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League of Legends Build Guide Author <-enTErt@inEr->

Mordekaiser Dmg-Tank (hybrid)

<-enTErt@inEr-> Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hallo all.


  1. Introduction
  2. Playing Methods
  3. Items
  4. Runes
  5. Masteries
  6. Sommoner Spells
  7. Skills
  8. Last comments

1. Introduction

I only play Morde and I must say that this is the best build I ever tryed. I often get called a noob cause of buying the wrong items and then, after killing 2 enemys alone they shut up. I don't want to say that it's easy or that it always happens, but it happens. There are many things it depends on how good it works. Here are some:
  1. Most important: This is difficult to play. You should know how to play Morde and don't let you get disappointed.
  2. You should know, that this build is an late-game-build. You come up late but then you are in!
  3. You are no rambo. You need your team!!! In later game you can face up to 2 enemys (no tanks) cause of the gread ulty. (If you're feeded you can face more)
  4. Be carful against casters like Rize or Fiddl. You are weak (exspecally in beginning) against magic-dmg.
  5. Normally it works better when you go mid-lane.

2. Playing Methods:

Your most importent strengh is your shield. Don't hold back your abilities. They have very short cooldowns after you bought the first few items. Your abilities give you shield and this can help you to take some more hits.
When you attack minions aktivate Creeping Death, it will hold up your shield. This way you can kill minions alone, without loosing health.
One thing I must say too. If you can, go mid. Morde is mega OP if you play him mid. In the first few minutes you have to be careful, but then you can win against nearly all midchamps. But if you dicide to go mid, you should be sure you know your enemy.
When you finished that build you are able to solo the baron. It'll take some time but you get him. In early game after finishing Randuin, you can go to kill the dragon in he bottom of the map.

3. Items:

The listed items are only one oportunity. I normally build like this:
  1. Start withDorians Shield and anHealth Potion
  2. Go forKindlegem. This gives you the first CDR and makes your shield sty up. Also givs you the needed health.
  3. Build yourSocerer's Shoes, cause they give you more dmg. Cause of your Runes in Movement your Character is not much slower then the others.
  4. Start building the Randuin now. Normaly I byHeart of Gold first, cause a little more Gold is also good for Morde.
  5. Finish theRanduin's Omen. Your CDR is nearly on max by now, also it's the must have for a tank (my opinion).
  6. Now finish theShurelya's Reverie the last 5% on CRD and an boost on Health-Regen.
  7. Now you have to decide: If you lane against casters you can byAbyssal Scepter. It will give you a boost in dmg and a bit more MR. Or you by, espacally if it's gonna be a short game, theHaunting Guise. This item is good cause of low cost and good additional dmg and health.
  8. Next I normally by theGiant Belt. Cause of the mega health boost. This helps to use your ulty more effective.
  9. After that I decide on wether I need more armor or mor magic resistance. This depends on the hole enemy team. When I fight against Master Yi, Twitch, Teemo or any other basic attack character I prefer to buyThornmail. But if the enemy team is set with more AP chars like Rize, Malzarha or Fiddle I byForce of Nature. Both items are good to stay alive. I decide which item I buy just when it's the time to do. It happend, that the whole enemy team was set up for Thornmail, but the enemy fiddle was mega strong and the rest was just ******ed. Always look on their teamplay to decide.
  10. At least I finish theRylais Crystal Scepter for the last boost on dmg and the slowing effect.
This is the whole build. For the last item you have to sell your Doran's Shield again, but you won't need it any more. I must also say that this build is not hard to finish. I often was fully build up and the game was not about to end. This means that you have some Gold to by Wards or Potions through the game. but after you bought Randuin, you won't need Potions, cause they have too low effect.

4. Runes:

  • Greater Mark of Insight: They give you a good dmg for beginning, so that you can bring up your shield fast and hold it.
  • Greater Seal of Resilience: Your also going on tank. This gives you the needed strength in beginning to take some dmg.
  • Greater Glyph of Focus: With these runes you get the first part on CRD. This makes you even stroner by usig your abilities more often and holding your shield up.
  • Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: These give you the needed movement cause morde is not that fast, and you can buy the Socerer's Shoes without loosing too much speed, but gaining dmg.

5. Masteries:

The Masteries are set for tank. One is set for ghost and the others are for dmg. To improve ignite is good in early-game. Use it in first fight to get your attacks better. It should be ready again, when you get Lvl 6 to use it in combo with your ulty. I can't find more to say to that. Look above.

6. Summoner Spells:

You can use these spells:
  • Ignite: Normally use it with ulty, if it's ready. Use this also in beginning in first contact, cause you get an AP-Boost of 10, whisch is much in Lvl 1 (see Masteries). This is the one spell I ALWAYS take with me.
  • Ghost: Good to escape or to take the final shot on an running enemy. If you don't take Ghost with you, you can change your Masteries, cause you won't need to improve Ghost then.
  • Teleport: Last but not least you can take this. It's only really good in 5vs5 games. In 3vs3 you often can run. I take this to be fast in shopping or helping on other lanes. Morde is the best farmer in game I guess. So he is fast in shopping.

I prefer to take the first 2. Ignite and Ghost are the best for Morde. But if you're bored of walking that much cause of shopping so often, you can take Teleport too.

7. Skills:

  • Iron Man: The best passiv ability in game, I guess. It's great. Cause of CDR you are able to use only abilities to strike enemies. So your shield gets boosted up by every atack. This makes you having more health than suspected. Also it helps in early game to be able to take some more hits.
  • Mace Of Spades: The fist ability. Good to make much dmg, to an solo enemy, but also to 4 minions. The spades flieng away can also hit invislible enemies. So look where they fly to. For example, when you fight akali and she disappears in her circle you can hit a minion next to it and one spade will hit akali.
  • Creeping Death: This is good to hold up your shield, while you stand in mid of minions. When it's skilled up to lvl 5 you make the dmg of two Sunfire Caps. So you can use it in Teamfights too.
  • Siphon Of Destruction: The best ability to get up your shield and also to hold enemy on distance. It's good to attack many minions or enemies at once or attacking distant enemies. Also you can use it perfectly for lasthit.
  • Children Of The Grave: Last but not least the ulty. There are 2 ways of using it:
    First to kill an enemy. If your sure he'll die or he's on low health, set it. The first hit of your ulty deals extra dmg and heals you. So you can use it on escaping enemies to lasthit them, cause of it's huge range.
    Second to keep you alive. This ulty absorbs an porcentage of your targets health. So if you run back to an torrent and it's gonna be hard to survive it, you can set your ulty on an tank with much health and you get healed up a bit. This saved my life a few times by now. Don't hold it back, in the end it's on an 50 sec cooldown. No problem if you waste it.

8. Last comments:

Always keep in mind, that you are not a mega tank like Rammus with that build. You can take much dmg after you finished your Randuin but not to much. So no Rambo-time.
I already said, that this build is getting good after a bit of time. It starts working after you finished the Shurelya's Reverie. After that you start akting in game. I often had a stat of 1/4 and in the end it was 16/5. So don't give up too easy. You can come back, but you need time.
It's also important, that this build is not that easy to play.

I hope you like this build and I look foreward to your comments and hope you can help me to improve it a bit. I keep on working and I hope for feedback. Thank you