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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trollolz42


Trollolz42 Last updated on September 29, 2012
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Chapter 1


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Hello, and welcome to my first guide!

With this Guide, I hope to be able to show you how to build her in such an evil way as to make her terrifying and near impossible to kill.
I will also detail how you should be playing her, and her various changes in role.

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Okay, so Morgana has two major pages that you can build to use and abuse her with.


Option one consists of 9 , 9 of both and , and 3 . Any of the ability power runes can be replaced by ability power per level, but I myself have had no need to do so.


Option two consists of 9 , , and . The Quints are going to be 3 , since Morgana has a naturally ridiculous Spellvamp. This guide is going to play on that mainly.

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Okay, so this is going to be the build, almost irregardless of what the other team builds:
  1. 3

The reasoning behind my item build here is this:
With either rune page, and with various masteries mentioned later, you will have plenty of AP and some extra spellvamp added to Morgana's natural stuff.
So your first item is always going to be Boots and 3 health pots, whether you like it or not. Morgana needs that mobility and that Survivability from the get go in middle.
After she gets the gold, you go for Amp Tome to increase how hard her spells smack, and then run back in lane to dish some shame out. After she gets even more gold, get the Shoes and the Revolver as soon as possible. You want to ignore what little magic res they have, and you want to troll the enemy hardstyle.
Finish up Will of the Ancients, and start on that gunblade. She will now have enough spellvamp to do some find dining on minion waves and enemy champions alike.
Finish that gunblade and get Rylai's, so that you can steal more health than you already do from enemy units, and you will slow them to a crawl.
Get Rabadon's for maximum damage and AP increase. Then Finish up with Nashor's for added attack speed and AP. At the end of this build, she will be a slaying machine, and will usually kill any champion in her way.

Not counting Galio...

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Skill Sequence

I will keep this simple and Totally lame by just stating the general order.

Start with tormented soil, since you want to farm easier and harass the enemy champion.
Go for the Snare, so you can insta-gipp. With only the boots and pots this should prove to be deadly/near deadly. Go for the shield and then max the soil, using the points on the ultimate when it is available.

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Summoner Spells


and .
The first one is because you will neither be buying mana pots, nor will you be using your spells lightly. I expect that within the first 2 or 4 minutes your mana will go down to near 0.
Use Clarity when your mana is low, but you are still healthed up enough to stay in the fight.

Flash...I will only say that middle almost always NEEDS flash. Best. Escape. EVER!

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Pros / Cons


Morgana is as nasty an AP NUKE as Xerath. She has vicious amounts of Spellvamp, so she can keep her health well above the enemy champion's own. She also has that ugly combo of snare, tormented soil, and soul bind.


Morgana is countered easily by Melee Middles, Lifesteal/Spellvamp champs, and Zyra. Zyra is just ugly (Shudder). Morgana has only a small amount of mana, so sometimes she has to recall even if her health is full. She is also susceptible to the monstrosity that is known as Galio, may his name strike fear into the hearts of all Middle players.

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Unique Skills


will enrich your life with Morgana to the point that her survivability will increase greater than it was with Rod of Ages, and her health can heal so much faster since you can just run up to a minion horde, toss your W in the middle, and then laugh your hind end off.
It will also prove that Morgana is Nearly Invincible.

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Luvin' to JhoiJhoi!

I hope that you all enjoyed this build!

I did almost no work, and have been playing Morgana almost nonstop with this build. Only every lost once, because Galio, may his name cause Maggots to die in writhing agony, was fed to the point of indestructibility.
I have yet to play this build in ranked, and I am afraid to, since the Solo Ranked matches always make me feel like I am going to die from stress.

SHOUT OUT TO JHOIJHOI! Your guide helped me immensely! You and your buddies should try this build, and comment on it if I need any changes!

Final note: If you like it, upvote it and tell me why you liked it.
If you dislike it, downvote it and tell me what I can do to change this build so that you can like it.

I bid thee all farewell, and the greatest of luck on yon ventures!