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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pliscan

Mundo Lane Punisher

Pliscan Last updated on December 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 9

General Tips:

Mundo heals constantly, but don't become too confident with this ability. Don't depend on health regen to save you in a fight.

When given the option, take armor or MR over health regen.

You will be targeted constantly! For some reason people like trying to take out Mundo. This is why Randuin's Omen helps as it has a chance of slowing enemy movement speed and attack speed when you are hit.

Know when to run and when to fight. This takes time to learn with Mundo, and it changes each game. Before you have Randuin's Omen and Force of Nature stay back. You will get demolished without armor and MR no matter how much health regen you have. This is because everyone loves trying to take out Mundo, especially as your health drops from your Sadism.

Make sure you know when Burning Agony is activated! The animation changes after its been on for a long time. I just played a game where I turned it off on accident and it cost me a kill. I'm not sure if its my settings or if it happens for every Mundo, but look at your skill bar to see if it is toggled instead of Mundo himself.

Using Sadism in a team fight might attract attention to yourself. Use this to draw off attacks from teammates. If your health is on the low side try to pull a few champs out of the fight by making them chase you.

Mundo's Cleaver slows and does massive dmg to champs at full health. Use this to harass champs before a fight. After a few hits and a mad dash into their team they will probably be caught off guard, focusing on you instead of the nuke on your team. Make sure your team is following you when you attack though, otherwise its almost certain death.

Infected Cleaver - Most used of your spells. Spam this skill. The most useful way to use the cleaver is to stand back behind your creeps. Move out of range of enemy champs and then when the cleaver is up move forward and throw your cleaver. Fall back out of range. If you can hide in bushes you might be able to influence where enemy champs will move. Don't worry too much about hitting champs, just make sure you hit something so it doesn't cost as much to use. One of the best ways to last hit creeps. Put a point in this whenever possible.

Burning Agony - At first you won't use this often because it drains health fast at low levels. Use it to keep creeps off of your turret. Once you have Warmog's you can use it more often. I tend to get this second because it helps push more than Masochism. Gives a cc reduction so make sure you have it up when being chased.

Masochism - The reason Mundo doesn't need a lot of AD items. Mundo becomes more powerful when he has low health. This is why health regen is fun. You have 3/4 health, hit a turret for 200+ each attack and then have your health back for escaping ganks.

Sadism - This tends to upset enemy champs. So you are down to half health? Use Sadism, make it look like you are about to die, draw all the fire, run away, and come back 2 seconds later with almost full health. Used right it makes Mundo a viable tank, and slight nuke with Masochism. The speed boost will help you escape ganks, or help you find that nuke trying to hide in the back.

Passive Adrenaline Rush - The reason for stacking health. .3% of Mundo's health regenerated per second. Most of the game you will be between 3000 - 4000 health. That is 9 - 12 health per second. Or if you want it in terms of hp/5 its 45-60 hp/5. With Force of Nature that means you have 18 - 24 hp per second. Remember not to depend on this to save you, but it helps a lot. I tend to heal 50,000+ hp per game with all the items and this passive, so don't think 9 hp a second is a bad deal.


21 Defense - I use Evasion and Nimbleness along with the Greater Seal of Evasion runes to help dodge attacks and gain speed for quick escapes. Dodging doesn't happen all the time, but when it does you take no damage and speed up. Perfect for Mundo.

9 Utility - Perseverance is a must for boosting your health regen. I go for Greed just for a little more gold. I think it would be around 6 gold a minute, for 40 min on average, which is around 240 gold a game. Not much, but every little bit helps. The other option is to put a point in Spatial Accuracy for the teleport instead of greed, but I feel the 5 second cooldown reduction isn't very helpful.


Greater Seal of Evasion X9 - Just a little dodge, enough to keep you in the fight for a second or two or escape.

Greater Mark of Alacrity X9 - Some increased attack speed because none of the items I get have attack speed. Its nice when you have 3/4 health and use Masochism to finish off a turret quickly.

Greater Glyph of Warding X9 - Just a little more defense for early game. I hear that Mundo doesn't increase MR on leveling so these runes help with that as well. I don't go for health regen because I feel MR is more important than having 2.43 health regen/5.

Greater Quintessence of Regeneration X1 - For a little boost near the end game.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor X2 - Flat health regen for the early game. These are a huge part of the runes, since they constitute your health regen.

Summoner Spells:

Always have Teleport!
Teleport is essential for laning and saving your team in tight spots. Almost nothing is more enjoyable than destroying a turret and watching the enemy team swarm in, only to find you working on the complete opposite lane.

