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Most Fortunate to leave elo hell

Last updated on February 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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How to get out of elo hell.

So many people say there is no such thing as elo hell just bad players. That is a complete lie. What is elo hell? elo hell is the range that new players enter the game making it so that their scores are nothing but a lie. So what does that mean for you? Well it means your put in a team based on scores a high project win rate. If a team member has a lower skill value then his score it means someone else on the enemy team got in for a bargain point value. Also it means the teams chance of winning is higher than what it should be so even if you make up for the gap your rewarded with less points. So it hurts you in many ways. Also you have the chance of an under valued player on the other team which can completely ruin you. Making you lose a lot of points for a lose. So how do I get out of elo hell? well you work the odds to make your win percentages higher.

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Ways I can increase my odds of winning?

So lets go over some keys that making an ADC/Support duo the best way to raise your odds. First of this is due to experience I have had as a player playing through the seasons. I'm not a good ADC but I have Climbed further and faster as the role then any other. Why is that?

Lets start with if you are smart and pick a duo partner that is a good amount lower in rank than you. You know have the power of bans and can remove snowball characters that if given to the wrong enemy can make you lose. Next you pick an ADC first which are much harder to counter and do not lose as bad as other counters do. So you don't let your team walk right into a counter already a good start you have improved the value of your team.

Next Support is one of the most dreaded roles though it is really important for the team for a lot of reasons. Though by having a support player ready you now let people play there favorite roles increasing the chances they play the role that got them up in rank.

Next gold ADC and support are the most valuable lane. If they are winning the chance you get dragon goes up. They have a potential of 2 to 3 kills in the laning phase if you include the jungler. Also increasing the assist gold amount. They also have money gaining items for CS that can help 2 players. So winning this lane puts the most money in your teams pocket.

If a jungler ganks you the lane turns from a 2 vs 2 into a 2 vs 3 and you have much more crowed control and eyes to stop real damage from happening. Giving the enemy less gold.

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What are some good bans to pick? (for bronze to gold)

Well for mean I chose NASUS instantly. he is the furthest enemy from you and if he becomes well farmed your odds of winning go way down.
Next If you can't play leona or thresh well ban them hard and fast. Leona is a monster in the hands of the wrong persons and thresh is a close seconds. Also this makes the enemy support not able to grab the most common used supports and might not see it coming because supports don't get banned.

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Why pick miss fortune she isn't rated that high as an ADC?

Well not going to lie I didn't know this until I was getting yelled at for first picking her all the time. Why did I pick her?
1) She is extremely easy to use no skill shots and a final that is pretty easy.
2) Her final does a lot of damage and gives you assist plus kills MORE MONEY
3) Anti healing built in is awesome
4) added damage to every shot is nice for CS
5) I don't have to worry about her getting banned
6) Lastly and most importantly Dark red heads are awesome

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Items to buy?

Dorans blade 1 health pot warding free item
Why get the ward item over the item to see wards?
one you don't have time to check for wards and watch were there placed while CSing next if your walking through the map at all and you come a crossed a bush looks remotely close to a rape bush you drop a ward into it and see if you have to run
First time going back
You should try to not go back tell you can get a BF sword but if you can't avoid it gab a cheaper attack damage item not shoes your MF you move fast out of combat to cut time down. also should not be moving somewhere were you have to run that far to get to a turret that your wards wouldn't give you plenty of time to run. The ad Items are important because as at this phase you don't try and get into full fledged fights you just want to get one maybe to shots in. So hoping for crit or going for attack speed is stupid. AD also makes it so your range to get minions is higher which is nice if your bad at ADC like I am.

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Top picks for supporting you?

1) alistar
>He doesn't get picked much
>He has a heal
> he has a Knock up and Knock over/shortstun
> he is tanky
2) leona
> If the game is even close as soon as your both level 6 you start getting free kills
>It is leona
3) thresh
> good to get people in your ult and all around good support
4) sona
>her ult with yours is amazing


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