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Morde AP/AD laner

Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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As of lately I've noticed a lot of players not really knowing how to play Morde after his nerf. A large player base say he is no longer a viable champ to play as, and I am here to prove that wrong.

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For runes I use:

    Flat Magic Pen Marks x9
    Flat Armor Seals x9
    Flat Magic Resist Glyphs x 9
    Flat Movement Speed Quints x 3

Even though I might be using defensive Seals, Glyphs. I am not player Morde as a tank at all, I actually play Morde as a heavy AP and AD damage dealer.

The defensive runes are just so you can be a little aggressive early game with out losing all your heath from harass.

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I always start a match with a Regrowth Pendant (+15 Health Regen/ 5sec)

This allows me to stay in lane longer then the usual solo champ. The best part of this item is that fact that it builds into a variety of items such as the Warmog Armor.

It is also a very good idea to get your lvl 1 boots as early as possible in the laning phase, but dont B just to get your lvl 1 boots either. That could cause your opponent to get a upper hand in the lane making it a nightmare to get farm. Wait til around 1550 money to go back so you can get your lvl 1 boots and a Hextech Revolver.

This is where things become more about knowing your opponent rather then going and buy as much AP as possible. Look at the amount of CS your opponent has.

If they out laning you then its time to be a little more defensive and get a Giants Belt. The extra health early game pretty much acts like a large boost in armor or magic resist giving you some lane sustain.

If the lane is neutral you generally want to start working on your Crystal Scepter. The item will give you some sustain in lane and a large boost in AP, and the most important part is the slow effect it adds when using an ability. In a neutral lane start with a Blasting Wand if you can afford it. If not get a Amplifying Tome.

If you are winning your lane I generally continue working on the Hextech Gunblade. Skip the Vampiric Scepter and get the Pick Axe. The extra damage will strengthen Mace of Spades giving you the ability to burst down carries and weaken some of the more meaty champs. You have two choices now, you can either get the Bilgewater Cutlass or you can farm up til you can afford the Hextech Gunblade. That choice is up to you it all depends on just how good you are doing in lane.

At this point in the match building up your items should be rather easy since your Siphon of Destruction can pretty much one shot a wave of minions.

Your four key items will always be Sorcerer Boots, Hextech Gunblade, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and Warmog Armor. Once you have these four items you become a rather pain to the opposing team since you have all the key elements to staying alive as Morde.

    Health Regen
    Movement Speed
    Magic Penetration
    A Form of CC
    Life Steal and Spell Vamp
    A combo of AP and AD

The last two items can be changed to accommodate what you are facing but I like to go with a Hybrid AP/AD Morde so I get an Atma's Impaler for three reasons.
    1. The 45 armor is more then welcome and gives my passive
Iron Man a boost.
2. Atma's Impaler passive converts 2% of my health into damage giving your Mace of Spades a much needed late game boost.
3. The boost to your auto attack power allows you to be a rather sufficient tower pusher.

For my last item I get a Rabadon's Death Cap for the AP boost. This is where you shine the most as a hybrid. Now you have a large amount of AD to do sustain damage but now you have a large amount of AP to really burst down AD or AP carries that get in your way.