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Last updated on October 20, 2012
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Introduction & Items

The Build of Katarina dont need items like Doran's Ring or Banshee's Veil because Katarina is an no-mana champion which reduces her itemselection.
For the start of the game i buy boots and 3 hp-potions and look to get Kage's Lucky Pick so fast i can for more gold.

In the mid-game i try to build Abyssal Scepter because my opponent does not "dat dmg" and your Death Lotus deals tons of dmg because Abyssal Scepter reduces the magic resist of all enemys by 20.

After the mid-game i always look for an Rabadpn's Deathcap and the Void Staff and at least tylai's Crysstal Sceter.

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Skill Sequence

At the Start of the game you need only to spam your Bouncing Blades and Sinster Steel for killing the minions and hit your opponent.
Whit lvl 6 you just need to wait for a gank from your jungler or you know you can kill the enemy and get away safetly.

When Mid is clean or your opponent is death or is back you can try to gank top or bot whit or whitout your jungler. Throw your Bouncing Blades and then Shunpo to the enemy.
Is in your team an not that good player help them whit some "push back ganks" or real ones for does't lose a lane. For some "push back ganks" you only need to do one combo of Q E W and then go back and your enemy goes back because he think you gonna kill him.

In the end-game you need to be careful and go always whit your team. Because Katarina is not that tanky and die very fast. In a Teamfight you never go first in there. Wait for the tank and then go whit your Bouncing Blades and Shunpo i there and use Death Lotus. Thry after a kill to get away whit your Shunpo or try to Kill another one.

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Summoner Spells

For the Summoner Spells i always use Ignite and Flash or Ghost and Flash or Cleanse whit Flash.

Ignite is an very good Summoner Spell because he can give your opponent the last hit when he runs away or survive your combo whit low HP.

The thirt one i only use when i lose vs an heavy CC team and i don't wanna buy Quicksilver Sash but you can build a Quicksilver Sash and don't need Cleanse.