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Mordekaiser - The Hellknight!

Last updated on August 5, 2010
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Mordekaiser - The Master of Metal
"This is a Tanker build, I would check out Master of Doom for Fighting"

I may have a fetish for Sunfire Capes but trust me, this is by far the best build I've ever gotten on Mordekaiser. You'll farm faster than everyone by simply using Siphon of Destruction + Creeping Death, and walking around the creeps. You will also become a huge threat with your AoE-DoT stacking and you'll have a ton of survivability with the huge amounts of armor combined with Ironman. This build is very beneficial when you find yourself being forced or just want to tank for your team. Out of all the other builds out there, I can assure you that this is the best build for keeping threat, abusing Ironman (e.i survivability), and wrecking your opponents in clashes, but you have to keep in mind that unlike other tanks you can not save your allies!

1. Great Survivability
2. Amazing Farming Potential
3. Excellent Tank, easily focused

1. No natural Crowd Control.
2. Lack of early Magic Resist.
3. Constant QQ'ing for being OP.

Summoner Spell: Ignite
For once, go ahead get it, I see a lot of people get ignite for no reason at all! But that's mainly because they want to get kills, I mean a Soraka with Ignite? You however, need it for burtsting power to finish off people with your Ultimate. Also, there is nothing worse than seeing your Target get healed after Children of the Grave.

Summoner Spell: Exhaust
This will help you gank a target, or possibly first blood. will disable another enemy champion, this can save both you and your teammate and you'll be able reach your target. With the added magic & armor Penetration makes it easier to kill them for the three seconds you need to kill them.

Summoner Spell: Flash
One of my favorite spells at the time when Mordekaiser got releashed, it allowed you to surprise your target by popping up right next to them and do a full DoT combo and kill them just like Annie. This still works, but the range is too small too be worth it. Other than that it can be used to get over cliffs, trees, and bug abuse.

Summoner Spell: Ghost
Ghost is a hell of a lot better than flash, especially on a more tanky character. Most of the time it will be used to flee, which will decrease the amounts of death you sometimes get. Other than that we always have the chase mechanism within Ghost, just rush your enemy with DoT's and it can be done just as easily.

Acceptable Runes: Click here
Greater Quintessence of Health
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Greater Seal of Evasion
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Core-Item Build: Click here

These are the primary items I get no-matter what, but of course we do have exceptions just like getting Regrowth Pendant instead of Doran's Shield. The core in this build are the Sunfire Capes, and the whole idea is to deal an insane amount of DPS in AoE combined with Creeping Death. And so, to enhance this power you will need Magic Penetration, why? Because you scale like **** and the Sunfires don't scale at all in the first place, this is why Magic Penetration is the only way to go on a more caster based Mordekaiser. This makes Sorcerer's Shoes primary, but you still got the option of Mercury's Treads, just not as frequently or perhaps not at all. Then we got the wards, unlike other supports I think you are one of the most suited to bring this into the arena. Why? Because you farm like crazy and I think everyone should contribute to this matter of map awereness, I mean this might very well win you the game! The Elixir is my final tocuh, you should only purchase it to finish the game! It has no other purpose, the boost is somewhat wasted to do well early-mid game.

Late-Game Items:Click here

As you can see I put up two Sunfire Capes in the core item build, that is because you need at least two Sunfire Capes every match! However, Inbetween these two capes you will need some magic resist. In the form of a simple Magic Mantle which later is upgraded to either Guardian Angel or Aegis of the Legion, or a Nullifying Cloak which is combined with a Regrowth to form Force of Nature or simply upgraded to Abyssal Scepter for more damage. Out of these four items you will have to know what to get when, primarily you will start with Doran's Shield and I can tell you right away that Abyssal Scepter is more of a fun item that is only used if you are owning it up. Therefore you usually buy Guardian Angel if you want to make it seem hopeless to kill you or as a newb-ward. Or if your team is filled with squishes and you are going vs. Fiddlesticks then I think Aegis of the Legion will better your team. Once you've gotten the second Sunfire Cape you can sell Doran's Shield and buy a slowing item, mostly I just replace it with Randuin's Omen to get AoE slows and to both movement and attackspeed. Then we have the Trinity Force, Hextech Gunblade, Frozen Mallet, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter all depending on personal preferances!

