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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carn4ge

Mordekaiser - General of Death

Carn4ge Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mordekaiser - General of Death

I am writing this guide now to showcase my experience with the metal champ. Ive played mordekaiser than any other champ in the game and for a long time ive had a lot of success with him in both 3v3 and 5v5, but ive noticed that i play him in a more unorthodox way than most people do. Here is my strategy:

Summoner Spells-

#1 important spell - Ignite - This is the most important spell for Morde. Combined with your ult you can usually kill someone around 1/3 of their life or more. With this build you end up as a tank, so these 2 abilities are your main dps and any time you will get a kill will most likely be when you have both of them up.

Flash - This can swapped out with ghost or cleanse depending on how you want to play it, but flash has gotten me many kills with that quick short distance gap being able to do the ult+ignite combo on low running enemies, or enemies hugging towers thinking theyre safe. (way i usually get kills if i solo mid in 5v5)

Runes - Mostly magic penetration, except health/per5 Seal and 1 hp/5 Quintessence. I found this to be the best combination after playing so many times, the extra 2.7 from the quint helps a lot when paired with the first item Spirit Visage. And the magic pen runes works into your main ability Siphon of Destruction and helps with your shrapnel AoE Creeping Death, as well as the few extra shots you get from Mace of Spades. But more on that in the General Strategy section.

Masteries - 21/9. The item build that is set up is designed to help keep you alive, which allows the rest of your masteries to be focused toward killing your enemies which is the most important thing about Morde.

General Strategy:

If you've looked at the above skill-rank order you notice that most of the emphasis is on Siphon of Destruction early game. It is Morde's bread and butter, it fires in a cone infront of him, turns morde into a mid-range fighter instead of melee and deals a good amount of dmg early game. At the same time, for as many enemies you hit with it, it adds to a shield meter which is basically extra health. The higher the skill level with siphon, the more shield you get per-enemy hit and the more dmg you do. Plus with this build's mostly all-magic penetration runes, its making sure that early game you are doing maximum damage to opponents. After rank 2 of siphon, both you and your enemies will notice the damage.

As the role of every tanky class you want to be able to go into a group battle and be useful in soaking up the dmg, while doing a little bit yourself. With this mentality, I dont understand why people think that Mace of Spades is Mordekaiser's best move. The only time it does double damage is when the target is alone, which will never happen in a group battle, as long as there is 1 other person besides your target the double damage wont take effect. But Mace of Spades is awesome for farming, thats why I get at least 1 rank of it at lvl 2 or 3.

Creeping Death is extremely useful on many levels, it increases the armor and magic resist of whatever you put it on and releases a wide area of moving metal that rips everything up around you. Plus with his passive that a certain % of his dmg is converted into his "Shield," any time you walk into a group of creeps OR champions you'll be essentially giving yourself life. So many times i have been saved from a karthus or ezreal ult from a quick addition of this spell. For farming, if you stand between the mage and fighter creep waves in a lane you can hit the entire group weakening/killing them all. And finally in the rare event you are getting pushed really hard in a lane, Creeping Death can be put on a fellow minion to push for you as it moves against and weakens the enemy creep lane. Its a good move.

On Farming - Once you hit level 6-7 you can clear an entire creep wave by yourself with a combo of all 3 of your moves together. You want to position yourself in between the melee creeps and casters, pop your Creeping Death which has enough range to hit the whole wave, and aim your Siphon and Mace of Spaces to the back/casters. This will be enough to kill all 3, while your own minions have been weakening the front melee ones, enough for you to turn around and finish them off for yourself. On any time after a gank/fending off enemy assaults at a tower or any random time youre not needed somewhere, you should always be getting the 4 creep camp in the jungle near the middle towers. With Mace and Siphon together the creeps drop in literally 1 second, so its quick gold.

Item Breakdown -

First items - Rejuvenation Bead and 5 Health potions. Yes, 5 health potions. You may think this is overkill and want to save your money but it saves you a trip back until at least lvl 6 and you will make the money back and then-some. With your Runes and rejuv bead you will have a decent amount of health regen to keep yourself up. And because you're maxing out Siphon first, you should have a constant supply of Shield to protect you. You might notice some enemies getting frustrated that they can keep hitting you and you never take any real damage. Then in the event you ever get hit with your shield down, you have FIVE potions to heal you back up quick. ANY time you get below 75% health pop a potion. if youre smart, it wont happen often and this will help you stay full health incase of any ganks. These potions should last you until at least lvl 6, possibly up until lvl 9.

Early-Mid Game - Your next items to get are Spirit Visage and lvl 1 boots. The spirit Visage is awesome in many ways for Morde. By any chance you die early, make the decision on buying boots or the null-magic mantle depending who youre fighting. As a tank, magic resist is always helpful, then the health regen and and the added health regen +35% effect combined with your hp/5 runes you will have some decent health regen going.
And finally the cooldown reduction will have your ult up about every 96 seconds for use in team battles. Great item.