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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Thales454

Mundo's ABC of Success.

Mundo's ABC of Success.

Updated on April 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thales454 Build Guide By Thales454 24 7 51,535 Views 28 Comments
24 7 51,535 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Thales454 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Thales454 Updated on April 26, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo


You guys may not know this, but I consider myself... a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack. But when I found out about the Mobafire community, I knew it was one of my own. And my wolf pack, it grew by thousands.

Which means that we are not alone... and we stand united against our foes no matter how they rank our guides or label ourselves we are but a wolf pack! Our will and our wisdom compete against our opponents and not against ourselves... can not know everything, but one can add to everything.

Inspired from the "Wolf Pack" speech in "The Hangover", by Alan.

With that in mind, lets move to the next chapter.

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This guide contains high doses of sarcasm, like this one ifuseewutididthere. Prolly lots of misspellinggs, nasty humor, bad language and f**k loads of fun with your favorite memes. All together and not necessarily in this particular order. You'll sh*t bricks after reading all this guide, I guarantee you. Also, this author doesn't give a flying chainsaw about your thoughts on your CDE being better than my ABC.


Otherwise this would be endless...

  • HOW TO CS PROPERLY: Learn Here -> By Mowen.

  • HOW TO CONTROL YOUR LANE/ZONE: Learn Here -> By Mowen.

  • HOW TO BAIT: The answer lies inside your .

  • HOW TO WARD PROPERLY: Learn Here -> By Panglot & By Hahano.

  • HOW TO AVOID GANKS: This answer also lies inside your .

  • HOW TO CHECK THE MINI MAP EACH 5s OR SO: This answer actually lies on your mini map. Yeah, that squarish square at the bottom right of your screen with glowing mobile dots. Thou shalt not see dead pixels in there whatsoever.

  • HOW TO TIME BUFFS/SPAWNS: Learn Here -> By Xenasis & By Hahano.

  • WHEN TO START AT BLUE OR RED: Learn Here -> By Xenasis.


  • HOW TO HAVE PRESENCE: Learn Here -> By Hahano.

  • WHEN TO ROAM/GANK/INVADE/DIVE: Learn Here -> By Xenasis & By Hahano.

  • HOW TO COUNTER JUNGLE: Learn Here -> By Xenasis & By Hahano.

  • HOW TO RECOVER FROM A COUNTER JUNGLE: Learn Here -> By Xenasis & By Hahano.

  • HOW TO COUNTER PICK: Learn Here -> By Slappiz.


Now fasten your seat belts and enjoy the highways to heaven!

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It is said that the man now known as Dr. Mundo was born without any sort of conscience. Instead, he had an unquenchable desire to inflict pain through experimentation. By the time he was five, most of the pets in the Zaun neighborhood where Mundo grew up had gone missing. By his teenage years, his parents were nowhere to be found. By the time he had legally acquired his license to practice medicine, he had been acquitted of thirty-eight separate charges of murder by the Zaun authorities; the lack of evidence made prosecution impossible. Dr. Mundo has become equal parts serial killer and mad scientist, though no one is entirely sure how his butchery qualifies as science. However, he has made tremendous strides in mapping the pain response in the human brain and body, going so far as being able to suppress it, even in the most excruciating of circumstances. He has also tapped into the primal parts of the brain through chemistry, learning how to enhance aggression and adrenaline, as well as dulling conscience and the survival instinct. In short, Dr. Mundo's life's work has been how to create the perfect science-enhanced killer. Unfortunately, the city-state of Noxus regards such behavior as a sign of initiative and ambition, rather than inhumanity. Originally fighting for Zaun, Dr. Mundo was recruited to also fight for Noxus in the League of Legends; the Madman dual faction status represents the fruits of a blossoming relationship between Zaun and Noxus. He continues his experiments to this day, even using himself as an experimental subject, as evidenced by his disfigured appearance and his... unique manner of speaking. There are rumors that the High Command in Noxus has given him free reign to pursue his life's work in his spare time.

