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Mordekaiser - The Lord of Death

Last updated on November 28, 2012
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This is my first guide so please bear with me. I have been playing LoL for almost 2 years now and the first champion that I bought is Mordekaiser. This champion is till my favorite why? For me this champion is a complete arsenal.

1. Sustain - has the shield which regenerate after hitting enemy unit with his skill

2. Damage - all skills (except the ult) can damage all enemy units

3. Crowd Control - all skills + Rylais Crystal Scepter can CC all enemy's hit by your skills

4. Carry - cast your ult at the enemy carry and he's all your when he die, take control of there carry

5. One man army - this is just my opinion ^_^

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Pros / Cons


No mana
Good sustain
Can tank
Can CC
Can fight 3 - as long as you kill and control the carry first
Good CS farming ratio


Difficult to master
Can die fast if you can not sustain shield
Goes down easily if stunned
No good escape mechanism
Your team must have good damage

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Mordekaiser is one of the fastest CS farmer Champion, with good AP you can kill a single wave with just SIPHON OF DESTRUCTION then MACE OF SPADES. Use only your CREEPING DEATH to finish the waive if AP is not enough. Aim for the range minion and you can easily kill them with just SIPHON OF DESTRUCTION then MACE OF SPADES .

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Team Work

All ways stay focus on your skills cool down since this is a matter of how you do well in a Team Fight. Always bear in mind that your offense is your defense, cast that skill if its available and rest assured that they can not take you down even with just 100 HP remaining.

With good tanking items like Rylai Crystal Scepter, Force of nature and Warmog you can initiate a team fight. Boost your Ironman Shield with your skill, back a little wait for cool down, cast your skill, shields up, and cast your skills again.

You can also start a team fight and cast your Children of the Grave if you see other team's carry. Focus on the carry and even if there will be help from opposing team it will be a 6 vs 4 match since you already have carry from the other team. Press ALT + Right Click to auto attack using the controlled carry to kill the squishy champs one by one. They often ignore the soul since they focus on your allies. Everything else will be history if you made it right.

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Mordekaiser can sustain will unless disabled. Stay away from stun, slow, bind since you will go down easily if you can not sustain your shield very well. If alone never initiate a fight against a CC Champion like - Sion (stun), Shen (taunt), Taric (stun), Garen (silence) feel free to initiate with you have a close back up.

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Offense is defense... Always bear in mind...

Please feel free to comment so that I can improve this guide.