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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mort

Morgana: The Siphoning Witch

Mort Last updated on March 28, 2011
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and now I need to use this little comb..... OH! Hey, I didn't see you there. Welcome and good graces, fellow summoner. I suppose you are here for me to impart my wisdom into your brain space. Well, tread no further. I will let slip the secrets of the Angel that may or not be Fallen. It will be a enjoyable ride, full of informative tips, insightful advice, and more than one bad joke. Squadala, we are OFF!!

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Pros / Cons

+Extremely strong laning presence
+Good survivability (for a caster)
+Can also be a carry if things go well, though not intended to.
+Extremely good mid (see point one)

-Still squishy like jello.
-Not intended to rack in all sorts of kills. Purely a support build.
-Be prepared to be focused. Hard.

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Ok first stop, Runes. These are pretty straightforward.

The HP Quints are to give you that little boost of health in early game. It basically negates that first ability used on you that other Morganas' block with their chins.

The mana glyphs are the lifeblood of any caster. More mana means more Soil which means more HP which means you lane longer which means you do work. Need I say more?

The Cooldown Seals are almost a space filler, but the extra like 5% can help, and I really didn't know what else to put there. But I didn't say that.

Lastly, the Magic pen marks. Why not? More damage.

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These are standard caster affair too. Utility majority of masteries. Cooldowns, Speed, Mana and Mana regen, its all their. Same with the offensive, three points into Archmages to gain an extra 18 AP and more magic pen to round stuff off.

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Alrighty roo young summoners, here we are at the meat of the guide. Ill go through a play-by-play perspective of each choice I make.*

First Buy
Doran's Ring This is the bread and butter casting starting item. For how much it gives you, the gold is easily worth it.

Second Buy

Boots of Swiftness, Amplifying Tome x2 Woah nelly, this looks like a lot two buy after only grabbing the Ring. Well, if everything is going about as average as it should be, you should not back until you have roughly 2k gold. It adds up quickly, I assure you if you are proficient with your Tormented Soil. Most people buy Sorc's boots for the extra magic pen, but I prefer boots 3. Why? Soul Shackles. Most all champions can simply walk out of the range because of Morg's abysmal walking speed. So, the three hit combo of Boots 3, Rylai's, and Inc Speed Masteries makes it infinitely easier to land the second hit and stun a whole mess of enemy champs. BTW, try to aim that so it hits both the caster creeps and the warriors. If they are just too far away, get the casters. They hit harder and die quicker. But you knew that, right?

Third Buy
Will of the Ancients Aight, this is the shocker of the build, though it really shouldn't be. At level 16, your overall Spell Vamp should be 55%, which means Tormented Soil is healing you for a ripe 150 hp a second in a team fight, minimum. More enemy champs wander on to the spell, and you could be racking in 2500 hp in five seconds. This is also where the build is the nastiest, as a single snare and soil can turn a weakened Morgana into normal almost instantaneously.

Fourth Buy
Blasting Wand OR Needlessly Large Rod This one comes down to if you are doing work, or if you are doing slightly less work. The Wand is the most common choice, as it is cheaper and laning phase should be over by now, so you don't rake in as much money from minions as you did before. You supplement that by getting into team fights. The money from assists, or maybe kills if you are awesome, should be a good indicator of what to get.

Fifth Buy
Rabadon's Deathcap No matter what you bought in the last buy, you should be hanging around enough team fights to grab this next. This item speaks for itself, a gargantuan boost to AP to help you do stuff.

Sixth Buy
Amplifying Tome, Giant's Belt Here's where a bit of survivability comes into play. By now you've garnered the attention of the other team, and they like you stick you full of pointy things. So, to counter them, pick up another Amp Tome, and a Giant's Belt, to give you that extra oomph when the enemy Jax comes a-knockin'.

Seventh Buy
Rylai's Chrystal Scepter Now, this is an item that most people avoid on Morgana. The slow doesn't apply to the snare or Black Shield, but I like it because it can help in a team fight if you need to get away, or you need somebody else to not get away. It also helps your Ult proc easier in conjunction with the boots.

It is right around here that matches are prone to end, and items are this are purely if you are either A) Badass or B) In a long-running game.

Eighth Buy
Mana Chrystal, Negatron Cloak For the added touch, here is a little more Mana to help fuel your badassery, and some magic resistance, to make you not die.

Ninth Buy

Banshee's Veil 'Nuff said.

