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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Paccu

Top Mordekaiser S12 Top Lane In-Depth Guide [Ranked Carry 70%+ W

Top Mordekaiser S12 Top Lane In-Depth Guide [Ranked Carry 70%+ W

Updated on February 22, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paccu Build Guide By Paccu 31 4 48,339 Views 0 Comments
31 4 48,339 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Paccu Mordekaiser Build Guide By Paccu Updated on February 22, 2022
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Runes: Safest Runes

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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Mordekaiser S12 Top Lane In-Depth Guide [Ranked Carry 70%+ W

By Paccu
Mordekaiser Champion Rundown

Mordekaiser is an AP top lane bully with great sustain, item pool, and amazing dueling/teamfight potential.

He is a fighter with relative bulk in terms of HP that relentlessly stomps his way through teams, picking off high value targets in large fights, and turning a fight in his favor very quickly. With heavy healing and shielding as part of his design and build, he works wonderfully as a frontline, anti-carry, or damage-focused bruiser. He is simple, concise, and a very powerful champion if used confidently

Mordekaiser's Abilities include:

P - Darkness Rise, when Mord lands 3 basic attacks OR abilities, he gains an AOE of constant damage along with a small amount of movement speed

Q - Obliterate, where he slams his mace down dealing magic damage, said damage is severly increased if the abilty only hits a single target

W - Indestructible, in which Mordekaiser's secondary resource bar fill with damage taken and damage dealt, once you press W, Mord gains a shield based on how much your bar is filled, the ability can then be recast to heal Mord a smaller portion of the shield's size

E - Death's Grasp, is a heavy displacement tool Mord can use to pull his opponents towards him for engage, or to push them away for escape, the distance pulled/pushed is constant and this ability also grants Mord passive magic penetration

R - Realm of Death, this is Mord's key fight winner, Mord selects a target to be taken to an alternate small arena where nothing or anybody can interact with Mord and his opponent, During the ult, Mordekaiser is granted 10% of the opponents basic stats (like AD, AP, Attack Speed, ETC) and will keep those stats if the target is killed within the ult, the stats remain until they respawn.
Laning Phase (Levels 1-9)

Mordekaiser has a very strong laning phase that can be abused, forcing winning fights, and taking favorable trades, you have great dive with your W shield, and can walk out of ganks with E and W combined

Level 1-3 This is the point in which you have to play carefully, Mord isn't the most powerful until around level 4, so during these early levels, focus poking with Q and use E to disengage

Level 4-5 Now is your time to start taking trades, with your W sustain, you can pull with E and immediately Q and proceed to walk them down with you passive after an auto, save your W for then your bar is full (or as close as it can be) and keep on this trade loop to shove them off of wave to deny CS

Level 6 This is the moment you've been waiting for, this is what all the level 4-5 trades have been for, with careful consideration of your opponents ult (if they are also level 6) this is when you let wave shove, and when you get an E pull, go ahead and let it rip, as long as you hit your Q in your ult, there aren't many matchups you can lose, just make sure you have health advantage and save W for ONLY WHEN THE BAR IS FULL OR IF YOU ARE ON THE VERGE OF DEATH
Level 7-9 Lastly, the final phase of laning, this is the part in which you either keep playing for ult kills, or if ahead, baiting a gank and using your ult for free 2v1's. Have confidence with your lead and shove to turret taking plates when you can and hunting the jungler with ult. If you are severly behind, this is your chance to just farm, and use tp or roams and find picks on their weaker teammates to 1v1 in ult to help catch up
Mid-Late Game (Teamfighting)

With your laning phase lead from ults, now is your time to shine for your team, your Q is significantly weaker in group scenarios, but your passive damage, E, and Ult make up for it.

Your ult is your primary tool in winning teamfights, in a section below, I will describe your ult in greater detail and how it should be used in different scenarios. Besides that, you are a frontline with mediocre engage and a lot of AOE damage to shred down the opposition from the middle of a fight.

You will be spending most of your time splitting with your ult as 1v2/3 pressure, being present for objectives and standing in-front of your team looking for an ult to pull their stronger members out of the fight early.

Play with confidence, your W is you win condition, if well-timed, can change the outcome of any fight, or can make you absolutely unkillable
Ultimate Usage Tips

Your ult, though straight-forward, is a very powerful tool in getting laning kills, free picks from behind to bring you back into the game, and amazing teamfight potential

When to ult is the key part of it all, if you are fed and powerful, your options are very open as to your target. A majority of the time, you have to know who you can 1v1 with ease, but the enemy carry is usually your primary target.

Things to consider when choosing who to ult:

1. Who is the biggest team-wide threat in-terms of damage, take out the enemy katarina or yasuo so they don't sweep your whole team with their ults

2. Whos the biggest threats to catching your carries, assassins that specialize in diving your ADC's and mages can be selected to shutdown so said teammates can carry the rest of the fight

3. Who is their frontline/protector of their backline, you can ult their engage CC or tank in order to get your assassins into their backline with ease

4. Who has the stats you need, the more fed the enemy is, the more stats you'll get in, and after your ult if you score the kill, making you a god in the rest of the fight

5. The killablity of the chosen target, if the enemy you choose has too much mobility, too much CC or is too tanky to kill, your wasting the potential of your bonus stats from getting the kill, they are very helpful post-ult in any fight

Other uses for your ult outside of teamfights and when behind:

1. Getting free picks while splitting, you can use your ult as 1v2 pressure when splitting, or to counter a split by catching them in the act and shutting them down to counter-push

2. Saving yourself in unfavorable positions, in situations like 1v4's, you can ult to heal from riftmaker and stall for your team, make sure you ult who you KNOW you can kill, to gain the stats and have a higher chance of surviving on exit
3. Lastly, while behind from laning phase, use your ult on things like the weaker enemies, ADC's, or whoever's low in order to get free kills and pull yourself out of the deficit
Who I am, and Why this build

Howdy, I'm Paccu, a silver top lane main in the process of climbing up the ranked ladder, I know im not the most credible player, but I've played my fair share of Mordekaiser (him being my main currently).

This build has net me a 65% winrate in ranked with the champion, and I believe it to be a good, effective, tanky, and heavy damage build, made for snowballing early leads, and smashing your way to the enemy nexus. I'm very passionate about this champion and will continue to update this build as patches go on, so I hope you enjoyed and hope that this build can help you climb too.


Thank you for reading through this build and I hope you enjoy it/find success with it. Go check out my other serious and not-so serious other guides I have on champs like Sett, Garen, Volibear, Malphite, Jhin and more soon to come!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Paccu
Paccu Mordekaiser Guide
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Mordekaiser S12 Top Lane In-Depth Guide [Ranked Carry 70%+ W

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