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League of Legends Build Guide Author mohblack

Morgana The Amazing

mohblack Last updated on April 4, 2011
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would someone please tell me how i get the maseries pictures correct instead of the link ?

please don't rate this build untill you entirly read it.
if you want to know what specific items you want to use against specific teams.
to bad. LoL is a dynamic game. when the enemy or you buy items the game changes.
this will happen a lot during the game.
there is no perfect build who can be used 100% of the time.
also knowing all the items in the game or at least having the general idea of the item will help you win 200% more games. this also has to do with what i just wrote.

This is my build i use for morgana.

im not going to waste your time by writing a massive guide about how awesome she is.
acctualy i did :3

morgana = massive and that's it.

in about 150 LoL games i think i have seen her myself about 5 times, and that surprises
the hell out of me. she's one of the most versatile hero's of this game and she can do great damage.

this is my guide on how i play morgana and how i like to play her.
my build ingame vary's due to the opposing team ofcourse! if you rip builds of mobafire and copy them exactly you don't know what your doing. if you do this a lot i recommend you look at the LoL item list and study them a lot. to see what items does what and when to buy it or not.

all the builds i see on the web about morgana don't quite fit my style. i play versatile games switching by initiating, staying in the back lane and be a ***** or do something else and get blue buff.

after my items part 2 i will write a chapter about usefull things you should know about lol and how to be a good morg and a good allround LoL player.

so off to the yummy stuf!

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i'm lvl 26 right now and i rape with morg. i can't wait to have the last masteries for sure :D
last game i played 18-3-11 and i had 600 ap at lvl 16.
getting ap fast is essential for morgana to start and kill.
otherwise you are just gonna be a support guy till you to arround 600 ap. and then do some dmg.

i set my masteries to be 9/0/21 as usual for mages.

why? magic pen and mana regen. clarity mastery for your team, don't forget morg is versatile but she was kinda ment for support/cc so the clarity is a nice addition for your team. and you don't need the 1% extra mana

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Full ap per level! sounds stupid ? it's not it will help you kill the **** out of everyone even early game
it's one of the only viable hero's to do this with and it's awesome.
DON'T get the normal + AP runes but the AP per lvl. at lvl 6 the AP per level runes will give you about the same ammount as the static runes will give you. so from lvl 6 and on AP per lvl will be better.

you can get some cooldown and stuff but i rather don't it's a waste compared to the extra AP you get per lvl.
morgana has some pretty long cooldowns but on the other end her amazing abilities make up for it. in the beginning they would be stupid be even thinking of ganking you.

if you take this runepage and level up fast and get your stun maxed at lvl 9 it will do about 200 damage on the stun alone. tormented soil will do more than 100 dmg per second. so if you land the stun and the soil at the right time you will be able to deminish there health bij about 40% on 2 skills arround lvl 9

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Summoner Spells

im not gonna tell you what to take, pick what you are comfortable with and what suits your style. and how you feel about playing a game of lol tonight.

i ALWAYS pick:

clarity: morgana is mana hungry in the start of the game. her cooldowns are just about right but here mana is not keeping up at all. this will help you stay in the lane longer and even get some unexpected kills. pop clarity and start your skill combo. and you can rip them appart or force them to blue pill

after lvl 10 i dont seem to use it anymore bat rather for my team when you push your allies will use a lot of abilities to kill there minnions quick and waste a lot of mana. use clarity to refill it and be ready for the next wave. or enemy champs

Teleport: why? morgana is awesome in 1 vs 1 ( hit and run ) :D or killing minnions. teleport is essential for saving towers or friends who are in need of assistance.
snare = win
in the beginning of the game walking slowly to your lane can be crucial for money and saving your tower. teleporting wil give you the easy choice to bluepill and regen and buy items and then get back even stonger in a matter of seconds.

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the moment the most of you are looking for!

let me say again. morgana is versatile. you can build her many different ways.

these are the items i get most of time time. and are quite essential to make morgana kill.
in the next chapter i will tell you why.

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Items pt.2

some people will stand up and start shouting! no doran's ring? that's stupid morgana is squishy! and she needs the extra health AND the AP

no she doesn't morg is amazing through the whole game. and that's it.
why? if you play morg and acctualy paid attention to her passive you'll see that her passive = spell vamp!!!! one of the best passive's in this whole game.
it's not a i will safe your *** once every 5 minutes, late game i will abbondon you if you get ganked anivia, blitz and leblanc passive. it's a constant passive who will keep you alive and scare people away because you are high on health

that's why you need no health potions. just MANA, MANA and more mana.

this build is for me the most versatile way to build. all the items up till rabbadon's are complimenting the core skills of morgana, magic pen. AP, mana regen, and more AP

after that it depends on the game. most of the guides give examples on what to take against what team. i would like to point out to the LoL item list and see what item does what what stats and items. and what is good to use agains't DPSers, Tanks or Casters and figure it out on your own.

knowing the items of this game is 50% of playing this game. the rest is skills, map awareness, knowing the enemy's skills and a bit of luck.

when you have the feeling your team is doing well and there are a couple of squishy and stupid players who are a easy kill. and you think you can make some kills without dying you can buy a soustealer.
this is only viable if you have good map awereness and dont overextend. and know when to run and when to kill.

the soulstealer can break down your whole build if you died after you bought it and didn't make any or 2 kills. it will make you presentable on a silver plate with a huge salad for the enemy team! so be aware of the concequences when you buy the soulstealer.
and only buy it if you think you can land some kills or ***is't

also one of the best items on morg is the elixer of brilliance.
it costs you 250 gold and will give you some ap and 10% cooldown for 4 minutes this item will greatly help you in battle. im not going in to deep on this item. you have to use it a couple of times to know what's it like and when to buy it and when not.
it's the same with the elixer as with the soulstealer buying these can break your build and give you some major disadvantages.

