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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by SmokedCarpenter

Tank Mundo in the Jungle

Tank Mundo in the Jungle

Updated on January 15, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SmokedCarpenter Build Guide By SmokedCarpenter 8 1 100,730 Views 20 Comments
8 1 100,730 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SmokedCarpenter Dr. Mundo Build Guide By SmokedCarpenter Updated on January 15, 2014
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More Dr. Mundo Runes


Welcome Ladies and Gents to my 3rd guide! This is going to be a fairly short one, but it will cover everything you need to know about jungling Dr. Mundo in Season 4. I won't be going into detail about basics so hopefully you already know that kind of stuff.

I noticed Mobafire didn't have too many up-to-date guides on Dr. Mundo and he's my main in the jungle so I figured hey, why not! This build is a combination of high early game damage with incredible mid-late game tankyness while still dealing respectable damage with your cleaver.

Sadly Dr. Mundo has seen better days (FoN R.I.P) but he is still a top tier jungler. Season 4 has slightly hurt his damage output but helped him with his early sustain issues which is a blessing. He can still get to that unkillable point like he used to, but it is just too easy to counter him with a simple BotRK or Liandry's nowadays. He is still a terrifying front line when itemized correctly, as you will see.

You can check out my Top Lane Shen guide here!
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When to Pick Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo fits very well in almost any team comp, especially poke/siege comps. His Infected Bonesaw provides insane poke damage and it is a great tool to peel for your poke oriented teammates such as Nidalee, Caitlyn, Xerath, etc.

You really only want to avoid picking Dr. Mundo against comps that are pretty much guaranteed to build multiple Blade of the Ruined Kings or have a lot of innate %HP damage ( Amumu is the only one I can think of off the top of my head, I'm blanking!)

Dr. Mundo is also very squishy early game especially in his first clear, so beware of jungle picks such as Shaco and Lee Sin. You can still pick mundo in these matchups, but just do your best to avoid running into them.
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Summoner Spells

I've decided that Flash is superior to Ghost since Maximum Dosage is basically a ghost (minus the unit collsion) at max rank. Flash is great for ganks early and for dragon/baron steals. Not to mention escaping a level 1 invade.

You can also go with the traditional Ghost on mundo cause it makes you go fast. fast good.

Note: The new smite is really nice for farming junglers since you can spam it more often for clearing and don't have to worry about it being on cooldown as much for drag/baron control.
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Greater mark of hybrid penetration

Runes are a pretty standard affair.

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration is your best option because Dr. Mundo deals loads of mixed damage. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is not ideal because it doesn't benefit your jungle clears at all and your auto attacks deal insane amounts of damage with Blunt Force Trauma active. Greater Mark of Attack Speed is still a good choice if you don't have the IP for hybrid pen.

Note: It is worth noting that your first clear with hybrid pen can be extremely painful if you take too much damage from your first buff. It is very important to get a strong leash or you will not be able to clear your jungle safely the first time around. Take attack speed marks if you want a safer clear and/or don't feel confident your team will leash properly.

Greater Seal of Armor is standard on any jungler, especially Dr. Mundo with his fragile early clears.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is also pretty standard on junglers. One thing I've been fooling around with is Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration. This could be a solid replacement as it is easy to itemize for MR as Dr. Mundo, but not as easy to build MPen.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed AND/OR Greater Quintessence of Health. I preferred movespeed in Season 3 but now that we are getting 1.5% free MS in utility I might recommend a combination of 1 movespeed + 2 Health.

So yeah Dr. Mundo works just fine with your standard jungling runes but if you're willing to save the IP you can really maximize his penetration without sacrificing too much.
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Season 4 both helped and hurt Dr. Mundo. He can no longer get magic pen in offense for his cleavers which hurts his damage quite a bit, but I believe the defense tree really helps him out specifically in early game sustain.

I'm running a 0/21/9 setup in the jungle. 21 points in defense because mundo, and I've moved the 9 points into utility this season for movespeed, summoner CDR, potion sustain and buff duration.

The defensive tree provides Dr. Mundo with a lot of early game stats such as armor, damage reduction, and regen for a safer clear as well as some really great scaling for late game including Enchanted Armor and Juggernaut .

Note: Some pros have been overdipping in the defensive tree when playing top lane mundo. I'm not entirely sure how that will transfer over to the jungle, but I'll be testing it out and I'll let you guys know!
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Skill Sequence

Start out with Infected Bonesaw at level 1 into Heart Zapper at 2 then back to cleaver at 3 for clearing. Take Blunt Force Trauma at level 4.

Obviously we're maxing Infected Bonesaw first for the insane damage early game. Cleaver clears buffs, dragon, and baron insanely fast thanks to the %current HP damage. Not to mention any other camp!)

Heart Zapper comes second because the AoE+Sunfire is more relevant in mid game teamfights than single target damage from Blunt Force Trauma. At this point you should have enough health and regen to negate a good chunk of the health cost.

