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League of Legends Build Guide Author faminepony

Morgana's Vamp

faminepony Last updated on November 29, 2010
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This is my rendition of Morgana Prime I decided to up Morgana's passive ability and give her more spellvamp.

My attacks are basically the same as Morgana Prime except I get one point in Black Shield early on.

Items This Item list is out of date, I will get to fixing it soon

Chalice of Harmony - This helps with some early mana problems with Morgana so you won't have to rely on Clarity as much, it should be sold about the time you get the Tear of the Goddess

Boots of Swiftness - Morgana is slow...need I say more, I think that these are good to get in and get out without much problem, I don't get the sorcerer's shoes anymore because I get the void staff and the sorcerer's shoes make the void staff a little less effective.

Void Staff - 40% Magic Penetration, I like it, plus AP, pretty good item not to expensive and helps pierce opponents with high Magic Resist.

Will of the Ancients - Better if you are laning with another Mage or a Spell character, because it gives your ally 30 Ap and 20% Spellvamp. while you get 70 Ap and 15% Spellvamp, buy this point Morgana should have 50% spellvamp and I could take on the red buff and able to regenerate my health making it look like I took no damage.

Deathfire Grasp - It gives cooldown, it gives AP, it gives more mana regan, has a nice active, when you learn how to use it, it can help get in that final blow you need.

Archangels Staff - This is one of my personal favorites just because it gets more powerful the more mana you have, hopefully you have gotten as close to the 1000 mana bonus from the Tear of the Goddess, because it gives the staff an extra 30 AP if you got the full 1000 mana. Now you will start getting the Mana bonus from the Staff and if you get another 1000 that is another 30 AP. causing the staff to give you 105 AP (not counting the 400 mana it gives you and the mana you already have).

Hextech Gunblade - So really only half of this item is helpful...well maybe two thirds, it gives 20% spellvamp, and 20% lifesteal (which isn't helpful) It has another nice active, and gives you more AP, pretty much this is because they don't have another item to make the hextech revolver into, but I picked it over another Will because 1) I hate item stacking, and 2) it has a really nice active.

So that is my item build with Morgana, and I believe it is nice to get 50% life back from a soul shackle (imagine doing it to multiple opponents) or using Tormented Soil on minions. It helps you stay in a lane longer and be able to stand up to health tanks just a little longer.

Summoner Spells
Clairvoyance - I use this so you can know where the opponents are going at the beginning of the game, it can also help avoid ganks against you and stuff like that, a really good skill to master

Clarity - Pretty self explanatory helps you stay in a lane longer in the beginning when Morgana uses a ton of mana.

I used Quintessences, Seals, Glyphs and Marks of Knowledge to help with Mana and I like the per levels because you end up getting more mana which helps with the Archangels staff even if just a little.

Morgana likes the blue buff, just sayin :P

And always it would be awesome for comments, what you like about the build what should be changed etc etc