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Mordekaiser - Master of Doom!

Last updated on April 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Mordekaiser - The Master of Metal

Like the New Doombringer he is one of the few champions that can clear a whole minion wave in a matter of seconds in the very early stages of the game. Mordekaiser is basically like an Anti Harasser due his shield that is given by his Passive, Iron Man, with this you will be able to farm minions freely unless you can get silenced, stunned or immobilized. He is also one of the few who can get a double kill in a 2v1 encounter; this is mainly because of the ultimate and his survivability.

Is he alive or is he dead? Well that my friend, depends on how good you can play him!

Normal Game - Main Build, for those long matches
Quick Game - Optional Build, mainly in quick games
Good Game - Fed Build, when you're on killing streak

-Great Survivability
-Good Damager & Harasser
-Excellent Farmer early & late game

-Squishy without Ironman
-No natural Crowd Control
-Too Heavy for Some People

Early Game:
Take one Point into Siphon of Destruction and use it on multiple targets to quickly charge up Iron Man, remember if you don't have that Ironman charged up you can't take any focus fire at all. Try to gain lane control by harassing, making it easier for you to last hit minions and whacking on the tower. Most of the time you will find yourself in the spot where people try to get an early first blood, for these occasions you can try to harass the (Closest, Weakest or Lowest) enemy champion and use Ignite as a finisher when you are going for the kill. Flash can also be used to your advantage when ether fleeing or last hitting, it all depends on how the fight turned out. Remember that your goal is to destroy the tower in your lane, also backup your teammate as well as getting a kill whenever your opponents make a mistake like over extending or refusing to recall aka, tower hugging, use this to your advantage and quickly turn the tables by nuking him/her out and then “Ignite + Children of the Grave ” to kill your target and raise him/her as an enslaved to get a Double kill or Destroy the tower in your lane.

Solo Bot/Top: 1v2
So, you got a Jungler or an AFK pub in your lane? If this is the case then you will gain twice as much experience as your opponents. The first thing you need to do is to analyse the situation, if your opponent are very passive and rarely tries to harass you then you can do your best to push the lane. You can do this by harassing and auto-attacking as much as possible without getting harassed severly beyond your Ironman and level up much faster. When you reach to a point where you can overpower your opponents with harassment you may be able to get a double kill and/or destroy the tower in your lane, trust me, it’s a lot easier without a teammate. If your opponents are Pre-made, Aggressive or just know what they are doing then go defensive. All you need to do is Tower-hugg while trying to last hit and harass and not get harassed beyond Ironman. Sometimes your opponents will get a bit overconfident and either overextend, tower dive or just refuse to recall, use this into your advantage and try to kill them with the "Ignite + Children of the Grave" Combo which can very well lead to a double kill. Once you do you have gained lane control, however this could be a trap so don’t do the same mistakes like those listed above. Remember if you die or just need to recall your tower could go down in a matter of seconds, so be sure to ask your Jungler to take over the lane and sometimes call for a gank if you aren’t getting any luck. If he is AFK, you should think about asking Mid taking over and one from the Other lanes to go and Protect mid, or hope your AFK buddy comes back all of a sudden.

Mid Game:
Now let’s naturally assume you got 1 or 2 kills and the first tower is down in your lane, in other words you are doing ok. From here on mid games started and everything can happen, your job is just like everyone else: Destroy Towers, Defend Towers and Help ganks & teamfights. You should go and destroy towers with your amazing pushing abilities and then constantly whacking on the tower, however during mid game you should avoid taking any focus fire from towers so back off once you run out of minions. Same goes to defending towers, just go to the lane that seems to be in trouble, kill all the minions and then push it to the limit. When you got an enemy champion trying down one of your towers you should ambush him or call for a gank, if you got two enemy champions at the tower you should approach them the old fashion way. If you got more than three enemy champions at your tower then call for backup. You also got one rule when you are freely switching lanes and people constantly try to gank each other: Never go alone! Unless you are defending a tower or you know the location of all you opponents while trying to down one of their towers, like in a teamfight where your allies are retreating but if all of them are in mid, top or bot you need to go and defend! After all you don’t want to face Super Minions at level 13.

EDIT: This is the turning point between Normal and Quick matches, Trust your judgement

Late Game:
When Late Game arrives you will know how godlike he can become, With your Frozen Mallet to finish off anyone foolish enough to face you in combat. You can literally crush anyone in a 1v1 except for a decent Amumu or an Imba Carry. Late-game is mostly about ganking and pushing during level 16-18, during an encounter that involves more enemies than 2 you should cast “Ignite + Children of the Grave” on a focused ranged target, unless he has Cleanse or got Kayle and Zilean with him. Once they have popped their ultimate’s you can us the Death Lock combo on the ones that doesn’t have those dreaded ultimate’s on them or until that effect runs out. The reason of this is that it will give you the Regeneration which makes you last if focused and when your target is dead you will have increased stats as well as an enslaved champion to your disposal. Your enslaved champion will have your hit on effects which includes Frozen Mallets slow which can be used to slow and ultimately kill your target alone if given enough time as very few have balls enough to face it in a 1v1 and if they do you can walk right up and kill them.

-Initiate in teamfights, you’re the first one inn
-Cast Children of the Grave on focused Ranged targets
-Kill everyone, they don’t call you Mordekaiser for no reason

Sometimes these techniques can be so devastating that it will lead to you killing off the entire team, personally I've only killed 4/5 in an encounter that started as 3v4-5 where I was ignored while the rest of my allies died from focus fire and the enemy team wasn't all that coordinated. Have fun and don't go AFK in the middle of the match, trust me it's a bad idea...

Buy- 2x Giant's Belt
Buy- 2x Sunfire Capes

Things to watch for:
CC'ers - (Silencers,Stunners,Immobilzers) Early game
Cleanse - Counters Children of the Grave + Ignite
Legit Harassers - Pirate + good CC'er

Some In-game Tips to keep in mind, basicly follow them to become a better player:

Comment and Rate if you like, also some feedback and questions are much appreciated