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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

Mordekaiser Heavy Metal Mayhem The Damage Tank

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Mordekaiser: Heavy Metal Mayhem with the Master of Metal

-Looks awesome
-Sounds awesome
-Best dance in the game
-Interesting abilities
-Fun to play
-Can be an amazing team battle champion

-Hard to generate Ironman all the time and without it you're vulnerable.
-Prone to being stunned
-People get pissed when you say you want mid in a fives.

Introduction: So you've decided that you want "The metal to live on" and this is the champ you see when you think that. Good choice, not only is Mordekaiser a fun character to play but when you build him right you seem to be a hard to kill meniacal Metal Demon on the battlefield that kicks *** and takes names all the while you're using your mace as a guitar. My focus with this guide is to provide a bit more stopping power with Mordekaiser as well as give you something to do while your're waiting for your next Siphon of Destruction, Creeping Death or Mace of Spades to come off CD so you can use your passive: Ironman with more abuse.

Summoner Abilities:
Ghost-For pursuit or quick escapes though you really should only ever be running into battle not away. Subsitute it for Ignite, Cleanse, or Exhaust if you want. Then you can remove the 1 pt in the utility tree for improved Ghost.

Teleport-Usually good if you're playing Mid and want to push your enemy back if they're too close to your turret while you're away buying items. Or use it to jump to any location you feel you can help out or do damage. This you can subsitute as well though with Ignite, Cleanse, or Exhaust.

Champion Skill overview: Emphasis for Mordekaiser's abilities is to generate Ironman with this set up I generally find myself entering an engagement with a full bar of Ironman and I can keep generating it throughout combat.

Champion Skills:

Ironman (Passive): For all damage caused by abilities Mordekaiser generates a shield. Essentially it's like an extra HP bar and is the main focus of playing Mordekaiser well.

Mace of Spades: On next hit ability that causes damage to 3 nearby targets, if you're only swinging on one target then the bonus damage is doubled.

Creeping Death: An AoE that can be cast on yourself or nearby friendly units increases your magic resist and armor as well as dealing some AoE damage.

Siphon of Destruction: Cone attack that hits all targets within it's range doing some decent damage and is your main skill to generate Ironman.

Children of The Grave: Your ultimate, curse a target for some time stealing HP, if the target dies while under the affect of CoTG then you enslave them (They become a pet) for 30 seconds and you gain some added bonuses. GREAT for Teamfights and or destroying towers. Send in your minion and let them soak up the tower attacks while you swing away until the tower or your pet is dead.

Playing in a 5's:
Mordekaiser makes a horrible lane partner. Not because he can't hurt the other team, believe me he can. But he will almost certainly LAST HIT every single minion he sees due to his aoe abilities and decent damage. So normally I try to call mid, if people have a big problem with it I'm fine with laning and generating **** tons of gold as I LH everything in sight. For those of you that get to go mid OHHHH boy be ready to out level and out farm your lane opponent from level 1. Here is how I normally get things started.

Early Game Mid (1-6): Grab boots or AS dagger and some health pots. Put a point in Siphon of Destruction. Wait by my tower until minions spawn. Walk into the lane and start farming, if your opponent gets too close try to hit them with your SoD to harass, your main focus is farming though. Level two put a point in Mace of Spades, continue farming and harassing. Level 3 drop another point into SoD continue harassing and farming. Level 4 another point in SoD OR Creeping Death. Now this is where your harassing sets you up for a kill. Don't push too close to your opponent's tower and if you do ever get to close pull back and wait for minion skirmish lines to form again. A trick I like to pull is throwing Creeping Death on a passing minion and let them jump in and begin to generate Ironman for me while Im still near my turret, walk up start farming minions and reapply Creeping Death when it comes up. If your opponent is blind, or unaware of that Creeping Death has an AoE component then they'll probably get too close to the minions with it on them and take some damage. Now if you've been good at keeping Ironman up for the most part then you shouldn't have taken too much damage which would have caused you to recall to base losing valuable farming time. Once you hit level 6 your harassment is more to push your enemy back to base so you can hit their turret and continue to out farm them. If you force your opponent to recall and have a sizeable amount of gold 1200-2000 then you can recall at will and lose out on a few minutes EXP/Gold to go buy your beserker greaves. Buy health pots if needed and resume farming mid, keep closer to your turret then before because this is where a lot of people get frusterated with me and call their teammates over for a gank attempt. Keep Ironman up and head for your turret if stuff gets rough.

