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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wag

Mundo: When Health just isn't enough.

Wag Last updated on July 14, 2010
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Hey everyone. This is my first build. I hope it makes sense and I hope people enjoy it.

I'm a big Mundo fan. Really big. I'm also a huge fan of the "Mundomania is running wild, brother By FiatVictrix" build right here on Mobafire. But as I played his build I sometimes ran into issues. I loved when I could count on the rest of the team to pull their weight and allow me to pick up the Atma's Impaler and the Fancy Dancer (err Phantom Dancer) but there were time when I simply needed more help than the single Warmog's was able to give. I have tried to refine the build into more of a tank style Mundo who still can hit hard when things get close.

For that, a couple of tweaks were needed.

Here I have not chosen to include any additional Attack speed or Crit Chance. Instead relying on the crit chance from runes and a slight boost to crit damage with quintessence. Weighing in at nearly 20% chance from level 1 still has its benefits throughout the game.

The remaining runes remain the same as the Mundomania build. (which I still recommend unaltered with a good team)

The items differ with the addition of a Force of Nature and a Thornmail and the eventual replacement of the Doran's shield with a second Warmogs. Depending on the opponents (heavy AP vs heavy melee) the Thornmail could be replaced with a 2nd Force of Nature which would boost your Regen to nearly 300 HP per 5 seconds. The benefit of the high regen rate is that it makes it feel like you have used your ult when you haven't and when you do use your ult, it nearly makes you invincible.

For summoner Spells I actually prefer to keep it simple with Ghost and Heal

I know that people shy away from heal, but early game coupled with your Spirit Visage, the healing you get from the summoner heal can be life vs death or kill vs be killed.

If you are comfortable without heal, I would highly recommend Exhaust as it will go even farther in keeping you alive vs more than one high damage melee if the 2 v 1 situation arises.

If Exhaust isn't your bag, then cleanse is a equally good way of keeping you alive. Enabling Mundo to run away from anyone. Coupled with ghost and your ult, you can run away from a 5 v 1 situation without breaking a sweat. Usually popping the ult is enough without ghost's extra speed boost.

Leveling Mundo:

This build is really only in real danger the first four levels. Starting with the Doran's shield gives you just enough health to use your cleaver often, but if you are up in the midst of the fighting, you are likely to loose a few extra hitpoints. The Doran's shield hardly does a good enough job of keeping you healthy early game so I recommend a pot right off the bat to go with it. This will enable you to take a couple extra risks early game.

Getting your Dodge boots and spirit visage will go a long way to survivability with the extra regen provided. Usually you can get these items before level 6 as last hitting is a relatively easy thing to accomplish between your cleaver and Masochism.

Depending who you are laning with at the start you may be spending a lot of time at their tower (not good for Mundo) or a lot of time at your tower (very good for Mundo.) When at their tower it is good to continue to get last hits with your cleaver and when necessary hang out in the edge of the bushes. The tactic is similar at your own tower except you will be cleavering the end of the brush regularly to ensure that there inst anyone there.

Once you're spirit visage and boots are complete and your ult is ready you should be a force to be reckoned with. When ever you are near creeps, be sure you are using your Masochism as often as possible and using your cleaver to last hit creeps out of reach. Continue making your Warmogs which will push your regen rate into the 100+ hp per 5 seconds.

This is the point where your decision must be made. To go the true heavy hitter Mundo from Mundomania. Or the survivable tank who can hold his own 1 v 1 and sometimes 2 v 1. If you find that you are being more the meat shield but don't want to give up too many kills, you may find this build to your liking.

At this point you must look at the other team and decide if you need the extra regen for farming the magic resist against their casters, or if you need more protection from the likes of Jax or Trynd or Yi who whatever annoying bugs come buzzing around. In most cases you will have to identify the bigger threat and get items accordingly. Most games will have you getting both the Thornmail and Force of Nature to round out the build and survivability but in the rare occasion that Thornmail isn't required the 2nd Force of Nature (after your 2nd Warmogs of course) will render you impervious to their focus fire.

Endgame with this build you can let your Burning Agony continue to run while still regening a small degree. Turn it off and you can regen at a rate of 250 - 300 hp per five seconds which will allow you to run away for ten or fifteen seconds and then turn around and destroy your attacker leaving them scratching their head about what happened.

This Build also makes incredibly good bait. There is no better bait for a hungry and greedy team than a big piece of meat, and there isn't a bigger piece of meat than Mundo. Even when you run into their entire team you can usually make it out alive with the reduced stun from Burning Agony and increased regen both innate and from your ult. Even a well placed heal can make the difference in a team-fight where you were ambushed in this fashion.

With this build, even when you are stunned, slowed, ignighted, exhausted,and rooted you can still live a long time. You will be very hard to kill.

Additionally, you can still expect to crit relatively often and crits can reach into the upper five and into six hundred's.

I guess with 4600 Hitpoints... maybe health is enough. Gaining back at least fifty Hitpoints per second probably doesn't hurt though.