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Mordekaiser King of death

Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Introduction: why play Mordekaiser?

Mordekaiser is an AP-Hyper Carry. What this means is post level six his threat as a champion becomes equal to that of about any fed character. He can turn games around with one ult and make a team fight a 6v4. And Mordekaiser isn't too hard to learn if you follow my guide.

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Pros and Cons


[*] Crazy farmer if following my build
[*] DOT gives you health from ult
[*] Ghost is great for teamfights
[*] Low cool downs
[*] No mana
[*] Shield

So overall he seems to be almost a perfect champ. "ha there is no such thing as a perfect champ" my friend says. This is true even for mordekaiser
[*] Spells cost health
[*] No form of Crowd Control
[*] Item dependent
[*] Slow moving
[*] Easily ganked

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Well I dont have any on this account but. For my main account I run a page that can be used almost universally for any AP mid champion.

you run what i showed above.

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So starting with pots is neccesary due to his use of health for spells and he has no form of natural sustain.And boots are necceasry to avoid ganks due to his low mobility. Then by level six or a kill get hextech revolver. Then you have sustain

Ok now for damage stuffs.

Get liandrys torment for the damage over time. and it synergizes with ult magnificently.

Then your gonna need mobility because everyone else will have it but you wont. BUT your the one who does damage so they are gonna need to wait for you.

After sorcerers shoe get Rabadon's its just a must have.

Then depending on who is doing the most damge on their team usually the ADC build Railiyas for health and slow.

Then build the rest of what i put above in what ever order you feel is right.

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Skill sequence and spells.

Passive: Ironman: is profoundly strong and makes morde well...morde. Keeps you alive in teamfights that would utterly kill any other AP mid but not Mordekaiser HUEHUEHUE. This is what allows morde to get those 1v5 pentas!!! Just try to keep shield up when you get your hextech revolver before that DONT overspam your abilities.

So what i have found is q is a big NO NO early game. It wastes health and leaves you looking like a fool asking for ganks.

So start E for that range and it increases your shield the most. Despite that it looks like your lose tons of health you dont really cause it regens fast enough.

Then W is good for two things pushing your opponent and stopping him from easily farming without taking a few hits and charging your shield. The other is for defensive purposes on yourself. NEVER forget that it does have a Magic resist and Armor bonus!!!

Then your ult considered one of the scariest things in the game. There are many ways to use it.
1. Kills use this + ignite + your Liandrys torment and you get a ton of damage and most likely the kill.

2. Use it to change up the stakes in a teamfight put it on the ADC and wreck them all with two ADCs instead of one.

3. Pushing use it to take turret shots and deal extra damage or take Baron.

4. Life steal: use only when needed to stay in lane a little while longer.

So here is the combo for Morde more or less

For pushing W minions E when low then q to finish off stragglers

For 1v1s Put W on yourself and hit them with Q then E if they run away and use E if it gets up in time again.

For the sneaky trololo kills 1v1 Go in with about half health save flash for chasing first hit with E and W in THEN this is the trololo part they think your have no health or everythings on cooldown WRONG!! then pop your R and E them again if they flash follow em and ignite with and e to finish em. leaving them thinking WTF just happened?!

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Cassiopia: I've heard she counters due to her Damage over time and maybe her slow. But I havent fought one yet.

Zyra: She is the worst to be matched up against besides Teemo. She will snare you to death so ask for ganks when she is really pushing you.

Teemo: That little hamster thing is just annoying. His poison will kill your shield and take your health with it.

Talon: Its just Talon he wrecks almost All mids except maybe Cho, Diana, and Gragas.

Ahri: She can be a pain cause she is the queen of early game. But, once you follow the build and stay behind or in your minions you should be fine.

Malzhar: Just a pain no matter what you do.

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Who your wreck!!!

Vladimir: despite his sustain he can't escape you ult in that pool of blood.

Veigar: just super squishy. make sure to stop him from farming though

Melee AP mids such as Troll AP Yi, Fizz, Diana, Gragas, or Kassadin

So in a nutshell there isn't a lot you can't beat. I know personally that even if IE: Ziggs has a 40 AP rune start over you doesn't mean he can beat you if you play carefully.

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Well Thank you for reading my guide. It's my first and hopefully not my last to look up my record to prove that this build isn't a scam go to LOLKing and type in awoodenspork. I will try to check this for critiques about once a week or so.