Beware the Madman of Zaun. In his eyes, you are already dead.



I hope not...

Ready... Set... Go!

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Alright so, first things first: In my honest opinion, each champion should be played in order to exploit their own strengths so that we make use of their UNIQUE playing styles to use it against our enemies.

This guide is the 1st of a series of guides made by myself about my favorite champions. NO they won't be better than this guide simply because MUNDO IS THE BEST.I'll be covering every single aspect of the champion that a player needs to know about how do I PLAY them against any foe according to MY INTERPRETATION of game play (which is mostly filled with fun and enthusiasm).

I started by this guide as a tribute to my most beloved champion and before you ask, YES I have the Corporate Mundo skin and he SMASHES LIKE A BOSS!!!

It's the best skin in game IMO, I laugh my *** off just looking at that 8 foot tall blue hulk, with his bluish muddy hair and green sunglasses talking to a white brick alike cellphone on his pink shirts, grey pants and purple tie throwing freaking suitcases and paper files at your enemies...

... and when it hits... OH WHEN IT HITS... there goes that *SPLASH* sound echoing through your ears as you feel his sadistic rage pulsing through his bloody Cleaver on every swing at his foes, using his golden watch to keep up with his perfect timing!

As you can see, is so perfect that he just used all available colors from Moba's color pallet as he pleased. I say gives us everything we need to win games, so lets take a closer look at what he has to offer, shall we?

Hair: To look appealing enough to the young support ladies with that good-looking teenage boy hair. Very manly.

Sunglasses: To simply walk away after imploding his enemies with . Because cool guys don't look at explosions.

Cellphone: To call for MIAs and GANKs. Only when he pleases, of course.

Shirt: To look as attractive as he can. The perfect bait.

Skin: To avoid mis-confusions with Hulk. Hulk's not even half as cool as , he ain't got no !

Tie: To keep up with the bossy look no matter how entropic his environment is.

Pants: A pink shirt's best friend. Truly outrageous.

Watch: To keep track of his coold owns, cuz after all, he regains 70% of his HP each minute with LIKE A BOSS!

Suitcase and paper files: To throw at his enemy's face when he pleases and avoid ganks or gank like the true madman of Zaun that he is. Real terror.

Next please...

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The 10 Summoner Commandments

1 - Thou shalt not feed.

2 - Thou shalt not surrender.

3 - Thou shalt not change the core build.

4 - Thou shalt only change the Masteries according to the Masteries Chapter.

5 - Thou shalt only change the Runes according to the Runes Chapter.

6 - Thou shalt only choose 2 Summoner Spells according to the Summoner Spells Chapter. But beware of the living!

7 - Thou shalt level the skills properly according to the Skill Priorities Chapter.

8 - Thou shalt use to KS. Hard.

9 - Thou shalt use when pleases.

10 - Thou shalt obey and repeat Corporate Mundo's 20 Commandments daily.

Corporate Mundo's 20 Commandments

When attacking:

1 - "Mundo never merge! Mundo acquire!"

2 - "Mundo send them on corporate retreat!"

3 - "Mundo smash like a boss!"

4 - "Mundo downsize what he pleases"

5 - "Mundo give beat down in triplicate!"

6 - "Time for Mundo to make cuts!"

7 - "Mundo outsource your FACE!"

When moving:

8 - "Mundo never fly coach."

9 - "Mundo check his schedule."

10 - "Mundo say greed is good!"

11 - "Mundo enforce corporate policy."

12 - "Mundo do hostile takeover."

13 - "Mundo eat TPS report."

14 - "Mundo say 'you're fired'!"

15 - "Mundo king of office romance!"

When using:

16 - "Mundo sell!"

17 - "Mundo file!"

When joking:

18 - "Mundo runs international corporation as he pleases."

When taunting:

19 - "Yahhh, Mundo going to need you to come in on Saturday."

