in your inventory, which should be around level 10, start putting all your skill points into Q. Your Mace of Spades will be doing crazy damage around this time in the game, and you want the CD lowered along with the damage increased.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Ignite, the spells almost every Mordekaiser uses. Why jungle without smite you say? Well you don't necessarily need it. Yes of course jungling will be a little bit faster with smite, BUT having the ability to finish off a carry that will become your super charged pet and being able to chase down and escape from sticky situations since you're so squishy in this build, is too important. With this build, securing the enemy attack damage carry as your pet is your primary objective. Late game if you secure a fed pet, you will be able to 4v1 the entire enemy team without even breaking a sweat, and ignite with ghost will make sure that happens. Also ghost will stack with the movement speed from the quints, and your lich bane, making you run very very fast. While having the ignite mastery, you'll obtain 10 ability power while it's on CD, making your lich bane hit harder.

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Pros / Cons


- Amazing damage output throughout the game, while still being able to soak damage like a tank.
- Pushing power incredible. With armor pen, offensive masteries, and items you're able to take down towers extremely fast.
- The fact that Mordekaiser never jungles, and not having smite throws off the enemy team by drastically reducing the chance that the enemy team will try and counter jungle.
- Late game if Mordekaiser has almost full inventory, he can solo baron.


- Besides gunblade's active, Mordekaiser has no crowd control.
- Against stun, silence, and casters Mordekaiser will not be able to spell vamp properly and can be defeated more easily since this build makes him very squishy.

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It is imperative that you concentrate on having a lot of minion kills. Leveling up quickly, and farming minions is more important than killing the enemy. Make sure if you are in a lane, and the enemy is mia, to last hit minions by auto attacking rather than casting spells. This way the wave won't push, and you'll be able to farm longer by keeping the wave from passing into enemy territory so you don't have to back off.

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Tips and Tricks

When your fighting against an enemy champion, and there is a full enemy minion wave around him. Go into the center of the wave in melee range of the enemy champion and activate your W on yourself right before he starts attacking you. If you're farmed enough, the enemy won't be able to hurt you because your iron man shield will be generating too quickly from all the aoe damage done to the enemy minions. Beat on the enemy champion and perform your spell combo on him as necessary, until your W is about to wear off. Back out before your magic resist and armor drops. Repeat this if your trying to harass in a 1v1 lane. Sometimes the enemy will be tricked into thinking your making a mistake by challenging him and a large group of minions assisting him, so he will stay within melee range and take your full damage to him. I can't count how many times this has gotten me kills.

Play very carefully in team fights, and stay in the back. Poke with your E, and try to place your W on teammates that are engaging in the front and soaking all the damage. Wait until you see an opportunity to strike or a singled out enemy champion that you can perform your combo on as your goal is to acquire a pet of the enemy champion who is dealing the most attack damage. If you acquire a good pet from killing an enemy, charge in immediately with your pet and yourself and focus the squishies unless you can only attack the tanks. At this point you'll probably be doing so much damage that they will drop like flies and have to retreat.

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In conclusion, this build is great for normal and ranked 5 man premade games, if you build your team composition around the Mordekaiser being the ap carry. But for ranked solo que, random people probably won't know how to pick with jungle mord being on their team, and they probably won't play properly to accomodate jungle mord's playstyle. They'll underestimate your damage output, and overestimate his tankability in team fights. What that means is, the team your on needs to be able to predict how you're going to play to do well in team fights and winning the game. I hope you enjoyed my build, it is my first, so go easy on me. And have fun trying it out!