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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author marcxgaming

Mundo-Jungle(`s where he pleases)

marcxgaming Last updated on December 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Mundo Jungles Where He Pleases!

Welcome to the Mundo-Jungle-Build of Marcxgaming.

This is just thought be a jungling guide - there are enough Gameplay guides out there for further assistance.


- most important: 2 Solo Lanes
- fast jungler
- easy Dragon with cleaver
- good ganger with Cleaver-slow + Lizard Buff
- ability to regenerate Health and moving across the map fast from lvl 6 upwards (cause
of Ultimate)


- there are faster junglers
- ...and earlier Dragon-Slayers
- just a "slow" that is skillshot dependant rather than a 100% Stun,Fear,Hold etc...
- has to use Smite

Summoner Spells:

Smite: I am using it to farm effectively and being able to steal Buffs/Dragon/Nashor
Ghost:You want to gang someone? You need speed since you lack a Stun! You want to get away? Pop ulti and ghost and say bye bye!

Note: You might want to take Cleanse over Ghost, but it got nerfed too much in my opinion. (better to get quicksilver sash)

Rune Choices:

You want Survivabilty - thats what makes Mundo strong.
Therefor you go for
3x Health Quints Greater Quintessence of Health(optional 1x XP for fast lvl 2 after lizard)
9x Armor Pen Marks Greater Mark of Desolation
9x Dodge Seals Greater Seal of Evasion
9x Magic Res per level Glyphs Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist


(passive) This combined with Spirit Visage and much Health makes you regain HP in no time. Very good lategame!

(Q) This is your "CC" Spell. Max it as soon as possible! You will slow down enemies and hit a good portion of their life. Works very well against Tanks, since it`s dependant on enemies current health. Your Butter and Bread - Skill in jungle without a doubt. Also does percental damage to Dragon and Nashor. (reduced)

(W) They nerfed sunfire capes? No problem! You still have your 2,5 built-in Sunfire Capes avaiable (at lvl 5). It also reduces the effect of incoming CC spells...combine it with Mercury Treads and it is almost impossible to stop you! But don`t forget, early on it consumes very much of your health so just use it when you really need it, like when you initiate or similar...

(E) See, there is a Mundo with only half of his Health..I should go and and kill him...."WTF CHEATER! HOW YOU CRIT FOR 400 on lvl 7??????? LOLOLOLOL"
This is what you may hear from time to time when using this skill...very funny indeed :D.
Also great to push towers!

(R) Your Ultimate, this is what makes Mundo annoying.
You get harrassed? No Problem! Just pop ulti and regain 50% of your max health (or more with Spirit Visage. You need to get away? Use Burning Agony + Sadism + Ghost and no one can catch you. With such a low cooldown you can use it whenever you want. Just keep in mind that it is going to deal 20% of current health as damage. This is important to avoid when you are going to get "heavy-nuked" like Chogath Ultimate or something..


Some Hp and some damage - only downside is that it disappears after 4 minutes...You might want to exchange for Cloth Armor

x 5


Fits so well on Mundo...Health,Magic Resist, Cooldown-Reduction AND increased Regeneration + Healing (works with your passive+ultimate)

Tons Of HP and Regen - Do i have to say more?

Ok so now you got Health...what else do you want? You want Armor and enemies to attack you....but how? Get this item and your damage output will go up dramatically and it`s some sweet extra armor. Just go focus their Ashe or other DPS carry, their team must help them and will focus you - otherwise the carry will have to run away from you :).

You cannot ignore the enemies Casters - therefor you will need Magic Res. A sweet bonus is the extra Mov Speed and Health Regen it grants to you. You might want to get the Mres part of the item before Atmas!

What is more annyoing than an immortal mundo? Yea you got it, a rebirthing Mundo.
Though this item got nerfed so much, it is still viable as last pick item.

Actual Guide:

- buy one red Elixier and 5 Health Pots - Skill Cleaver (Q)
- head to your (or your enemies`)** Lizard
- pop the elixier right before you attack, the health pot right after you lost health
- keep attacking + cleaver and use smite to finish off

Note: You will NOT be level 2 after this spot, you might exchange 1 Quint to XP so you actually hit lvl 2 after the Lizard Spot.

-> head to Golem Brothers -> Wraths -> Wolves -> Golem (blue buff)

now it`s time to decide what to do next, but before check:

- how much health is left?
- are enemies overextending in a lane?
- do they have many Stuns?
- are you REALLY SURE that you can get a kill in a lane?

-> If the situation is good, go for a gang, otherwise blue pill, buy boots health pots and wards for dragon/buffs and then check again. If you still do not see a good situation keep jugling and attend Dragon at level 6.

Be Sure Dragon is warded all the Time so you can prevent the enemy getting it! With the newest Patch the Gold Income is enormous (240g*5= 1200g) - Dragon-Kills can turn a game!

- do your allies need help? -> head there and help in that lane defensively

Tutorial-Video: Note: Video differs a little bit from this build ( i do not own all of the mentioned runes yet, like dodge). So it is very likely that, if you own these runes, your jungling is going to be much more effective than mine!