20 - "Mundo's ABC's of success: Always Be Cleaving."

Now lets move on, shall we?

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Here's where I'll teach you what not to pick as your Summoner Spells. There are the only 4 "acceptable" Summoner Spells for , in MY opinion. Lets check them out and understand why:

Minor Summoner Spells:

Getting is not your job. is a carry/initiator and so you need the right Summoner Spells to back you up on your way to glory. Let this for your Support. If nobody gets , well, you will be no exception. Just reinforce your game awareness by checking the mini map more frequently and make sure you are using as often as possible, as stated at the end of the Skill Priorities Chapter. Don't forget to keep track over all vital points through the map by placing Sight Ward whenever possible. With all this information in mind, you should be fearless and ready for battle.

No on , fight fire with fire. Buy and activate to become unstoppable with 60% CC reduction for UNLIMITED TIME (or as far as your HP goes if your HP/5 is low). There is no reason at all to get over or . Also, shouldn't buy since has very few item slots to boost his offensive power and you should never get over nor stack them. So and are completely useless for , in MY opinion.

If you plan on supporting with , only take if your Ranged AD doesn't have it. was widely used on back when used to take 50% from your current health making sure you would remain alive in the meantime, pretty much like 's , since 30% isn't quite safe. You could go from 1% to 100% HP in 6s. But since 's revamp, we no longer use , which is quite good, because now we can go for a more "bruiser oriented build", instead of full tank + 1 DPS item. Now can actually force the enemy team to focus him, instead of being ignored due to his low utility/damage without .

I see no reasons to pick other than suiciding to a turret at lvl 1 without being hit by the enemy, benefit from 's bonus and gank/counter jungle like a madman for 2 minutes hoping to get an early game kill. Which you should be already doing if you had . Plus, has a 9 minutes cooldown, which means that, in an average 30mins game, you can't use it more than 3 times. That's why is too far away to be come a profitable Summoner Spell.

is 100% useless on . You gain no benefits from the AP bonus and +35% Attack Speed would grant you nothing but 1 more hit at your enemy during lane phase, since you only have gaps for quick trade-offs. out DPS is so many aspects that it's not even funny on . is ranged. reduces healing. does pretty much the same damage as will. also has the exactly same cooldown than . So no for .

Major Summoner Spells:

Although I can't hide my love for , there are way better choices for . If you're laning, pick only if you're new to , feeling unsecure about how much you can take/give until you get more comfortable with 's game play. Now if you're jungling, I still wouldn't recommend getting over since it's very hard to succeed in a gank, given that you have no Hard CC and usually fulfills that role even when they away, buying you enough time to refresh the timer on to close the gaps.

is such an overrated Summoner Spell on . Of course it's better than since you can outrun them over time. But has a much better version of , which is . lasts for 12s, is a BUILT IN ability and it's cooldown is 3.23x FASTER than (without CDR), making your BEST chasing tool. Taking just to stack with is a complete waste since most of the times you target will be already dead before effect ends and you can outrun anyone with + . + is just overkill since team fights don't happen more often then once each minute and neither last longer than 12s.

NO, you can't jungle without . NO, doesn't fall off during early, mid or late game. is your one and only reliable mechanism to STEAL and SECURE buffs and Dragons. Only do Dragon/Baron if you are 120% sure about securing it's kill without . Since 's jungle is quite fast with , I like saving to counter jungle as hard as I can. Placing wards on the enemy jungle's Red Buff and timing it precisely might grant you over 80% Red Buff uptime, which is quite handy for your ganks and a pretty big annoyance for Red Buff dependable junglers like: , , , , , , , etc.

I've won countless games by back dooring hard, setting up ganks, stealing Dragons and saving turrets from destruction with 's help. But beware of your lane match up, can sustain himself with for a pretty long time in lane. This means that you won't be using as much as with other champions during mid game. It's utility comes down to pre and late game, when you need to take an inhibitor down. Other than this, you'll only be using to contest Dragons and to hold your lanes, so I might add you won't oftenly use your more than 3 times in a match. While you would be spamming every 3mins otherwise.

