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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gabriel

Mundo the Invincible

Gabriel Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First build please be kind, it works for me quite well.

Sorry for no pretty pictures and symbols or colored text. I simply wish to share my build with the LoL community and see more tough mundo players out there. Sadly enough I dont see many good mundos, and that needs to change :-) He is an amazing champion.

***Very gold intensive build, usually wont finish the last items until 40+ minutes***

I know I picked 7 items, during long lasting games I drop boots for phantom dancer.

Boots should be your second purchase, always start with ruby crystal and work for the spirit visage, then boots. After boots you maybe choose which armor you want first, If you are facing AD in your lane go for warmogs, if you are facing AP in your lane, go Force of Nature. Sunfire helps a great bit because it stacks with burning agony.

Stacking health and health regen is the key stat for this build, mundo is one of the only tanks viable for "regen tanking" because of his already amazing passive, and his insane ultimate ability. After getting all three chestpeices you wont even need to back anymore unless you have gold for more items, his passive regen will heal you plenty fast.

I suggest farming all neutral buffs if possible, lizard, golem, and dragon. Red and blue buff make your life much easier in fights, and dragon helps pay for the expensive item build.

I personally dont bother with guardian angel because I typcially dont die late game. Play smart and your deaths will be in the single digits even after an hour long match.

Certain item changes are situational, for instance I would rather get thornmail instead of the banshee's veil for a AD heavy team. Or Ninja tabi instead of merc threads for AD heavy teams.

With this build and some smart playing you will be very difficult to kill by ANYONE, with ult you can survive anything, I have been focused by the whole team in late game team battles and ult'd through it.

I go with ghost and flash for chasing and fleeing, stacked with Mundo's ult, ghost is the best choice for either scenario.

People like to play mundo as DPS and that is fine but I find that with the Cleaver, Burning Agony, and Masochism, I do plenty of damage to any champion.

This build works best when paired with a ranged carry early game. I suggest Ashe or anyone with a stun.

In the group fights its important to draw as much attention to yourself as you can, mundo doesnt deal alot of dps but he does tend to create a panic when he runs headlong into a group, if you can draw enough attention, the dps of your team should be able to pickup some kills before you go down if you go down at all.
I tend to run for the squishy casters with all moves blazing this creates a distraction that their tanks/dps cannot ignore so long as you lead the charge before an enemy tank makes a similiar move your party should be protected from the same thing happening to them and they should be free to pick off the enemy dps classes.

Dr. Mundo is capable of taking large amounts of damage when stacked right and Sadism has the potential to be the largest healing spell in the game, the only problem is mundo has no stun and no taunt so you really have to run ahead of the party in order to draw their fire, if you play a team that simply wont hit you, its possible for him to deal enough dps to bring down squishy heroes but in order to secure victory this build really needs to be absorbing most of the enemies punishment.

In the beginning of the game it is vital that your team controls runes. Be sure to either get a Lizard buff on your physical DPS champions or a good ganking champion for first blood. You can also get Golem buff if your team has a powerful early game caster such as Anivia, Annie or Karthus. If you suspect that the enemy team will be doing their own Lizard/Golem, you and your teammates can surprise them by hiding in their brush until minions spawn. Be sure to drop a rally as you initiate the fight and use exhaust on their carries or fleeing champions. Dragon will also be easy to take down due to cleaver and rally.

You will want to take either the top or bottom lane because you benefit so much from being able to toss cleavers out of the brush. In addition, you can easily throw cleavers into the brush if you suspect enemy champions are hiding from you. Use your Infected Cleaver to get easy last hits on minions and constantly harass your opponents. Masochism is also a very useful farming tool.

If an enemy champion gets too close to you, hit him with an Infected Cleaver and Masochism combo to deal a significant amount of damage. If the other enemies are weary of you (they should be) and stay out of your melee range, toss cleavers at them slightly to the left or right. You always want to lead your target because chances are he will try to juke your cleaver tosses. By throwing to the right or left, there is a 50/50 chance he will move into your cleaver.

Once you hit level 6, you should attempt to gank enemy champions and begin controlling dragon. Infected Cleaver deals brutal damage to dragon due to its large amount of health and you should take advantage of this. When ganking a champion, hide in the river and pop your ultimate for the increased move speed. Start off with a cleaver and activate Burning Agony. Use exhaust and Masochism when it is up and your enemy should fall very quickly.

Make sure you or your teammates ward key locations such as river, dragon and runes. If the enemy has a stealth hero be sure to buy vision wards for your lanes.

Mid Game:
During the mid game phase, you will want to continue ganking and begin pushing towers. Masochism will help you push down towers very quickly and you should also have a Warmog's Armor at this point. Continue to dragon and control neutral buffs with your teammates to gain a huge advantage over your enemy team.

I suggest using your ultimate before you enter a team fight. Chances are, when the enemy sees a Mundo with Burning Agony running into the fray, someone is going to throw a stun/disable at you. Therefore, it is imperative that you already have Sadism on because it might be the only chance you get. Run immediately for their heavy damage dealers, such as a physical carry like Twitch or an AoE caster like Fiddlesticks. Toss an Infected Cleaver right in their face and attempt to take them down as quickly as possibly with the help of Exhaust. You will also want to plant a Rally near your team at the start of a team fight.

End Game:
At this point, you should have your core build and you will be utilizing the same strategy during team fights that you used earlier in the game. However, your opponents may have an executioner's calling later in the match and your regeneration will be severely crippled. It is important that you watch your health and bail out while you regenerate if your health becomes too low. You aren't like other tanks that can stun half the team or become nearly invincible with certain spells. Mundo will not be useful if he just runs in and dies too quickly. Therefore, have the main tank initiate then enter the battle with your ultimate and burning agony on. Once you see your health fall past 40%, move away a bit and see if any enemies chase you. If they do, you have done your job and your teammates can help to take them down. Once your health returns a bit and the enemies shift their focus from you, enter the fray once more.

If you are the primary tank, you will want to initiate with cleavers and try to slow a target so your teammates can pick them off easily as you enter the battle. Once again, you will run out of the battle if possible but you should be much sturdier if you optimized your tank build. I suggest only retreating if you hit less than 25% health. You may die but you will also lure a few of champions into chasing you right into the middle of your team.

Make sure if the opportunity arises that you take down Baron. Cleavers deal very good damage to him and Mundo can easily tank Nashor. Always be sure to have a ward at Baron so you can either go in for the steal or kill the weakened enemy team

Any constructive criticism is welcome.