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League of Legends Build Guide Author GarxceR

Mundo the immortal (3vs3 Guide)

GarxceR Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my very first guide!, Im not done with this guide, so more to come in the future.

"Notice: When you got Boots, Visage and Omen you will be almost unstoppable" Since mundo get alot of kills+assists and few deaths, its not a problem to buy expensive good items. "If you think your doing well with the first 3 items, you can get Warmogs before Guardian Angel" I useally go GA before Warmogs (Reason: You can be really aggro and they will be scared of you) The purchase order is up to yourself, but I strongly recommend that you get Spirit visage before lvl 6. I often get Visage around lvl 4-5.

Other summoner spells you could get:
Cleanse, Rally, Exhaust or Flash
Forget other spells
(Rally is really great for FB, some extra Melee Dmg, if you spec rally it also gives AP)
Flash is also great, no need for more explain.
Exhaust can be great if you want to chase/run away.
Cleanse is awesome if you face CC enemys.

The reason that I pick Ghost and Ignite is Good chance of getting kills and easy to get away with ulti on (which also gives movementspeed) and Ghost.
You can get those spells thats above, its really up to what you prefer.

You should not get Teleport, because you can stay in lane forever and you dont need it on 3vs3 map.


With Omen and Warmogs you will get alot of health regen, around 100-150 hp/5. This is a great combo with the ulti on, with other words: You cant die! If the enemy team got Ignite / Executioners Calling then you can die, so watch out for that spell/Item.

As you can see above Ive only came up with 5 items
The 6th item depends on what you face, if you face heavy melees like Master Yi or Tryndamere then go with Thornmail. If you face AP champs, grab Force Of Nature.
You can get Atmas Impaler instead of Thornmail or Force Of nature, but Ive would strongly recommend to go with one of them.

Dont swap Spirit visage with any item! Its your main item, it gives you CdR so you can spam Q more often (Cleaver) It also increase your ultis healing alot.

How I play Mundo:(First of all, play solo)

Early game:

As mundo I get firstblood 90% of all matches I play as him
This is how you do it: Boots will help you to chase down your enemys. Spam your Q and get close so you can get a auto attack, continue with your Q and finish the champ with Ignite. Congratz, you got 400 gold! Its that easy

You can go back and grab Ruby Crystall, or you can stay in lane until you can buy the whole thing (Spirit Visage)

When Dr.Mundo hit lvl 6: At this point you dont need to go back for health.
Your ulti will fix your problem, and dont worry about useing the ultimate, the cooldown is 50-40 seconds.


One thing you should keep in mind: You should not go into combat without your ulti ready, unless your really sure that you can get the enemy + get away. Dr.Mundo is a great halftank and harass/killmachine. Dont be defensive as Mundo, go into battle, your a beast with alot of health and serious damage.

This can save your ***

If your unlucky and face enemys with Ignite "Switch Thornmail/Force of nature/Atmas Impaler with Quicksilver Sash" The Sash removes all DoTs (Damage over time) the cooldown on Sash is about 1 minute.

With 1min cd on Sash and 50-40sec on your ulti + slow from Q and Omen, you will be a big threat.


Get the dragon before the enemy team! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Riot have increased the gold you get from dragon. You get around 240-280 for it (All teammates get gold aswell) You also get a great crit buff that last for some minutes. You should also get the Lizardbuff, unless its someone on the team that needs it more. Dr.Mundo is able to take the dragon at lvl 8-9 (Without smite)


Boots of swiftness is not a must, you could swap it for either Mercury or Tabi. This depends on what champs you meet.


Dont spam your cleaver unless your pretty sure that you will hit, early game you will basically kill yourself if you miss too much. Lategame this should not be a problem.


Hope this guide was useful to you! Post comments below, im open for any comments (Negative or Positive) "Im sorry if it was some grammar mistakes in this guide, but as Ive written already, its my first guide"
Thats about what you need to know | GL and Kill some enemys that gets Greedy ;P