Optional Summoner Spells:

Ghost (Highly Recommended) - Saves you from almost certain doom in attempted gank situations. With Sadism and Ghost active almost no one can outrun you.

Cleanse - Will help if you know the other team is high on the cc end. I take ghost over cleanse because Mercuy's Treads and Burning Agony should null/trivialize most cc effects.

Exhaust - If you are having trouble chasing down champs.


Mundo runs on Health because of his passive, health regen, armor, MR, and speed.

Core Items:

Warmog's Armor - Best item for a laning Mundo. Massive amount of health, which helps with Mundo's health regen passive. Includes a major dose of health regen. Mundo will be slaughtering creeps so you should reach the limits pretty quickly. If someone grabs a Madred's Bloodrazor you might want to sell this for a Bloodthirster or Thornmail.

Boots of Swiftness - Helps you escape. Works for falling back and using the cleaver at a greater range.

Force of Nature - MR and health regen. Doubles Mundo's passive for health regen based on health.

Randuin's Omen - Armor, cooldown reduction, health, health regen, an active that slows attack speed and movement of enemies, and a passive that might slow attack speed and movement of enemies when they hit you. Need I say more?

Shurelya's Reverie - Health, health regen, and a speed boost to you and your allies. Almost like a second Ghost. Perfect for chasing that final champ.

Hextech Gunblade - Lifesteal and spell vamp. You need the spell vamp for your cleaver. If you hit a minion this turns out to around 60-70 hp. If you hit a champ its a lot more. Spell vamp also allows you to keep Burning Agony on at all times. When you are hurting at a turret an upcoming wave of creeps is a present. Also hitting champs while running away will hand you a pleasant hp boost.

Optional Items:

If you don't have the gold for Shurelya's Reverie, which you should, or you need a more situational item, go for one of these items instead.

Thornmail - Armor and a little more dmg output. When the other team is heavy on DPS the returned dmg will help take them out of fights early and often.

Hexdrinker - Useful for surviving those casters. Gives some extra damage as well. I haven't used this much so I'm not sure how to rank it among other items.

Bloodthirster - Buy this if you need some more power on your team. It will help kill creeps even faster, and since it stacks lifesteal and dmg based on creep kills you should have no problem reaching the limit. Nice for using with Masochism.

Frozen Mallet - Useful if you need more cc on your team. Provides more health and an increased chance to help finish champs off when your team catches up.

Frozen Heart - Armor, cooldown reduction, and a passive that slows attack speed. Nice if there are a lot of DPS characters on the other team. I don't use it because of the gold going to a mana boost, which is useless for Mundo.

Fun Item:

Deathfire Grasp - Only for high hp champs will healers behind them. So mainly Cho with a Soraka or Sona behind him. The active of Deathfire Grasp and your cleaver make for a powerful initial punch. Other than that a completely worthless item for Mundo.

Items not to get even though you want to:

Sunfire Cape - Not enough health regen. The armor and health are nice, and the passive will make it so tempting with your Burning Agony. You shouldn't buy it because you should only have 1-2 item slots after the core health/health regen items. You should fill those slots with more AD or lifesteal. I don't care that you do 45 increased dmg per second, if you can do that with Bloodthirster and have lifesteal on top I choose Bloodthirster.

Atma's Impailer - 2% of your max health as dmg? Really? That is around 60 dmg. Per hit. But with Bloodthirster you get that and lifesteal. The armor would be nice if you need it, but if you need more armor then Thornmail seems more viable at returning damage to ranged DPS. You don't need a crit chance, its too low if the only boost is from this item.

Spirit Visage - 20% health regen from items seems tempting, but again you should fill your remaining item slots with AD or lifesteal, or a situational item. I haven't compared total healing at the end of the game with this, so I very well may change my mind. If it means I gain 5000-10000 more healing per game then I'll reconsider. If you do buy Spirit Visage against my warning make sure it is the last item you buy. If you buy it too early it won't pay off, even though it is only 1250 gold.
Here is a break-down:
With base healing for Warmog's 20% is 18.5 hp/5
With Warmog's at limit 20% is 31 hp/5
With Force of Nature and base Warmog's 20% is 26.5 hp/5
With Warmog's at limit, Force of Nature and Randuin's 20% is 44 hp/5
So if you do want Spirit Visage, get it after Force of Nature. Not before or you will be wasting your money. I've seen too many Mundo's purchase it first instead of armor or MR. Like I said before, take armor and MR over health regen. Force of Nature gives you more MR, and a better healing passive.