Max Blunt Force Trauma last because it is an incredible 1 point wonder. 40+ free AD with a single point is incredible. The cooldown is also short enough with some CDR to chain it endlessly.
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Start off with the typical Hunter's Machete + 5 Health Potions and a Sweeping Lens or a Stealth Ward (really just preference and whether or not you plan on invading)

Your goal should be to back with >750 gold for Spirit Stone and Boots plus at least 1 health potion. These items help you clear faster, stay in the jungle longer, and gank better.

Then you need to finish Spirit of the Ancient Golem ASAP. Mundo is primarily a farming jungler and the new passive on SotAG is surprisingly strong. You want to keep an eye on your stacks and make sure you're clearing a camp whenever it hits 40 at the very least.

Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage are literally made for Dr. Mundo. Aside for the obvious resistances and health, Sunfire gives you even more AoE damage and Visage gives your regen and ult a huge boost. These are must buys on Dr. Mundo regardless of the enemy team comp. (You may just build them in a different order depending on the enemy team)

Important:Contrary to popular belief Warmog's Armor is not a good item to rush on mundo (Or buy at all, depending on the %damage on the enemy team.) It gives you no early resistances and the passive is less effective than if you bought it after other health items.

After you complete "The Holy Trinity" you have a couple of nice options depending on the threats on the enemy team:

- If they have a lot of strong AP you can consider a Warmog's Armor (keep in mind if the enemy team has bought Blade of the Ruined King or Liandry's Anguish or have innate %HP damage.)

- If they are heavily AD/Attack Speed oriented Randuin's Omen is by far your best choice. In rare circumstances (4 AD team comps) it is ok to build Randuin's Omen before Spirit Visage. This item is a teamfighting beast and you can use it to peel for your own carry or stick to the enemy carry.

If you get into super-late game your best bet is to sell Spirit of the Ancient Golem for Atma's Impaler and Ninja Tabi for Mercury's Treads (If necessary. Sometimes it is better to keep Tabi and just deal with the CC.)
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You can just do your typical blue>wraiths>red or red>wolves>blue clear and then gank but if you're against a slow jungler consider stealing their second buff:

If the enemy jungler could start at either buff you must have your teammates help check to see which one they chose. Start at the same buff as them. (If they choose blue you start blue) Ask for a very strong smiteless leash so you take as little damage as possible and finish your first buff quickly. Then take cleaver at lvl 2 and run to their second buff. Pull the buff with your cleaver (into the bush for red, up the path toward river for blue) Take it as quickly as possible (You will have smite, so it should go quickly) and then get the hell out of there and clear your own second buff before they can retaliate.

From this point just farm relentlessly, counter-jungle when you can, and gank if you're confident in being able to burn summoners or get a kill. Counter-ganking is one of Dr. Mundo's strongest points if done correctly.

Basically all you need to do to counter-gank as Dr. Mundo is peel your opponents off your laner with cleaver. For example, one good cleaver at a rammus will send him home crying and make your laner love you dearly. Usually fighting a full on 2v2 in the early stages of the game is a bad idea since you can get bursted down easily. Try to just kite and poke with cleavers until their jungler has had enough and crawls back to his jungle. If any hope of keeping your opponents from going all-in is lost don't panic, you may be squishy but deal very respectable damage and may be able to win an all-in 2v2 if you play it right and your laner is somewhat competent.

Remember your wave clear is insane once you get a couple points in Heart Zapper so feel free to shove empty lanes into turret. A farmed Dr. Mundo is an unkillable Dr. Mundo!
Fun Fact: Stealing dragon is surprisingly easy early game with your cleaver! (almost a guarantee if they smite early)
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You will take on one of two roles in a teamfight: Bodyguard/meatshield or anti-carry. This all depends on your team comp and how well your carry is doing.

If you have to be your ADC's bodyguard basically your job is to eat skillshots and peel bruisers with your cleaver.

If your support shows he can handle peeling for your carry then you're free to get on top of their ADC and go to town on them. If you have a Randuin's Omen at this point then you'll have no trouble pushing them out of the fight (therefore completely negating their damage) or even killing them! (Shouldn't be too hard if you don't miss your cleavers.) Once you've dealt with their carry you should already be far enough behind their lines to stop any of their team from retreating and pick up an easy teamfight win.

If the teamfight isn't going your way for whatever reason your cleaver gives your team insane disengage and you'll be able to protect your carries as you retreat.

Using Maximum Dosage in a teamfight: This is one of the trickiest things about Dr. Mundo. Do you pop your ult instantly or wait until you're low so if costs less and hopefully baits them into focusing you? It all depends on how confident you are that you can survive their burst, and whether or not they put ignite on you. Typically waiting longer to pop it can bait the enemy into focusing you and your team can get free damage on them. You should almost never engage with your ult as a gap closer because you waste your huge regen boost and become much more fragile when the fight really starts.
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So this is your best bet if you want a quick guide to learn jungle mundo. I'll keep this as up to date as possible and I'll continue testing out those runes and get back to you on a final page setup! Any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, appreciate you guys taking the time to read it and I hope I've convinced you to play more Dr. Mundo!
League of Legends Build Guide Author SmokedCarpenter
SmokedCarpenter Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo in the Jungle

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