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League of Legends Build Guide Author ahtze

Morgana Prime

ahtze Last updated on July 2, 2010
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I've been perfecting this build since beta, iterating all the way to incorporate every major change to keep it fresh and from the games I've played, this has turned out to be the most optimal build for Morgana if you seek to smash face in the most efficient way. Skill required - Not included.

I have dominated many a game with this hero over my career, one that was filled with mostly Heimerdinger but after the nerf I've come back to my roots. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when mastering this champion:

1. Be sure to sell Doran's Ring on your first return to afford Sorcerer's boots, Blasting Wand *or* Tear of the Goddess and an Elixir of Brilliance. Perhaps not a major bullet point but a strategic one that keeps the item build moving in the right direction. Doran's Ring is the most well-rounded starting item.

2. Make sure without any excuse to purchase an Elixir of Brilliance on every return to the base. If anything, that is my secret weapon. So many people skip pots but the bonus it gives beats out a permanent yet lesser item hands down.

3. Tormented Soil is trained up to 3 because at level 3 it is capable of completely killing off the back caster line of creep waves. This ensures you have 3 creeps for cash with every wave and you are free to stack your binding for max damage if you have good aim.

4. One rank of Black Shield until 14 is due to the fact that you will have a steep amount of Ability Power due to being stacked with an Elixir. Shield takes 1-1 AP so it will be absorbing around 250-300 damage when you get the first rank at level 10. Providing have everything set up in the manner I've established.

5. Use your Soul Shackles as a nuke, do not make it a point to pop it for the slow effect it places, make sure that when you cast it, it is meant to decimate their health first and slow them second, don't run away on purpose but don't stay in and die for the second burst. Game sense and personal capability tie into this more than anything. If you know for a fact that you can stay in and hang with the apposing champion long enough for the second burst, do so. Do not turret dive for it and die.

6. Practice practice practice... Morgana has the potential to ruin someone's life when played to the players best ability. Being able to nail someone through a wall or at an angle to stop their escape with Dark Binding is the most clutch capability of Morgana. Once you have mastered Morgana Prime, little to no body at all with be able to escape you. Abuse the range and anticipate your enemies moves well and you will be a Hunter Killer.

7. Black Shield. This is simple, it stops everything. Parrrley, Ashe's Holocaust Arrow, everything. Snares and slows are void when matched against the power of Black Shield. Use it to stop a snare or a slow if you have to. Don't use it to absorb masses of damage every time, it's so good for every little thing that when you use it only to absorb masses of damage, you run the risk of getting trashed through it, again, this is where game sense and personal capability reign supreme. Mastering your timing with Black shield creates the black to the white of living and dying.

8. Remember that Tormented Soil hits instantly upon placing it. Optimal damage is dealt through dropping soil under the target first and then locking them down with Dark Binding second, though it is extremely tricky to get that Binding to them when placing Soil first. If you can manage it, you'll obliterate their health due to the duration of Tormented Soil compared to Dark Binding. Soil being 5 and Binding being 3.5. The time it takes your Binding to travel and hit the target will be enough time for the full duration of Soil to waste them away under the stranglehold of a full Binding. This mixed with Ignite and the burst of your Soul Shackle guarantees the annihilation of your current target. Binding first and Soil second is not out of the question, it is the common order but Soil > Binding is optimal.

9. Tricking enemy champions into thinking you are out of Mana anywhere after level 6 is a strategy for a Morgana with Clarity. Having your Clarity and Ignite ready as well as your ult is a dirty combo to champions who think you are open season. As soon as they get ballsy, make sure you have enough for a Binding at least and don't miss it, pop Clarity, Soil, Ult, Ignite and watch them waste away. Follow them if you must to watch your second burst of Soul Shackle become the final nail in their swiftly closing coffin.

10. Do not underestimate the power of Morgana. Whether with or against. She can be the most important cog in any vicious hate machine of a team you have, or she can be your boatman on the river, Styx. Either way, give it a try and good luck if you've ever been interested in Morgana.

Do work.

Should the game turn out to be a tight early-mid oriented gamed that doesn't look like it will go on for much longer, waiting for Lich Bane may become disadvantageous. In its place, I recommend the new Haunting Guise. Morgana receives 15% vamp from single target and 10% vamp from AoE, along with the health, AP and MP, this is a great easy-to-get substitute for her that can fit right in with this build.