's by far, your best friend in therms of output damage, helping you secure kills, which would otherwise, be impossible. Happy is fed , but you gotta "cook the meat" before eating. has a pretty short cooldown which means you should be attempting kills at least once, each time gets off of cooldown. Remember that 's power lies on timing. If you too early, your enemy will simply run away. But if used too late, you won't benefit from it's full damaging potential. Nonetheless, you gotta know when to in order to prevent your foes from healing, if they have healing abilities or .

is your best friend. If you're going to lane, is a MUST. With you can easily turn a lost duel into a win or at least even things out, so you can and finish off your injured foes with when pleases. 's also used to setup ganks. + will assure your kills if done right and it's the best gap closer you can have. can also be used to nullify a fed enemy's damage during a team fight, buying enough time so YOUR carries can do their job without dying. Remember, has no hard CCs, which means that the only way of helping your carries is killing the enemy first.

So as you've already noticed, you're left with only 3 viable Summoner Spells for laning . While jungling, you're left with only have 1 option, nothing else. Running the right Summoner Spells on is crucial, as I've illustrated above. We must give nothing but the best. Which are:






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In this section, we'll be analyzing all useful masteries for and compare their PROS and CONS. So lets get started:

Offensive Tree:

This is the best Mastery Tree for , regardless of how hard you try to prove otherwise. gets nothing but the best masteries available for his role, which is: to go in, kill the carries and come back alive.

Lets do a quick research about Mundo's background:

is a sadistic f**ker who likes to provoke his enemies. Poking with his cleavers and retaliating whenever possible, until they start to fall deeper and deeper into a berserker state of burning anger; so when the trigger pulls; they'll either quit the game or commit suicide by going into a reckless solo battle. And you'll be ready to tear them apart, breaking every single bone from their body on each swing from your cleaver, making them regret being born.

And once you get the first kill, you'll start to snow ball out of control. You already broke into your enemies' mind, delivering unbearable doses of psychological pressure; completely vanishing their last dreams of hope. They've crossed the point of no return. You've become their worst nightmare. You'll feast on their fear to grow stronger. From then and on, it's just a matter of time until they surrender to all the pain and agony surrounding their souls as the clock ticks, spiraling to a vicious cycle through the depths of hell.

At this point suiciding is no longer an option, but their only way to freedom from this doomed life. And it's already too late to call for help. The monster inside you has grown stronger than ever and it's time to carry your team to glory. Because TODAY, brothers and sisters, Noxus has prevailed!

But little do they know that their real torment has just begun...

So yeah... as you can see, I'm pretty damn sure about the powers granted by the Offensive Tree as far as carrying and snow balling is concerned on high damage dealing champions like . With all of that in mind I hope you understand how important it is to apply as much pressure as possible in order get the best out of your lane. Strong early game champions should abuse their strength, in order to excel in their roles. They'll also benefit from pretty much all masteries from the Offensive Tree, empowering 's potential, making sure to ROFLSTOMPS whoever he pleases.

Now, before we start going through all masteries, lets get in the MOOD for it! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Mr. Richard Cheese going Down With The Sickness.

"Madness is the gift that has been given to me."

Is this madness?


This mastery is a MUST HAVE. For only 1 point you'll be granted true damage through during early levels and +5 AD bonus from once it's on cooldown, which translates for +10 Critical Damage each swing.

A pretty solid mastery to boost our early game firepower and jungle speed.

You have only , which is a 20% AP scaling ability, so that's a no go.

This mastery is actually good early on, but is better.

This is a must, in order to acquire , but the 4% Attack Speed doesn't really make much of a difference.

Extra cooldown reduction never hurts, but unfortunately, we have no more points to spare in here.

This mastery is actually quite powerful early on for a single point.

