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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by ZzPiXeLzZ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZzPiXeLzZ

Mundo: The Killer Tank

ZzPiXeLzZ Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here's my first build. A mundo build. Since the patch that removed him as a tank I haven't seen much of him. When I do its usually a dps build, sometimes they work because everyone knows that Mundo can have some crazy movement speed and damage with his cleaver, as well has his Masochism adds major damage and when you have high max health and you are low on health. Please bare with me and I hope i can help those first time mundo's get that build to have fun with. Let pm me if you have questions or leave a comment i will do my best to help anyone and describe things in more detail if you need it. But lets get to the details of the build (the really good stuff).

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Pros / Cons


  • Fast health regen
  • Good farmer
  • Good harasser
  • Can be built tanky dps, tank, dps. :)
  • Can kite the whole team if done right.
  • Fun to mess around and test his limits.


  • Ignite is your worst enemy
  • Not very fast early game
  • Not much cleaver damage early game.
  • not much survivabilty till 6(ult is ur blue pill).

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Runes are dependant on your playing style of Mundo. I play him as tank and tank regen. So my runes are usually either health per level runes or health regen per level, or a combo of the two. You could use dps runes as an alternative if you want to test mundo's strength. Starting out with regen runes and a regrowth pendant your health regen can be up in the mid 20s or low 30's. If you like to play early game get the flat health or flat regen runes. Quints can be many different runes, its just a playing style to give you more health, regen or even movement speed for your early levels (if you feel that your too slow early game).

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Masteries can change if you build dps or tank. For tank i use defensive tree and utility tree to get extra experience and the ghost. Using the Defensive tree is helpful for some extra armor, dodge chance and health. If you go dps i suggest doing the standard 21/0/9 masteries. It will help with your crit's damage and piercing. But once again its your playing style and skill level that will determine how your masteries are setup.

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The 3 ITEM'S you should always get to help mundo with health, regen and M.R. First warmogs to get it fully stacked early as possible. Then get spirit visage, then mercury tread's this will help with your ult, warmogs and some reduction on all cc's and a little bit M.R.

The last three items are dependant on how good your doing, as well as who is doing good on the enemy's team. A big help against ad carry's is thornmail, a big help against ap casters is force of nature. You can get the starks fervor if you want some attack speed and some health regen not to mention some nice life steal when you pop your e. Everyone has a different playing style and different skill level. Mundo is good for just a hard to kill tank, turret diver for that one that almost got away.

Other Items

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity (CR for ult and cleaver)
    Stark's Fervor
    Banshee's Veil (For the life saver passive)
    Frozen Mallet (passive slow, health and damage){tanky dps}
    Sunfire Cape (health, armor and good synergy with burning agony)
    Randumen's Omen (good active if you want dps and kills, health regen)

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is quite obivious as your cleaver is a great harasser ability. So start with that then get a point in Masochism. Level up cleaver and Masochism till level 5 then get your blue pill :). Finish off your cleaver, if you have enough health regen then get one point into burning agony to help with some dps for minion kills. As you level up make sure to put a point into your ult when it comes around. Finish off Masochism then finish burning agony. Once you play once or twice as mundo it will get easier. The more fun you have playing him the better you get :)

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells can change depending on your playing style, but I think ghost is a major plus. I like to have ignite to save me from tower diving someone almost dead or a healer in a team fight. It helps for kills for you or your teammates. Ghost is another good summoner spell it slows and reduces damage from all incoming sources. Some times Flash is a good spell for that instant gain or over the wall teleport to run away. Fortify, heal, clairvoyance and cleanse are also good spells for support/tank characters.

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Team Work / Soloing


Teamwork is a HUGE thing when playing mundo. A perfectly timed cleaver can save a teammate or slow an enemy running away enough to get that kill. Because mundo can be extreemely tanky and take a massive amount of damage you have to have your team ready to help to finish off those pesky squishy fairly easy. With your slow you can deal a nice deal of damage and also slow, which is great to harass a squishy to make him/her run back to get that push on your lane. Laning with teammate with a stun, snare or another slow you can get some nice damage output if your lvl 2 or 3 with your cleavers and Masochism (low health will make it do more damage ;).

Soloing(2v1)/ Mid

You may ask why I put mid. If you have a very good percentage of hits with your cleaver you can send anyone mid running. The faster and more last hits you get with it the faster you get your ult. I have done with mundo as a joke and I went positive and had mid down before my outside lanes. Its fun to test mundo and push him to his limits. 2v1 is difficult when you are against a ranged and heavy dps. But if you get that squishy out of the way with your sniping cleaver shots ;) you can send the heavy dps to a world of hurt =). A big thing with cleavers is to make sure if you miss your champion, aim for a minion behind them as well, a miss will hurt you (sometimes) more than the champions attacks. Especially if you are spamming cleavers early levels.

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To finish off I'll just say you can alter and get different items he really isn't item dependent but if you build tank get your warmogs first and your boots and spirit visage. Your last 3 items are only dependent on who you will have to worry about in the end. Have fun, play well and don't rage it takes the fun out of the game. Especially since you if you go tank build you will be the initiater for team fights. Leave Comments on my mistakes and if you like it. I will do my best to keep this up-to-date as i have seen so many builds from the old patches and it just isn't helpful. I will also try to get pictures of my stats. If you pm me with fixes or your scores I'll gladly put them up. I hope this helps those who wanted to try a mundo build.