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Amumu Build Guide by reaper2099

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League of Legends Build Guide Author reaper2099

mumu the no smite jungler

reaper2099 Last updated on September 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My intro into the world of jungle mumu no smite

alot of ppl say or think jungle mumu with no smite dosent work or is slow but it works very well and there is nothing like the other team thinking you are afk like jungle mumu with out smite also jungle mumu is build many different ways ability power, tank, i have even seen an attack damage amumu before (have to love trolls <3) but my favrite is tank just because hes so hard to kill at the end and being able to tank towers for your team in alot of instances is a game changer

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Rune Set and Masteries

The rune set up is a common tank rune set but they are very useful not only does it let you take less damage and let you jungle longer before recalling it also makes mumu more tanky late game the masteries also help in that regard considering its all tank and even returns damage to minions

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Items and Farming

a rarely standard starting item the cloth armor and 5 health pots and from there i rush boots (usually boots of swiftness) but you can use any boots really your choice there depending on what the teams are and what it more needed i build a giant belt or armor most of the time as im recalling to buy i also pick up 1-2 health potions to keep me going a little more after u have the health belt and armor i get a negatron cloak then rush the sunfire cape and farming gets really fast and easy most of the time a quick thornmail then warmogs before i finish the force of nature before getting another warmogs (but if more magic resists are needed i usually got for an abyssal scepter) for my final item with full warmog stacks should be close to 5k health and around 275 health regen per five seconds which means tanking for days

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Skill Sequence and Summoner Spells

skill sequence is rather common for amumu i think at least its what ive used since i started playing him and spells the normal jungle spells for mumu is smite of course and flash or ghost but i love being able to use exhaust and ignite on a jungle makes for epic ganks and easy kills if u save your stuff till they flash

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every thing that i have red and managed to find on jungle amumu has said that you need smite and he can not jungle without it but i know he can i do it and love it any one that is will to give it a try the way i do it just might enjoy it as much as i do any one that can jungle with exhaust and ignite is great in my book (<3 amumu) and i think even with out smite you could put him up against almost any jungle and he would still be doing just as good as they are and im not saying my way is the best overall amumu jungle is a solid late game ally and tank (unless you would rather play straight ability power which works also)

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Jungle Route and Farming

Your jungle route is going to start with blue of course and with despair get your bottom lane to leash you your buff and maybe hit it 5 times or so (best if a ranged champ does it) and that will save your health a bit the rest of blue is fast when u level get tantrum and head to wraiths should go rather fast then red when u level get bandage toss and your ready to gank as long as your patient enough to line up your stun with red ignite exhaust and despair some one should always get a kill rather easy (and if they dont have a jungle remember run through their jungle too) and once a tower is gone and the teams are ganking make sure to farm the empty lanes or lanes with a lot of minions heading twards your tower the sumfire cape i build early just for farming purposes farming with amumu is fast and easy i dont think i have ever play him and not had a full build at the end unless some one surrendered

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Last Words

Like i have said through out this guide i have tried this many times and have only lost one game jungle amumu with no smite so if you have tried this and like it please comment/rate and even if you did not like it please comment/rate because any input is better then nothing and anything that could lead me to rework this guide or change it for the better would be greatly valued the only no smite jungler besides mumu i tried was warwick and i was not a fan so please vote and comment if you get a chance every vote counts