AD is never enough and this mastery is also a must in order to unlock .

Great mastery, provides around 4 additional Armor Penetration against squishies and over 10 against tanks.

This is actually a good choice since 2 out of your 3 damage dealing abilities work with Magic damage, but since it's worse than and give that we had no more points to spare in , this would be a no.

Still better than and , but worse than Demolition. That's the reason why we'll leave it at 2/3

Solid mastery, since 10% out of your 700 Critical Damages translates to additional 70 damage, for only 1 point.

3% Life Steal is not better than the previous masteries, so I say no.

YES! This is what will make your shine during lane phase, simply because it makes you hit like a truck when you're fighting against squishies. Totally worth it.

This mastery is pretty damn good for turning living beings into ground beefs.

Defensive Tree:

Having an edge on the Defensive Tree is way more effective than Utility Tree. You already have to chase your enemies, so NO, you don't need Red Buff. You should be giving them for your Ranged AD Carries, so they can chase/escape effectively, since they've got none or very weak and unreliable slowing skills to close their gaps.

Also you WON'T take Blue Buff to reduce the cooldown on by 1s. So give it to your AP carries, so they can spam quicker, harass harder and oom slower.

By taking over will prove to be way more effective against harder Match ups, which would otherwise, cause you to lose your lane and fall behind, not being able to come back in time for team fights.

You'll pick in some very rare occasions, but if you want to swap that 1 point in to you can do as you please.

Since you already start with 42 Magic Resistance from , boosting it to 48 Magic Resistance won't affect your overall laning experience.

This mastery is amazingly powerful during early game, since it prevents you from taking too much creep damage and to pretty much win all trade-offs against your foes during an auto attack duel.

This is actually quite good early on. If you aggro a creep wave, this talent will reduce around 12 damage taken from minions. This mastery is only noticeable when fighting against a larger number of creeps at once. We will not be taking it for jungling either, since Wraiths and Wolves camps die quite fast with .

Great mastery since it synergizes pretty well with and .

At first sight, it might seem a pretty solid choice for , but 1 point for each 1 HP/5 is pretty ****py. Even if you specced deep into Defensive Tree, there would still be better options.

An "ok" mastery for very early game and just a complete garbage throughout the game. It's also too expensive (1 point for 1 damage reduction). It's worse than . Don't take it. It's a trap.

Awesome mastery for only 1 point, this is also a MUST have in order to improve your early game potential.

An improved . Still ****py though.

This mastery works amazingly well with , assuring an even faster jungle speed. The only issue is that it just falls apart during mid and late game, when and are still kicking strong.

Pretty useless in MY opinion. It's only better than if your friends are helping you push the turret too, which in this case, will make no difference since it should go down anyways. Just slightly faster, like 1 less attack from 1 single champion. Nothing more.

Move Speed is always nice to have, specially on melee champions which have to get very close from the enemy in order to unload their damage. But trading for isn't worth at all.

Cooldown reduction is always welcome on any champion. However, is still not worth trading for , and 8% cooldown reduction translates roughly to just -0.5s cooldown on .

0.5% for every 1 point? Really Riot? This is the WORST Tier 5 mastery that I've ever seen. Ok, lets picture this out. You're happily wandering around all by yourself, when you walk near a random bush and it goes like this:

Now keep following me on this, uses which would hit you for 1000 damage, BUT thanks for all those 3 points into I'll only take 985 damage AND STILL DIE!

This is not bad, but tendencies are that: the higher our ELO gets, the fewer kills you get, due to their higher sense of awareness and improved game play strategies. Long story short, the less kills/assists you get, the less useful gets.

This is the only mastery that makes you think twice about going 21 into Defensive Tree. However, we should ponderate it as a whole package. Defensive Tree's kit is pretty poor compared to Offensive Tree's kit. We already got what we benefit the most during early game by taking and going further is just a waste, in MY opinion.