Tenth Buy
Morello's Evil Tome Here lay the last item on our list, the dreaded evil book. The CDReduc is the cherry on top for this one, plus more mana regen and a nice chunk of AP to round off the build.

If for some reason you become Best in Slot and the game isn't over, shame on you. To make it end quicker, go buy some Elixirs. It takes the pain away and tastes great too.

*Note that this guide is purely speculative in that not every game goes according to plan. The list I have provided is suited to a game that is going roughly in your favor. Even if your team is doing awful and you're doing alright, or vice versa, the guide is merely the groundwork for what it could become.*

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Skill Sequence

Now, most people like to build Soil first and snare second. I'm not most people. I believe that snare first is a great anti-harassing tool that aggressive champs should fear to be up against. Besides, first level goes by pretty quickly, so it isn't critical. Tormented Soil is the bread-and-butter of your early game arsenal. Leveling it up first is priority, not only for the gold it rakes in (it can kill a wave of caster minions at 3rd level), but because it is also your best means of healing laning. Note that you might want to grab a level of Black Shield third instead of your second level of Tormented Soil if the enemy team happens to have an annoying stun or something like it. Other than that, refer to the nifty box above to get the full picture.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I'm preferential to Clarity and Ignite. The Clarity, mixed in with Improved Clarity gives you much needed mana, and can help your team mates in a heated team fight when they need to recharge. As for Ignite, last hitting with ignite can get one or two kills that might have gotten away. Mostly it just lays down some cover damage if you are out of mana or in a team fight. However, there are alternatives, which include:

Ghost. Always my second choice after Ignite. The added speed makes your Ult almost unavoidable, and can get you out of a tight spot if need be.

Flash. Same as above, though its not as consistent.

Nope, that's it. I mean, you can use whatever you want, but these are the ones that mesh with the build the best.

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Laning Phase

Here is where the build gets the boost to push it past the other enemy champs you will be facing. Morgana is a natural farmer, and though champs like Karthus and Anivia can out farm her, he laning presence is some of the strongest, if not the strongest. Like I said earlier, your main method of farming is Tormented Soil, and that you should aim so that it clips as many creeps as possible. As for enemy champions, it boils down to two scenarios: 1) You are pushing hard. Basically ignore them. They should be more focused on making sure that the creep waves are maintained, during which you should be racking up gold. 2) You are being pushed. This is much more unlikely, but it happens. You should still be using Tormented Soil to push creeps, but also be using your snare to get the enemy weakened in the hopes that they back off. You should also being sing your shield pretty sporadically so that you can reduce as much incoming damage as possible. Also, never use your Ult unless you are sure you are going to either kill your opponent or at least get them low enough to force them back to their spawning pool.

Note: A fun thing you can do after you get your boots, your ult and if you are laning mid is to gank top or bot, whichever lane is being pushed by the enemy team harder. Most people don't see it coming, and your ult is one of the better ganking tools that a caster can have.

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Team Fights

Here is the most important part of the game, the time when teams roam around looking for blood. This is pretty self explanatory, but I have some tips to make it go smoother

1. Save your stun for the squishy. Snaring a tank does nothing, as you shouldn't be fighting the tank until last.

2. Save your Ult until someone else initiates. The biggest problem with Soul Shackles is the close proximity you need to be to use it. That's why you save it until your initiator goes in. Most teams will jump on him to get a quick kill, and it is during that time you go in, ult, and watch the heads roll.

3. If s#!t looks bleak, gtfo. Seriously, if the team fight is not going your way and a majority of your team is dead, run. Try to save a team mate if you can, but as much as your team might whine that you left the fight after they died or didn't kill the champ with 100 hp, they will appreciate it more that you held a tower that the other team was going to push. Remember, kills don't win games, towers do. Kills just help.

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Team Comp

As a side note, if you have the choice of a laning partner, or you don't want to mid, pick Lux. The Lux/Morgana combo is among one of the most devastating combos in the game. As a matter of experience, I have never lost a game when laning with a Lux.

Other good combos include Soraka, Taric, Pantheon, and Alistar.

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I'll put any updates or randomass changes that I can think of here.

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Alright folks, that's really all I have for you. There was some joy, a little heartbreak, and more than one use of the word 'badass'. If you have any questions or comments, leave em below. If you have words of praise, most definitely leave 'em below. If you have nothing nice to say, so be it, but understand I don't give a rat's ***. And lastly, if you fancy a match, my Summoner name is Mortora. =3