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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Mjøllnir

Mordekaiser - Heavy and Metal

By Mjøllnir | Updated on August 28, 2012

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iRon (5) | November 1, 2011 11:38am
Voted +1
tested it on 3v3 ... had a 3/12/2 start and game seemed to be lost
then after i completed rylais i turned into a monster with 12/15/12 and an easy win against a perfect enemyteam consisting of rammus, lee(fed), morgana
DaBoBuilds (12) | October 26, 2011 9:05am
I think making a build for Mordekaizer is very hard to make because what you build as a tank, often depends on the situation. And unless you discuss all te situations, the build is a bit incomplete.

Still it's a nice build, could have gone more in depth, that's all.
Mjøllnir | October 26, 2011 8:59am
thanks for the critique, I will realize this as soon as I have some time for that.

the dominion guide will probably moved to a seperate guide since this really looks confusing and both playstyles and setups are very different.

anyways, as I already said, changes will be applied asap.

regarding your critics about Guardian Angel I just can say that I try to show the way I play.
I tried out many different item builds and changed a lot till I met the one I do now use.

for sure, death is really easy that early. I chose Guardian Angel that early for the armor and mres it gives, less for the extra life. This only becomes important later in the game.

Actually it happens, when I feel I don't need more def, that I just buy the Chain Vest and go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter before finishing Guardian Angel.

gotta rework this I guess, mention this points too.

so far,
Sascop (7) | October 26, 2011 8:41am
Ok, Pretty basic guide, could be formatted better.

lets start:
Item Sequence
Guardian Angel never a good choice to take it so early, at these points of the game death is rather easy, and if you die once you will probably die again because you dont have enough hp, so i recommend taking the Rylai's Crystal Scepter Before the guardian angel, that way you can cover up that hp part, and go for guardian.

"Classic 5vs5 Off tank mordekaiser"
that chapter, whats its purpose? if you wanted to say something like that just put it in the introduction chapter. otherwise remove this chapter it has no meaning.

also remove that "\\Classic 5vs5" its pointless, majority of players play in it anyway, if you want to do something related to twisted treeline or dominion just give them each a chapter to sort it out.

I strongly recommend that you sort this out as
"Core runes"
(core runes here)

"Secondary\Optional Runes"
(The runes)
(Explanation if you wish)

What you did here is not enough, it seems rather lazy to be honest.
try to sort it out like that:
(Why i pick these:)
[name of mastery1] (why i pick this)
[name of mastery2] (why i pick this)
[name of mastery3] (why i pick this)
[name of mastery4] (why i pick this)
[name of mastery5] (why i pick this)
[name of mastery6] (why i pick this)
[name of mastery7] (why i pick this)

(why i dont pick THESE:)
[name of mastery8] (why i dont pick this)
[name of mastery9] (why i dont pick this)
[name of mastery10] (why i dont pick this)

"Summoner Spells:"

RE-SORT this. now.
instead of making a complete mess between the spells because its alphabetically,
instead try to sort it out by importance, like that:

(why i pick this)
(why i pick this)
(why i pick this)

Optional picks:
(why you could pick this)
(why you could pick this)
(why you could pick this)

Not recommended, do NOT pick:
(why you should NOT pick this)
(why you should NOT pick this)
(why you should NOT pick this)

next up:


instead, sort it out like that:


Dominion mordekaiser:




summoner spells:

what you did was create a total mess in the build, just creat ONE chapter that includes a small dominion guide.

This was hopefully a constructive critique that will improve your guide, i will not vote until the fixes are visible, if you feel like i helped a lot +rep me. anyway, PM me when you have finished.
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Mordekaiser - Heavy and Metal