Middle Game Mid (6-12): If you haven't killed their turret by now or weakened it considerably you're still doing fine. Keep farming and harassing anyone that steps up to you, this is where we start to build a sunfire cape. Mordekaiser is an AoE champion and grabbing the extra bit of HP and AoE magic Damage will be extremely effective when team fights break out. Keep up the pressure and be a little more aggressive once you kill their first mid turret you generally start helping other lanes. Staying in a lane where the enemy lines are a bit further back means you'll over extend and probably get ganked. Stay aware of your minimap and never get greedy, if you think a gank is coming then GTFO. Once you have your sunfire cape I go 1 of 3 routes. Either I start building a force of nature, thornmail, or Guinsoo's Rageblade.

Thornmail against a heavy melee team, force of nature against a heavy magic team, or Rageblade if I'm doing well and staying out of trouble and not many teamfights have broken out yet. Either way you go it is mainly to fit what the situation provides. At some point I want to have all three items in my bags though for this build.

Late Game(12-18): This is when you're about to be at your peak. You're pushing lanes with support, killing people that jump you with a healthy defense and decent damage output you're causing your enemies to question if you're hacking the game by surviving 3 on 1 or even 4 on 1's. If you're having trouble staying alive then grab a Phage and turn it into a frozen mallet or build another sunfire cape ASAP forgoing whatever else you might have been working on. Say you wanted a Rageblade after getting Thronmail something like that. HP combined with Damage output and decent defense 65-70% of damage reduction on magic and armor is high and doable if you're doing well. I usually find myself with 60-65% of armor and or magic resist in normal games.

Late Game Tanking:
-Never initiate a fight without a decent amount preferably full ironman gauge. To aid in this pick your time to engage, make sure your teammates are with you and tell them to leave minions alone you need them for your Ironman gauge to build it up. Wait for your enemies to push OR if they are surrouned by their minions then feel free to dive in. Pick a target for your teammates to focus fire, ping them on the map then engage. Mark that target with you CoTG and start hitting them, once they are dead your new found pet will bring to the table a whole Hell of a lot. The bonuses you both recieve increase your surivability greatly. Time your abilties out. By 18 your SoD and MoS will be on such short CDs that as long as you can hit 3-6 Champions+Minions you'll have no trouble keeping Ironman up. Keep Creeping Death up on yourself or teammates at all times when it is up. People think that they can run as Mordekaiser, I advise against it. Mordekaiser does better in large teamfights because he should always be generating Ironman through damage. Running means you lose Ironman and become a weak target easily focused. Staying in combat means staying alive and doing more than if you were to run. You're a tank someone meant to be focused on and someone who should be able to take the abuse. At first I sucked with Mordekaiser because I didn't realize his abilties focused around sitting in the middle of a 5 way ulti nuke and sticking it out. Dying sucks and sure you don't want to spend time in the GY but you're a damage tank. Your death means people spent a lot of time, energy, and mana trying to kill you, the longer they stay in the fight trying to take you down the more time you have with your AoE damage to chip away at their HP and with support from your teammates it will probably result in a win for your side allowing you to push into your enemies base and take down their nexus.

Closing/ Summary: Mordekaiser is a Champion that takes some time to get used to. If you know from your first time running with him that it is important to keep Ironman charged/ charging at all times you've got a leg up on other people. If you understand that staying in combat while being supported by your teammates means that you'll probably end up winning the fight then you're prepared to stick it out even if youre teammates need to run. Understand that you're a tank, you can hit hard but your main job is to soak up as much damage as possible and hold the attention of your enemies so that your teammates can pick them off. You might not have the best KDR but you'll probably end up with a lot of assists. This build tries to even K/D/A by letting you hit faster and a bit harder while still maintaining a strong defense.

I'm still learning the finer points of the game. Any advice or constructive comments for this guide would be much appreciated. There will be more to come when I get enough feed back and I'll add some more stuff about how I play 3's and non mid 5's with Mordekaiser soon enough.