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League of Legends Build Guide Author Revory

Mordekaiser: The Tanking Carry

Revory Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Hello and thanks for checking this out.

This is for those people who have been playing Mordekaiser and usually find themselves being the tank and want more while being a Tank, ie Carrying a team for the win.

This is my first guide so I'll try to everything in here I can from my time as Mordekaiser thus far.

Please Comment and let me know not only what you think, but points on what you feel can be improved in this guide.

Please keep in mind the is also for my personal play style and am usually playing 5v5 with friends on Skype, so we are always talking about whats going on. I highly recommend this if you can do it.

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Pros / Cons

So here is what you are looking at with this build.

Great Start, most other builds say your weak at start, this way you won't
AOE Slow effect
Top Speed
Great in Team Fights and Solo bouts
Great Escape Tactic
Great initiator for Team Fights
Quick Gold for Building Quickly

Agressive Tendencies come out
Slower progression if not Solo Laning (items + levels really make Mordekaiser himself)
Mordekaiser no matter what needs to be fighting with enemy minions around for survival

These are only a few things I really love and hate about Mordekaiser. But overall, he is a beast and you will see.

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Summoner Spells

For this Build I go Traditional using Ghost and Ignite.
Ghost is very useful in this build and pretty versatile. It can be used Offensively for keeping up with enemy champs so you can drop them with your Creeping Death. It can be used Defensively for getting out of a bad situation, and you can use it to catch up with your team who is set up for a team fight.
Ignite is gonna be the most valuable spell at and after lv 6. The cut down of the targets healing mixed with your Ultimate, Children of the Grave, your gonna get that ghost to turn a team fight 6v4 or prior to team fighting, pushing turrets.
The use of Ignite and CofG is very important, I'll explain the many ways you can use CofG later but for Ignite, its that "Last Hit" kinda weapon not an initiator.

Another new choice for this list, though I don't use it, is Exhaust. The new way its set up, it works well with keeping up with your target. Though I find Ghost better seeing as you can use it to get away, get too an enemy, or get to a local quicker. Where as Exhaust is really only good for one situation, getting your Ultimate and Ignite to land for the kill.

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Greater Mark of Insight: This is gonna let you start off STRONG. At mid game you can if your team is ok with it, gank like a champ, and make anyone who gets close, suffer for it.
Greater Seal of Evasion: Speced for + Movement Speed when you dodge an your telling me that even when I'm chasing someone down for a kill and a team mate tries to save them, I have a better chance to dodge and hit it into overdrive to plow over my target?! Yes Please! Also can be used in escaping a gank early on.
Greater Glyph of Shielding: So Mordekaiser is Squishy early on right? NO! With this, early Laning is so much easier to 1v2 or 1v1. So your abilities tickle me, yeah.
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: So, Mordekaiser is very slow until you get your boots, but with Greater Quintessence of Swiftness you start off quicker than you though you would ever be. This allows for a few things, mid - late game chasing sorry people down, and getting in position for backing up team mates so you can turn things around.

Note: These are all Needed for this build Except the Quint's. You can change this out with Hp or even more Spell Pen, but I find Speed the superior way to go.

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This build features Survival, Movement, and Cooldown Reduction.
0/9/21 simply equals Survival for your Tanking DPS, the build of items are a bit offensive so a bit of def with Masteries adds not only a balance that works for me.

More Armor, Better Dodge Chance, + Movement Speed when you dodge
Hp 5, Xp, Cooldown Reduction, Spell CD Reduction, and Neutral Monster Buff Time Bonus, Movement Speed

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Ok, so your probably wondering why this run of Items. Simply put its here to Max out your Magic Resist, and Armor so when you get to the end of the mid game, you should be pretty solid and hopefully, making yourself a target instead of your dps. Though, a good team will still ignore you for those bursters on your team and leave you for last. Though I find these "bad" teams so often it makes me happy.

Now lets go ahead and run through when and what to get as the time goes buy.

Start of Game Level 1-10
I consider Lv 1-10 starting cause I personally don't make pushes till lv 10, due to the fact that Mord, well, takes a while solo to take down a tower.

Start off with the Pendant and a Health Pot and head to the your lane. Here your gonna line up your Siphon with the minions between you and the enemy Champ. Simple really, stay on the opposite side and keep using it as not only harassment, but a good way to get them to back off so that when you get Creeping Death, you can just about stand between the minions and them to keep them from getting most of the xp. At Lv 4ish, I usually port back for my boots, The boots are totally up to you and what your facing. I decide dependent on who I'm laning against, and if needed I'll switch them out later for some boots that are the best for team fights.

At level 6 or 7 you should be able to run back and get another pendant, or if they are a magic user, grab the Negatron Cloak, for Force of Nature. Then head back on out. On your way back, if your in the right lane, kill golems to help keep you up on xp. Always remember to hold to the turret if your partner is headed back for items or heals...or died while you were gone. You can still be a bit aggressive, but I wouldn't push it.

After you hit lv 10 your gonna run back and grab your Force of Nature and grab your Heart of Gold. Yeah your a farmer, but even with that, sometimes your not gonna get all the gold you need to build items quick and last as long as you wish. If you have enough when you go back grab your Giant's Belt.

Mid Game Level 11-15
So you have at this point, maybe a few kills. Your mostly set up to take out any melee targets, and make casters think they have the upperhand. I say this due to your Hp and Magic Resist. But there is plenty more to get before your nearly Unstoppable.

At lv 12 I buy my Sunfire Cape and start pushing my lane, if we haven't already dropped the first turret. If we have I personally like to try for a mid or opposite lane gank. Or if everything is looking well, I'll go jungle till something happens, or I have enough for my next item, Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This is obvious, slow enemy champs so you and your team and get some good kills.

At this point I really start trying to get my team to push mid to their last tower and then back off. The gold you should get from this should launch you most of the way into Abyssal Scepter. This is a great item seeing as its gonna up your damage on anyone who tries to go toe to toe with you.

End Game Level 16-18
Here is where you need to look at what your gonna need most. The last 2 items are most useful for me in mostly all situations, but dependent on the opposing team, you have to adjust for greatest effect. Also, once your on your 6th item, if your not grabing Randuin's Omen, sell the Heart of Gold and grab whatever your looking at snatching up.

Thornmail: OMG! AD teams will drop and yell at you for being OP, ok they might, but either way its the single most useful item against AD teams. I also finding myself grabbing this up if the opposite team has a single melee that is carrying their team. Shutting them down is what I'm looking to do.

Banshee's Veil: CC is very powerful against you, unless you have Creeping Death active, but either way, CC you have to expect every team fight to hit you. Your going to be a target at this point and you don't wanna be stuck not Siphoning for your shield to keep you in there as long as it takes for your team to take their's out.

Other than these 2 items, the 2 I put in the build are the most effective for me.

Note: You should be focusing on Farming Minions as much as possible, I usually end games with 240+ minion kills. Also, when your team feels its time to Team Battle, STAY WITH YOUR TEAM. Your gonna be the tank out of pure hate for you. Large output, and great hp regen plus the whole Magic Resist and Armor, they want to kill you, let your team help you get them before they get you and make them run.