Order of items:

Regrowth Pendant - 450 gold, goes towards Warmog's
Boots Of Speed - 350 gold, goes towards Boots of Swiftness
Giant's Belt - 1110 gold, goes towards Warmog's
Warmog's Armor - remaining cost, not sure
Boots of Swiftness - remaining cost, not sure

If the opposing team has lots of AP

Negatron Cloak - 740 gold, goes towards Force of Nature
Force of Nature - remaining cost, not sure

If the opposing team has lots of AD

Heart of Gold - 975 gold, goes towards Randuin's Omen
Warden's Mail - 1350 gold, goes towards Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen - remaining cost, not sure

After one of those is purchased...

Hextech Revolver - 1200 gold, goes towards Hextech Gunblade

Work on either Force of Nature or Randuin's Omen, whichever one you didn't get first.

Hextech Gunblade - remaining cost, not sure

Shurelya's Reverie or other item. Usually won't get this far unless you make tons of kills.

The Game:


Start with the regrowth pendant for, obviously, health regen. Boots are also a smart option. Your choice really depends on how aggressively you play. If you want to start off by dancing around and shoving other players back, then boots might be a better choice. The second item is whichever you didn't buy first. Usually I go for the regrowth pendant first and hide in the bushes, using cleaver to snipe last hits. Depending on your lane this may work to keep players away from creeps, or at the very least keep them guessing how to keep creeps between them and your cleaver. With the regrowth pendant your cleaver throws cost almost nothing, you get 15+ health back from regen masteries, runes, and the pendant by the time the cooldown ends. With your cleaver costing nearly nothing you should use it as much as possible. If you can hit champs then do so, but don't worry too much about it early game. Remember also that if you take damage to fall back. At the start don't feel like you are invincible just because you have health regen. I usually fall back if I hit 300 hp, stepping up only to throw a cleaver. Right at the start you will be going for last hits and gold until you can buy Warmogs. Once Warmogs is bought work on cleaning up lanes with Burning Agony. Essentially after lvl 6 you are a minion slaying maniac, which works perfectly for Warmogs. For boots at this point you should get either Boots of Swiftness, or Mercury's Treads. You'll know which, I'm sure.

Mid Game

Work on killing minions and pushing lanes. If there are a lot of team fights try to join in, but remember to kill minions along the way. This depends heavily on your team's build as well. If you feel that your team can handle themselves in fights then let them fight while you push a lane. Remember, teams don't want to lose their turrets, so if you push then one or two of the other team's champs are likely to split and head for you. This is why Mundo is perfect for pushing, usually 1 champ can't take you down. Also, Mundo has absurd speed and cc reduction. At this point of the game it is important to know your limitations, and to know when the enemy is close. Make sure your Sadism can be used before attacking a turret, it is your escape plan. Wards might be helpful too if you are feeling unsure of ganks, but I rarely buy them. Here is the sequence of escaping, Sadism, Burning Agony on, cleaver if you can slow someone, then ghost for a final burst. More often than not this will get you out of any trouble unhurt. If they have a lot of cc then Mercury's Treads and your Burning Agony will reduce them to almost nothing. At this point try to have Randuin's Omen as well, as it has a chance of slowing champs when they hit you. If you have Shurelya's Reverie then activate it for another boost. If you feel you have plenty of health move to another lane using teleport, or just run there.

End Game

Start focusing on team fights if they aren't happening around you. Essentially you have the mobility and power to finish off, or chase away, the AP champs that are trying to sit back. With your Masochism you will be doing tons of dmg and healing. Cleaver works best on tanks, mainly those who stack hp. With Hextech Gunblade you will be regaining massive amounts of health with each cleaver hit and attack with Masochism. With the armor and MR from items you should last a long time in battles, but if you find your health dropping rapidly then step back for a few seconds and jump in again. Try to position yourself in the middle of the battle where your Burning Agony will do the most dmg. Your true time to shine is when a few of the enemy champs are dead and watching their teammates run away. As Mundo you can catch almost anyone with your ult up, and deal a few more hits and cleavers while your team catches up. Work on mastering the cleaver as a way to prevent champs from running away. Don't forget to use your Hextech and Randuin's to slow people. All of this will add up to gobs of assists/kills. Don't feel bad if you only get assists, as you get most of the gold needed to buy items from farming minions early and mid game.