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why morgana ?

like i said morgana is versatile, she has amazing skills, which in turn will give you a lots of kills and assist, safe your ***, safe your teammates ***. and will let you dominate a fight.

she is an extremely good farmer, at lvl 3 of your W your pool will kill all caster minnions and kill the melee ones when you have some more ap.
pushing is easy with morgana. even at some solo lanes, but i do not reccomend going solo on a lane when everyone is mia.

skill description wise she is i think the best support character in this game.
but i think a lot of people forget that she packs a hell of a lot of damage. and that's why people don't play her a lot.
the reason morgana is so good with a full AP build because all her abilities profit highly from it.
and the reason why you don't have to buy other items with special stats is because her abilities make up for it more than enough.
banshees veil? why if you have an humongous shield every 14 seconds that will deny all the snares, slow's and other annoying things for 8 seconds and on top of that shield you from magic damage.?

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why not morgana?

you suck at skill shots
you hate clicking clicking mouse buttons.
you have no idea to play mid at all
you have no sence of enemy path prediction

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refining yourself to a good morg player.

morg is all about taking chances. kill or get killed. i tend to play the safer way and stay back and hit them hard when the time arrises.

the way i like to play morg is a mix between offence and defence.
and i switch it a lot while i play. according to the situation. when low on health towerhug. when medium go out and fire some skills to regain health and get the enemy arround 40% of his health bar. and then go for the kill.

like i said morg is all about taking chances. when you play morg your playing a psychological game with your opponment. dmg him with your W until he's dropped till about 40% just enough to keep him in the lane and not wanting him to blue pill yet.

after he's at 40% you want to try and land your skill combo.
the best thing to do is to lure him to your tower. get him till 40% trow your pool behind him and run towards him. the wil run back 95% of the time and run through your pool. this wil reduce his magic resist 2 times. then you hit him with the stun ( preferebly when he is still in your pool.
right when he is stunned flip your ult. which in turn will make him run 20% less and do initial dmg.
follow him and after 3 seconds there is another stun.
by the time your W and Q should have almost reloaded and you can kill him with ease.
job done.
he's dead and your not.

blue buff is good. red you don't need.

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refining yourself to be a good allround LoL player

this is a subject im quite frustrated/sensitive about. i play LoL for fun just like everyone does.
but to destinct yourself from the bad players who die a lot there are some tips.
which i know MOST of the players don't know or DO know them but not use them at all.

by pressing tab in the game you can see all the stats of your team and you opponents.
this list is updated everytime they leave there fog of war. to be specific.
you can see there items (50% of the game), kills/deaths/assists and summoner spells. try and remember the specific important ones like ignite, exhaust and clarity and heal. they will help you in making decisions to go for the kill or run and don't get killed.

the numeric buttons 1 to 6 are hotkeys for your items in the same order.
i see people buying items with Active abilities and forget to use them are are to busy clicking it. THERE IS A HOTBUTTON. SO PRESS IT! those abilities are amazing on some items. they hold dmg, slows, better movement speed. more dmg. and other cool effects.
this part also has to do about knowing all the LoL items.

also you can switch the items position by clicking and dragging. so you can get your last awesome items to activate when you press 1 !!!! how awesome is that!!

informing your teammatas of your status and your opponent.
Calling MIA's ( missing in action ) when you can't see the enemy for longer then 4 seconds. and could be running towards your teammate and go for a kill.

Calling OOM ( out of mana ) this way your team knows your out of mana and can't use skills fast enough because of your lack of mana. this person or you usually has to blue pill.

Calling GANKS. when you want to gank mid or a lane PING the ENEMY 2 times ( you can do this by holding de left CTRL button and left mouse button on the mini map. this way your teammates know that they should watch that hero and be ready to unlease there skills upon it.

not calling ganks and just showing up is a waste of time 70% of the players don't know how to respond to it in chase the enemy away in sheer over confident moodswing.
when you want to GANK. PLAN it and tell your teammate what you want him to do. LURE to tower. PUSH him STUN. whatever.
make sure your teammate knows what YOU want HIM to do to get the kill.

Map awareness
this is a big one, im not gonna explain much. but it's good to look at your mini map frequently to see if you might get ganked, a teammate is in trouble. or a enemy is overextending and is a easy prey. i would put map awereness under Skills and would count for another 20% of the game ( what's left over of the % is luck i guess )

When you BLUE PILL and have a CC ( Crowd control ) skill such as a snare, stun or slow. always activate it but not shoot it yet!!. IF someone shows up unexpectly and your low on health you will have a much better chance at escaping. by firing it off and run like a manic.

these are a couple of simple things that are essential and a Basic for a good LoL player.

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first build. just wrote down what popped into my head.

not english and didn't really checked the spelling.
comments are always welcome and improvements are even better!

let me know!