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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lintho

Most Effective Warwick

Lintho Last updated on June 28, 2010
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this is a warwick build that is rather easy, you can be the main carry, but your primary goal with this build is to create opportunities for team ganks as well as pop in and gank someone when the least expect it.

you want to always be moving, never sit around and wait for something to happen. as you jungle you want to drop wards in key locations (pathways that they will most likely use to get from lane to lane quickly)

this way you will be 6 around the same time as the mid lane, if you get an early gank around 3 you'll actually be first to 6 in the game and that way can actually control the way the game will pan out.

it helps to have a good supporting roll, at least one other person on the team with a stun or slow, but for the most part, if you keep blue/red buffs up, you'll be fine.

start with the strike, not call, because you want to drop blue rune as fast as possible. this will allow you to spam your abilities all around the jungle. also, if they try to team gank you, you have ghost, so stand on the edge of the grass, and if they do get an exhaust on you, you can still swipe to get some what of a heal...and you should have 4 health pots. to keep you alive. you'll want to pop one health pot at every golem/lizard/dragon at 4 (have the razor by then)

past 6, as long as you prioritze your points in strike, you can put blood scent or call points in at your own descresion, based on what your playing against. if you need the attack speed (high hp targets or other good carries get call, otherwise if your team is gank happy, get scent)

you can sub out the blue cd reduction if your good at keepn the blue rune up for more crit/atk spd, also the attack dmg quints are for early start dmg against creeps as well as lvl 3/4 ganks. with this item build you can drop dragon solo fast.

item choice varies, if your ganking easily, and against a bunch of squishies then get the last whisper, if your against 2 or more AP enemies get the wits, it rapes with your ultimate. then continue to finish the razors, at that point, if your finiding that when you ult, you get focused, build a sunfire>banshees, if they are focusing u but you live and your not too worried about dieing then build the blood thirster (if your have last whisper + BT the game will end at 25 minutes)

if the game pans out longer, you can bulid a BT after the sunfire and eat people. your ult + sunfire (40dps aoe) eats.

survivablity is key with warwick, because when you pounce even against a tank w/ the madreds your gunna do alot of dmg (and those quints) u should always have a teammate near by so u dont have to worry about stacking dmg and attack speed. you'll have it from call. you need the mercury treads to get out of stuns etc, use ghost defensivly if you have to, and early (while in the bushes) so you can close the distance on your target.

with this build you can literaly go toe to toe with anyone, just play smart, use your cooldowns and abilities wiseley (if you tryn pops ult, you ghost and stay outta range, keep red up to slow him once in a while then after ult is up, eat him)

you can shred tanks with madreds, and with wits you eat casters.

this build dominates. you can even go toe to toe with other warwicks that build for straight dmg, you simply out live everything. have fun.