Doran's Shield: I recommend this item if you are new to Morderkaiser, having trouble staying alive, having a bad day, or just like to start with Doran's Shield cause you're Pro. Now I see alot of high ELO players using it for some odd reason, but I guess that's only to get the best start as possible, I've used it myself and I think it's not a bad choice comparing it to runes and such.

Regrowth Pendant: This is by far my favourite starting item, Doran's Shield is slightly better in some cases. But in the long run you'll benefit more from this item than all the Health Potions. If you get harassed beyond Ironman you can try to stay out of harms way by avoiding using your spells and just stay within Experience range, this will get you back in the game.

Health Potions: I recommend getting 3 of these after you got Boots of Speed, they will ensure that you can stay in the lane long enough for you to purchase your very first Sunfire Cape. They will become useless once you reach got a lot of Health, they should only be used when you got Health under 2k.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Well It appears that your AoE-DoT stacking will get more damage from Magic Penetration, that's why I also added Insight Marks in the rune build. You should get them if you want to do more damage, and have no problem with CC.

Mercury's Treads: If you fight someone with a huge stun that might just ruin your day, I'd go for these instead of Sorcerer's Shoes. You know those stuns that just **** up everything, Ashe's Arrow, Morgana's Binding, Annie's Tibbers, etc.

Sunfire Cape: The Key item in this build, once you got 2x Sunfire Capes early on, and level 5 Creeping Death you will know the extreme farming potential of Mordekaiser. This will allow you to purchase an even greater Item build late-game, but adding three sunfire capes is a bit overkill imo.

Guardian Angel: If you are able to purchase this item it's all over for your opponents if your team can deal the DPS and are able to stay alive with some support. As a late-game item I have to say that this is absolutely necessay if you want to win the game. It can be annoying when everyone runs around with this item but you just have to deal with it.

Aegis of the Legion: If you want to contribute to your team you can always get Aegis of the Legion as your Magic Resist item, unless someone else already got one. As one of the cheap items you can get more regulariy I think this one should be taken most of the time unless you don't feel like dying, it's cheap and it protects your squishes, what more can you ask for?

Force of Nature: Since I lack of HP/5 regeneration, Magic Resist, and by the fact that a little Movespeed is always good on Mordekaiser. I find this Item to be just perfect once you got 3k health. This will allow you to do whatever you want and you'll never have to return to your base because of the lack of health.

Abyssal Scepter: Just like Guinsoo's Rageblade is to Taric, Abyssal Scepter will help you pwn nabs with ease. This should be taken as your magic resist item if you are having no challange what-so-ever to boost your damage, remember it's the magic penetration we want, the AP is just a defect! But by all means, try it in more serious games and see how it works out for you.

Thornmail: If your opponents are all auto-attack ftw, or just got one annoying Twitch, you should get this while initiating. Trust me, when someone has feeded the entire match they can turn the tables if they get one of your squishes and starts to get fed. Once that happends it's GG if your team sucks, little to nothing you can do with Madred's Bloodrazor and Last Whisper.

Randuin's Omen: Since this is more of a teamplaying Mordekaiser I think Frozen Mallet and Rylai's Scepter is a bit overrated, this is my CC item of choice. I mean your team should be able do enough CC for you to work so there's no hurry in you getting this, but for the love of god: Don't forget to use it!

Trinity Force: I consider this item more viable than Frozen Mallet for two reasons, It will make your Q hit like a truck and it will boost your movement speed significantly. Since it scales with base AD you don't need to worry about not using it to it's full potential, the only thing that is wasted on this item is the mana from Sapphire Crystal.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Personally I've never liked this on Mordekaiser, but it could help you improve your main damage output while adding a bit survivability. What we want out of this is the slow, but personally you could always just use Frozen Mallet but in a way that's actually more of a preferance.

