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League of Legends Build Guide Author Queso

Morde Still Rocks

Queso Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

Ok, so even with the recent early game nerf on Morde's Shield, you can still dominate noobs and hold your own against others even in 2v1. Honestly, I play a ton of twisted treeline and not as much summoner's rift. keep that in mind, but I believe this build will be fine in both levels of the game. On TT however, if I take solo lane, I almost always get first blood, and if I get to my sunfire cape when ahead, it's basically GG.

I've listed 6 items, but everyone knows that items are situational based on your opponents. After the nerf, it is greatly better to just start with Doran's shield for the armor, and health bonus, rather than trying to get FoN faster.

After beginning, it's good to get boots for mobility, and the additional magic pen will help you get your first kill.

Now, if you're in a lane against magic damage, rush FoN. If you're against physical attackers, rush the sunfire. Once you get both you're a pretty good force to be reckoned with. One thing to keep in mind while you're low level is to never ever fight people early game without an ENEMY minion wave. The enemy minions are your source of shield, and you try to take down someone without your shield and they will just laugh at you at low level and most likely kill you. Also, while being chased, in last ditch efforts you can use abilities to generate shield, obviously if you have it your W can save you in a pinch.

I say Guinsoo's is literally a perfect item on Morde. I don't know any other champion that can benefit from it's stacking passive more than Morde can. Think, someone is foolish enough to attack you one on one. With every attack, you get faster and get more AP. Now, you unleash your ultimate on them and then they are screwed. This is also greatly beneficial to having you take down towers a lot faster, which if you end up having to tank and to carry, will be greatly beneficial. So in summary, it makes your auto attacks stronger, faster, and makes your abilities stronger, and thus is also making your shield stronger. Nothing can compete with that.

Now, you have great resistance to damage and decent health, but you may as well make it a lot better by adding in Warmogs. NOTE: The FoN, Sunfire, Guinsoo's is actually what I consider "core." Warmogs is my choice, but if you can think of something better feel free to let me know your thoughts. Now, obviously after you obtain your warmogs, the best thing to do would be to turn that health into damage. Well, you CAN with the great late game item known as atmas impaler. Enjoy absurd survivability and damage my friends. If you can't win now, then you're truly doomed and either fed or had feeding team mates, or you just don't know how to play morde yet and need more practice. In my TT games it almost never happens that I get past guinsoo.

Abysall sceptor is a good choice to replace FoN if your team can benefit from the debuff and you dont feel as threatened by the other team. So is thornmail in certain situations. (Example: Against Tryn, Master yi....)

Randuins can be a good choice too if you feel you need to slow down your prey with its activation. This could really benefit your team if they don't have much else cc.

Wrecking everyone? Get either mejai's or the hextech gunblade. Mejai's you would be able to quickly get to 20 stacks, and become godlike. Hextech is fun to have for the activation and additional healing from both your abilites and physical attacks.

Also, keep in mind that while you're building up, the elixer of brilliance is helpful to have every now and then. HAve a spare 250? You may really want to consider an elixer, if you get even one kill off it, it will have paid for itself.

The masteries have been switched to defensive. This is again due to the last nerf on morde. Without defensive masteries your early game really sucks. I tried playing with the utility masteries, and they just couldn't cut it anymore. It sucks waiting on ignite, but I'd rather be alive. The extra dodge and movement speed increase when you dodge also gels with your rune set up. The extra ability power is nice. Mostly, with a weak early shield you just need these to keep you strong.

The 9 in offense is pretty self explanatory. Your abilites deal magic damage, that penetration is important if people try to buy resistance. The point in imporved exhaust because I think that is what is best to run with this build.

Runes are magic pen because you deal a lot of magic damage. Dodge seals for extra survivability and inducing rage in enemies. And then cool down reduction because you may or may not get any items for it.

Skill sequence is like it is because I find W and E equally important. You don't need Q until 5, when at that point it becomes beneficial to have all your abilities for when you try to steal a soul at level 6.

If you're having a rough time, level up W first. You will still deal decent damage and greatly help your survivability. Also, use W on cannon minions, and see if your enemy notices a drop in health, lol.

ENEMY Situations
Tryndamere: The endless rage. Well, I have only played against one pro tryn player that could stop my combo. Normally, you wait for him to use his invincibility, Ignite and ult him, and now he's a dead tryn, ready to help you get a triple kill.

Vlad: Early game. His Q has long cooldown, when he moves to hit you with it, make sure to hit him more and make him pay for it. You should be able to come out on top. Once he hits 9 he is way more dangerous.

Ranged people. These can be a problem for your early game. Urgot, Ashe, Caitlyn. If they play correctly and zone you out, you're going to have a **** early game. Either switch or if you have to stay, then just poke with your E and place W on cannon minions. Get your W to level 2, and then check how much you can hurt them. If it's good enough, go for the kill with exhaust ignite. If not, you'll just have to be a sad morde until level 6.

more to come