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League of Legends Build Guide Author Steroid

Mordekaiser - The Ripper

Steroid Last updated on August 6, 2010
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Mordekaiser - The Ripper

Like a Ripper he is one of the few champions that can clear a whole minion wave in a matter of seconds, aswell as the whole team. This guide will focus on a Fighter Mordekaiser, why? Because the guy can only tank noobs, nobody will focus on you and you are no threat whatsoever. That is why we need Atma's Impaler to get a great deal of damage and Frozen Mallet wich I consider a must for every Mordekaiser for CC (CC = Slow, Stun etc, in this case it is slow). The item build looks a bit expensive, but if you can keep farming all day without dying, while getting a few kills, then you will become just like the MFing Satan himself.

Is he alive or is he dead? Well that my friend, depends on how good you can play him!

1. Great Survivability
2. Good Damager & Harasser
3. Excellent Farmer early & late game

1. Squishy without Ironman
2. No natural Crowd Control
3. Not the best tank...

Summoner Spell:Ignite
For Once, go ahead get it, I see a lot of people get ignite for no reason at all! But that's mainly because they want to get kills, I mean a Soraka with Ignite? You however, need it for bursting power to finish off people with your Ultimate. Also, there is nothing worse than seeing your Target het healed after you cast Children of the Grave.

Summoner Spell:Exhaust
This will help you gank a target, or possibly first blood, will disable another enemy champion, this can save both you and you're teammate and you'll be able yo reach your target. With the added Magic and Armor Penetration makes it easier to kill them for the three seconds you need to kill them.

Early Game:
Take one point into Shipon of Destruction and use it on multiple targets to quickly charge up Ironman, remember that if you don't have Ironman charged up, you can not take any focus fire at all. If you keep this up, you will have lane control in no time, once the shield is up, you can start harassing with Shipon of Destruction. Most of the time you will find yourself in the spot where people try to get an early first blood, for these occasions you should keep harassing the (Closest, Weakest or Lowest enemy champion and use Ignite as a finisher when you are going for the kills. Use Exhaust if nessecary and remember who to use it on, mostly Physical DPS (Damage Per Second) and to kill squishes. Now our primary gold is to survive long enough to get Warmog's Armor at our visit back to your base, so one trick is to stay in the bushes and avoid using spells to regenerate healt trough Regrowth Pendant. Trust me, it's worth it but it takes time and it's difficult to pull off against skillshot champions.

EDIT: If you are not doing so well, go Mercury's Treads and then Warmog's Armor

Mid Game:
When one of you or your opponents towers are down you have hearby started mid game, you should be around lvl 7-11 and can destroy Towers, defend Towers and Help gangs & teamfights. Now before that i want you to grab a Lizard Buff as a substitude for Frozen Mallet, why? Because Frozen Mallet is what makes you so good! It allows you to go for early ganks and actually get a kill, by doing this you will have enough time to get one of their towers. This doesn't mean you should go around ganking or by no means backdoor, most that's what kills you the most. Don't forget the purpose of the game! Once you've killed somone in a lane you should go whack the tower asap (As soon as Possible) or back off if the enemy is miss (Missing). Also you shoulden't go out fishing when the house is at fire; meaning that you basically need to defend your Base and Towers. If you happend to be caught alone doing something you shoulden't then you cast CotG (Ultimate) for two reasons: You will regnerate health and you will svare the **** out of the one chasing you. This will save you a lit of times and you will probally get some double kills because they wont back down.

EDIT: If the game is ending soon, go for a quick Frozen Mallet

Late Game:
When Late Game arrives you will know how godlike you can become, or the aspect of being immortal. With the Frozen Mallet you can finish off anyone foolish enough to face you in combat. All you need is one hit and cast *Ignite + Children of the Grave* on a focused ranged target (Ashe, Soraka, Annie) and you win. When your target is dead you will have increased stats as well as an enslaved champion to your disposal. Now that they are all running you should rush in and kill them, this can easily be done with your "ranged" enslave champion and Frozen Mallet. I mean I've even killed somone by just using the pet, it's like an extra teammate! What more could your team ask for? Sometimes that little bugger can be so devastating that it will lead you to kill off the entire enemy team. Now I usally score a double while getting the third kill a bit late and then we just push the lane. Fianelly, I want to say that a good Mordekaiser can avoid dying so this is what determines your skill and judgement when playing him. When it comes to K/D/A (Kills/Deaths/Assist) overall you should not fuzz about kills and assist, just as long as they die and you don't then you're fine.

EDIT: You can buy Force of Nature instead of Atma's Impaler if Magic Resistance is a problem ;)

Things to watch for:- Does not counter Ignite or CotG!- Anything that blocks your Spells, like CotGMinions - Don't fight without them, they are like food!