Frozen Mallet: If you just can't seem to win the game, this item will fix that. All you have to do is get a ranged pet and can easily Ace the other team. This also allows you to keep another champion locked to you, which means that you can use Sunfire Capes + Creeping Death to your full potential.

Hextech Gunblade: Like some foreign technology you should take this into consideration if you just feel like it, it mostly works like exhaust to severly slow a target while dealing somewhat a moderate amount of damage to it. The rest is just the icing on the cake, however there is one paticular component of the Gunblade, Spell Vampirsm: makes all your spells free.

Early Game: Click here
The so called laning phase, now that pre-game is pretty much taken care of and you know what to do and how to build, as well as what to get. I guess a little strategy and some key points in my strategy or well, not entirely mine but compared to the 5 minute guide I'll give you a more thorough explanation.

Choosing your lane partner:
This is actually not that hard, you can pretty much lane with anyone you want. Seeing as how Mordekaiser can lane against and with anyone, but I do have a couple of favorites that I want add, basically all the healers. But there it's sometimes also smart to lane with a ranged DPS that can help you DPS and lasthit, anything goes. Healers will allow you to go all in without thinking about recovery, but even so you should still be careful around turrets and avoid getting harassed beyond Ironman's limits.
(Kayle, Nidalee, Soraka, Taric)

The Laning Phase:
Now that you are laning, you will want gold and experience as well as making sure that both you and your teammate survives, while your opponents dies. You can start by last hitting minions and make sure that you do not get harassed severely beyond ironman by using the minions to your advantage. Siphon of Destruction should be used on as many minions as possible, while Mace of Spades will fill up the rest. Don't underestimate Creeping death, if you cast it on yourself and stay inbetween all the enemy minions you can actually deflect all the auto-attacks of an Ashe early game! Once you have gained control over ironman and your own health you can start getting control over the lane by simply using Siphon of Destruction to hit the ones you are laning against. The thumb rule here is "Fill up Ironman -> then harass". If you're going for the kill, you will want them to be as far away from their tower as possible, you can do this by only last hitting and hiding in the bushes. Once they are within your grasp and they've been harassed properly you can Exhaust + Ignite while auto-attacking and following them to the end of their tower will getting as many spells off as possible. Keep Flash, Cleanse, Ghost, and Heal in mind while not overextending as Exhaust + Ignite at the tower will **** you up as well. Once you've gotten the kill or they have recalled you are free to auto-attack the tower down. After destroying the tower in your lane, you are hereby free to assist everyone else by defending or downing another tower as well as helping other ganks. One last thing to add is miss calls, make sure to call them and always keep an eye on the map if they don't do!

Mid Game: Click here
You should return to your base by recalling and buy Boots of Speed, 3x Health Potions, and Heart of Gold. Once you got these items you should start looking towards a Sunfire Cape, this is the whole point of the build! After that you should either go down one of the lanes if they need to be defended, if not I would grab an Ancient Lizard Buff to help ganking.

Avoiding & Setting up Ganks:
After destroying the first tower in your lane, or the current lane you're in you will see that anything can happen and if you push too far without teammates you will be backdooring which is not good! Mordekaiser has very few abilities to escape and shouldn't really be bothered with them. If you got backup you still need to be careful, you should only push the tower down if you've recently killed someone, know the position of all your opponents or just know that you will survive because you're roflstomping some noobs. The thumb rule here is to trust your judgment, and always keep an eye on the map. When you are trying to gank someone you should only lend them Exhaust and Ignite + CotG, you don't really fit for this kind of job since you lack of CC so leave it to other but if it turns out ugly you should go in there and help out your teammates.

