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MP Fiddle

Last updated on September 15, 2010
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This being my first published build, I appreciate any comments on how I might improve my presentation, the build I have played with in a good number of games now, suggestions are welcome, though I do ask that trolling please be avoided. Thank you.

I found myself playing Fiddlesticks this week since he was free and quickly came to realize that the regular AP stacking never increases his power as much as in many other champions that I've liked playing. I thought about how to fix that problem as I played a few games and a tried a few builds. I came to the conclusion that the best way to capitalize on fiddlesticks fairly high base spell damage and low AP>damage ratio was to focus on pushing my targets mdef as low as I could possible make it. So far I have been fairly effective against even most tanks and dominated any squishier characters.

That said, My build follows.

Early Game:
I take drain first for the simple reason that it deals a total of 300 damage over 6 seconds, which is over half the life of most champions you will be facing when you start you lane. Using Smite as soon as it comes up on any minion in range helps me to farm for my items quite effectively. Your main focus with drain should be to harass any champion that gets to close to your front line, even if you can only drain them for 2-3 seconds that is still 100-150 damage, out of their 500-700 health, which will make them think twice about staying around for to long, and starving them of gold for last hits. Drain also has a fairly quick cool down so it can be used almost anytime they try to get near you. if for some reason you are hurt during one of these encounters, simply drain one of their front line minions and you will be brought right back to 100% health, no pots needed. Depending on your lane mate you should be able to get some easy early level kills or assists. as you gain levels start using Dark Wind to farm minions and harass caster based champions as they try to push you back. Make sure you always have enough mana for at least one drain left in your pool. in the early game if you can keep draining people I have found that almost no one has the power to actually kill you through that drain. Chances are you should have their first Turret down before you reach mid game. You also should have farmed the gold for your boots, Soul Stealer, and Tear of the Goddess by that point, possibly even the archangel if you have made a few kills.

Mid Game:
As you reach level 7-9 usually you will see a lot of ganking and lane changing happen, this is the point where the mid game begins, your role in the mid game is to gank and gank and GANK! your Crowstorm is you most powerful weapon for this, it's extremely easy and effective to hide in the jungle near a turret that is about to be pushed, as they commit to attacking the tower, you Crowstorm into the attackers, fear and drain the main dps character in the rush and let the tower help you do the rest, you should get at least one kill out of this every time and are likely to get 3 or 4 if you do it right.

Golem buff (Blue Buff) is very useful for you at this point in the game as your Crowstorm has a decent cool down time. You can also assist by staying near your teams main dps character using dark with and fear to help them make easy kills while your crow storm is on cool down, be careful doing this though, you are VERY squishy and easily ganked if you are not in friendly turf. Watch you MIAs and get out before the gank gets their, you need to keep you stacks on the Soul Stealer or it's useless for you!

Late Game:
If you have been playing well or getting a little lucky you should have a fully stacked Soul Stealer, or nearly full at the least, likely you have 5-10 kills already as well. Now is you time to shine, by this point in the game you should have finished all your Magic Pen items and be devastating any team push that your opponents try to make against your turrets. You are by no means the lone ranger though, always stay near your team unless you have a guaranteed safe easy kill. Remember you are the uber weapon in team fights, Fear, Silence, and some of the most insane health drain the world has ever seen. hang to the back as your tank initiates, as soon as the other team begins to focus them, if Crowstorm is up use it, the 'flash' range should take you right into the middle of the other team, right where you want to be, just like with the turret fear and drain their main DPS character, you want their main source of damage out of the fight asap! as you do this the rest of you team should come in hard and heavy laying waste to what little is left of your enemies health bars.

If Crowstorm is on cool down, stay to the back and assist by launching dark wind into the fight, as well as fearing/draining anyone you can get into range, don't be picky even if it is the tank your drain should be sucking out close to 1600 health with a full channel, even to a tank that can be damaging. if they have low mdef, you will likely be draining 2000-2300 health total.

I hope you enjoy fiddlesticks, and I must say I do not look forward to facing you in game if you are using any variant of this build. :P

-One can also take Terror instead of Dark Wind in the early levels, this will limit your farming power, but will allow you to harass champions much better at the cost of slowing your build due to lack on income.

--Always be careful of Nukers (or Crit-Planks) who know to watch for your ambushes, you can be wiped out in seconds if they are ready for you to jump into the fight.