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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shellibix


Shellibix Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1


Thanks to some good feedback from a commentor i have decided to alter my build slightly. I changed my runes around slightly due to the fact that high crit damage is a waste if you dont have high crittchance. I changed them to hp and attack damage which will aid Mundo greatly. I also changed my spells around and swapped heal out which was a tough decidion becuase i was deciding between cleanse and exhaust. In the end i choose Exhaust due to the fact that if he does get debuffed he can retaliate by also debuffing and exhauast will aid him in getting the last few hits on opposing champions. Thank you all and please let me know if i can improve this build in any way to improve chances of winning games!


High armor and HP rate
Owns enemy's
Impervious to Ganks
Can solo turrets midway


Isn't cheap (but money can easily be obtained)
low attack speed


I decided on a 23 7 0 build mainly because as he is a tank/DPS he needs a lot of strength. I was going to do a usual 21 9 0 build for mundo but the armour he gets from tiamats makes up for the 2 less defence masteries.


As you can see above i went for high critical attack and chance. Not enough critical chance for my liking but his abilities attack damage make up for the less critical chance.

Early Game:

As you can see from above i start off with Doran's shield mainly because its cheap and it provides a bit of extra defence. If its a 5v5 i usually like to take the top lane with a support character so he can provide me with backup while i attack the other champions. 90% of the time while playing as Mundo at the top, i get the first blood me and my teamate usually do the standard thing of hiding in the bush and attack them as they come into range. Before they are about to enter the reeds i use my Infected Cleaver on the lowest HP champion, (support) this then slightly stuns the champion and deals a good amount of damage. Me and my team mate then continue the pressure on the champion that i started on and he/she then falls quickly (if attempts to run away use your Infected Cleaver, team mate might use exhaust in order to slow champion). I then proceed killing minions for a few levels while putting pressure on the player (if i see an enemy champion on low hp and the other one is a suitable distance away or low HP i go for the attack starting with an Infected Cleaver). By the time im level 6 i usually have Doran's Shield, the Spirit Vassage and im usually half way to getting the frozen mallet.

Mid game

Ok leading on from last part. I usually like to have 2-5 kills by the time im level 6 if not dont worry about it, the kills will come. So by the time im level 7-10 me and my team mate have destroyed an enemy tower (possibly 2 depending on the champions we are facing and how good they are) and i have the Frozen Mallet. Now as soon as you get the Frozen Mallet the kills will come, as well as giving you extra hp and attack they also slow down the enemy which is crucial to my build and i then start to kill champions a lot more. from here i usually like to go and help out the person who is mid and i usually get a good gank on the enemy champion and that results in an extra kill for me. So after getting the Frozen Mallet your kill rate should improve and u should have enough money to buy the boots of swiftness which provide Mundo with much needed speed. As well as that me and my team mates have usually destroyed several towers. With a few more champion kills and a bit of farming you should have the tiamat at level 13-16.


Ok the final push. By now my team are pretty much at the base turrets sometimes if we are lucky the Nexus turrets. During this point Mundo usually has enough HP to solo the turrets which is useful for catching the enemy off guard and leading the the wrong way so your team mates can get in and get a few kills and destroy some turrets. if you are lucky and get a couple of towers and champions you should easily have the Warmog's armour. Once i have the Warmog's armour me and my team mates all charge at the enemys nexus getting a few kills and destroying the turrets guarding the Nexus (Burning agony and Machosim are very good at this point) we then just go all out on the Nexus, destroy it and thus winning the game.
If you didn't win the game try again because you may just have rubbish team mates or Godlike opponent's. Have fun, comment, rate and i hope you enjoy this build and League of Legends.

Also please comment and rate my build, don't just try it and rate it down, comment on how i can improve the build and then that way other people can benefit from the improvements as well.

Possible items to replace Dorans shield with

Atmas Impaler
Randuin's Omen
Sunfire Cape
Madreds Bloodrazor