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Morgana - Focus Fire This!

Last updated on September 2, 2010
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Morgana - Focus Fire This!

Hello, I am Rogl and I main Morgana in the Season One ranked ladder. I've been playing Morgana since the closed beta and feel that I have adequately felt out all the playstyles and builds she can be used with. I have even done builds as jokes with my friends and won. These "joke" builds included an AD build where I played with tiamat, infinity edge, frozen mallet, and bloodthirster. Or when I play tank Morgana and build with Randuins, Sunfire Capex2, Guardian Angel, Chalice of Harmony, and whatever else I feel like grabbing. This particular build I created in my climb up the ranked ladder and I believe that it thoroughly utilizes Morgana to her full potential as an initiator, a dps, a support, a crowd control, an escape artist, a burst damage magician, and whatever other situation you micro-manage yourself into.

For starts I'd like to explain that I could not figure out how to set up the Masteries on this site so I will explain them in here.

Offensive (9):

Archmage's Savvy (3)
Deadliness (1)
Sorcery (4)
Archaic Knowledge (1)

Utility (21)

Preserverence (3)
Haste (1)
Awareness (4)
Expanded Mind (3)
Meditation (3)
Quickness (3)
Intelligence (3)
Presence of the Master (1)


Alright so now that that's done lets discuss my item build. I know it is rather tanky but lets consider the standard build dps Morgana is played as. Heavy ap items and a zhonya's making her a prime choice to be burned down first because of her ultimate. With this build she has far more than average health the entire game. Early on I grab the doran's ring, some boots, and then a catalyst really early so that I can maintain my lane control and move about easily because of the level heal/mana regen. I then go for boots of swiftness giving me full mobility in and out of team fights, i can reach them faster, move into position for my ult. Next, an early Rod of Ages helps to build up the buffs over time that this item gives while you finish the rest of you build. At this point you have a fair amount of damage output, already you have some tanky health because of the RoA and Doran's Ring, now we begin building some armor and magic resist so you can live through the fights while you output massive damage. The Randuins synergizes extremely well with Morgana's ultimate. You can use it first or her ult first and they will equally benefit eachother giving you more time to clear you head and chose your targets for the rest of your combo. Also, the slow x2 will give your team some time to chase down and chose their targets. There's a laundry list of other ways this combo helps your team but I think you get the idea. Next we get a sunfire cape so that even if the enemy does not focus fire you your damage output is increased by simply existing in the fight. Meanwhile, if they continue to focus you down you have increased hp and armor. The item to fill the 6th slot before we replace our doran's ring is the Guardian Angel. There does come a time when Morgana can just not hold out any longer and she does fall in battle, with Guardian Angel, even if you've just used your ult, you can continue to contribute and be ressurected mid-fight. Morgana's ult is not canceled if she is killed with an active Guardian Angel. Finally, to complete our support build, add magic resist, and increase damage output of our ult, aoe, and sunfire cape magic damage, we get an abyssal scepter (not to mention the badass amount of glowy circle thingies you now have on you).

So yes, there it is, my Morgana build. Criticism is welcome as I know the hardcore Morgana dps will be scrutinizing me within the hour, but this is my simple minded guide to staying alive and dealing damage with my favorite champion in the league. Thanks!!