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Mordekaiser,the Metal Death

Last updated on November 26, 2012
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Hello there,i am TehFLippinNinja and i would like to show you a guide about Mordekaiser.
This is a solo top guide about Mordekaiser,if you follow the excact steps on the guide,you will be unbeatable in 1v1 (NO EXCEPTION CHAMPIONS,and yes,you will beat Darius too :D)
also,you are to have a pretty good farm.

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I recommend this masteries(I know they may look noobish but they are not) for 2 reasons:

1) At the start of the game you are going to have good AP

2)You need armor for:Solo top AD(Off-tank),bot lane ADC.
Magic resist for the AP carry at mid.
You need Health Regen for the Health costs of you spells at early game.

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I pick those runes exactly for solo top lane,if you play mid change the armor with magic resist!

You need all this AP runes to keep your enemy low health at early game
You need the Armor runes to take less damage from the enemy at early game as you will losing some health until you buy Regrowth pendant.(Most cases are AD Off-tanks but if you have AP 0ff-tank enemy you are ****'d)

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Summoner Spells

I pick flash cause you can chase enemies or escape.
(Can use Ghost instead but you need to know when to activate it.)
I pick Ignite cause:

Sunfire Cape's Passive,Creeping Death(W),Children of the grave(R),Ignite
AROUND 500 MAGIC DMG FOR 6-7 seconds

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Skill Sequence

I suggest you maximize your E first,as it is your main farming tool,then level up your W as fast as possible and then your Q.

E has the best damage around morde's moveset so you need to max it.
W as i said earlier it does pretty good damage with the Combo as i said earlier too.
Q to farm better.(YOU HAVENT NO OTHER CHOICE :P)
R MAX AT LEVEL 6,11,16!

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Pros / Cons


-Good tank
-Crazy damage at late game
-Very good farmer


-Not good damage early game(Until level 6-7)
-Needs too much health at early game

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I pick Amplifying Tome and 1 Health Potion for the beggining,then i go for the Regrowth pendant
and then i go for Boots of Speed,then i take Sorceces Shoes,after that i am buying Hextech Revolver and Blasting Wand,then i go for the will of the ancients.
After all those i build Giants Belt,then Blasting wand and finally i buy Rylai's Crystal.
Then,i buy Needlessly Large Rod,Blasting Wand, and then i go for Rampadons.
After that,byu Chain Vest,Giant Belt and go for a Sunfire Cape
If you go that further late game buy a Zonya'a Hourglass :D

Having fun Pwning :)