Keeping up threat in teamfights:
Tanking, it's a job that requires sacrifice; I mean you basically sacrifice yourself for the greater good of your team. This means that even if you die, you took all the damage and CC so that your team may finish of everyone else. Now most of the time you will find that the tanker spot or initiating spot is always being given to the champion with the survivability, which makes them able to tank but they are not really good tanks. A good tank stays with his team and makes sure that everyone attacks him instead of the others. That's why I use the term, Threat, which determines if whether your opponents will attack you or not. Now most good tanks, who are meant to tank, will do this with CC: (Cho'gath, Rammus, Amumu), but since Mordekaiser lacks significantly of CC you'll need to get someone else to add that up. The factors that help here are AoE-DoT stacking, Decent Nukes, and your ability to DoT people down with Ignite + CotG and then revive them as your Pet. This is why, if you go in first that you will be focused and by keeping Ironman up you will fulfil your purpose within the game and own them. The best part is that you're able to farm like Crazy, and still survive if you get fed. Remember that if you get fed, you will get a huge bounty on your head which will make them want to kill you even more!

Grinding & Pushing:
After your first Sunfire Cape you will be able to grind like crazy, and I'm talking about the boring WoW grind. I'm talking about just walking around the mobs; because that's basically all you have to do. The reason you become so great is because you get the best gear, mostly because of all your farming & pushing. I mean with the Sunfire Cape + Creeping death I usually get all the bounties from every creep wave. With you being kept busy tanking in teamfights and initiating towers you will see that it won't be long before you win the entire match and even score an whole ace by yourself, you might even try to reach Penta kill, but the closest I've been is Triple kill. Now your Achilles heel is HP/5 regeneration, so you'll have to return to your base a couple of times, that's one of the con's to this build but it's worth it. Once you've gotten the Inhibitor, or they have gotten yours late-game has started and you'll see who's the leading team. This usually happens because either one you managed to score an Ace or just managed to backdoor all the towers. Remember you need to push, to win! Never forget the purpose of the game.

Late Game: Click here
Now that the Inhibitor is down you should start taking down the other towers and finish of the game, but be careful and stay with your team at all times. Trust me; you do not want to get caught alone at this stage of the game. You could also got for Baron Nashor, if your team agrees with it. Remember that you are the tank so you should always initiate or stay really close to the initiator. Don't forget to use Randuin's Omen!

Tips & Techniques:
1. Make sure that Ignite + CotG combo will kill your target
2. Pay Attention to summoner abilities, watch out for Cleanse
3. Make sure to get a Lizard buff, it adds the same potential as Frozen Mallet.
4. Don't forget that the use of CotG defensively when fleeing, this can save your life.
5. Get a hold on your rotation, and keep in mind that creeps are important for your survival.
6. Teamwork is very important; you don't want to die in vain so make sure they back you up.
7. Ironman management, use Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades and watch that grey bar.
8. If you use Mace of Spades when you have your pet, both of you will have the charge until one of you attack.

Finishing the Game:
This will be fun, I would consider Mordekaiser a hard carry because he is basically unstoppable during end-game. But that is if your team is winning, otherwise you will be dealing with too many fed champions and possibly an organized team which is difficult to deal with because of all the CC. Like any Death Knight in WoW, you can even finish off a double kill all by yourself. This is only possible if you can make them chase you and then pop your Ultimate while easily executing both of them. Now if you want to finish the game you'll have to gather your team, get all the buffs that are necessary, and Push mid FTW! It's really simple, but make sure everyone's ready to blow their OP's on everyone. After living up to your name I would just go in there and wreck the one or all of the Inhibitors, or go straight for the heart. But I would spam /b/ in the chat if all of them respawn, unless you're really fed. I mean this is an overall guide but there's really not much to cover except for how good you actually are at tanking and playing with Mordekaiser. Finally I want to say that you should not fuzz about K/D/A, I can assure you that it will always be in plus as long as you make sure everyone dies, your team survives, and by getting all the towers down. If you need more guidance then read: Condons MFing Thread, trust me it's worth it!

Things to watch for:
Cleanse - No longer counters Ignite or Children of the Grave!
Black Shield - Blocks any debuff like Ignite and Children of the Grave!
Spell Shield - Blocks any debuff like Ignite and Children of the Grave!
Banshee's Veil - Blocks any debuff like Ignite and Children of the Grave!
Enemy Minions - Don't fight without them, they are like food!
Have fun, and feel free to ask questions and add suggestions.


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