Utility Tree:

This tree is a complete waste on , but you can go full ****** arguing that cooldown reduction is always good for champions and those +2% Movement Speed would change your score from 0/7/1 to 7/1/0. You could also insist that starting with + would make your life way easier and that + x5 is OP.

But NO! I swear to God that if I ever caught you running x/x/21 on , I'll take the next flight to your house and throw a molotov at your window. So spare my time and save your window.

Even if you run , -15s cooldown is not worth . Unless you're planning on supporting with , you should never take .

Dying is for fool. Late game you're Chuck F**KING Norris with a Cleaver.

You have no mana poll.

Doesn't need to back to heal. Doesn't need items to carry. shops only once per match once has got enough gold for the whole build.

Corporate already runs like a boss.

You don't need Mana Regeneration.


You don't wait for gold. Gold waits for YOU. Every time throw his upwards, kills a leprechaun and gold drops from the sky. Just like that:


Chuck Testa.

Want more starting gold? Challenge them to a 1v5, recall and buy your at 1 minute mark.

If you're still wondering why you see no points in this mastery, I might already be in front of your window holding my molotov.

Finally, your Mastery Page should look like this:

Are you actually reading this at all or just searching for the end?

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When it comes down to Runes for a kitten dies every time you pick the wrong one.

Yes darling: 1 Rune, 1 kitten.

With that in mind, lets try to save as many kittens as possible from oblivion and give them a good reason to live for, so hopefully they'll die of natural causes later on... 7 times. Which reminds me that we have 24 Runes to pick, so that's roughly... 3 and half (full kittens). Now lets see what we need:

As a bruiser-like needs to be tough enough to take some hits without losing too much HP, in order to win the trade-offs. He also needs to be able to sustain his harass, at least until the end of laning phase.

If he goes full defensive Runes, in the end, it'll be the same as going full offensive Runes (as long as the laning phase lasts) cuz he'll either deal no damage or take too much damage, which will still gonna makes us lose the trade-offs. So we need a mix of both, lets see how we can make things happen:


Since Marks and Quintessences are the only good options for damage dealing (AD wise) you'll be making use of the Offensive Runes, which are:

Greater Mark of Insight


You're an AD bruiser, no matter how much you love to spam or chase with . Your job is to soak up the damage for your teammates, draw attention from the enemy carries and take the down squishies before they escape or outnumber you. With that being said, you need burst and it comes from your crits.

Greater Mark of Destruction


This Runes are just perfect for nothing! That's right, they're a whole bunch of nothingness for . They don't give enough nor enough Greater Mark of Desolation, which means that they can't help neither your physical nor your magical blows since they'll be both too weak to give your presence in lane.

Greater Mark of Alacrity


Your build gives no AS whatsoever, which makes this Runes quite appealing at first sight, but 15% from + 10% from = +25% Attack Speed. Your total Attack Speed goes from 0.96 at lvl 18 to 1.2, so... yup, nothing to be amazed with, even with the + combo.

Greater Mark of Strength


This runes usually shine during very early game, but they are just not worth since you will trade very few hits (3~5) with your enemy early on. Also we have no abilities that scale with AD, so we won't benefit much from this Runes. During mid and throughout late game this Runes completely fall behind, making Greater Mark of Desolation a much better choice for those quick pokes on .

Greater Mark of Might


Straight to the point: worthless. As I've mentioned before, you need early game pressure and even though 20 AD (Critting for 54 AD with + + + ) are slightly better than Greater Mark of Desolation during late game, they have nothing to add to your laning experience.

Greater Mark of Furor


It's a good boost to your damage since you should be running 18%~48% Crit Chance with + + . Which means you will crit for 280% damage with + + . The only problem with this runes is that they are so so so SO SO SO late game that it's not even worth using them. They're also a complete waste lane wise, so we won't taking them.

Greater Mark of Malice


This are actually pretty solid runes and the only "acceptable" change for Greater Mark of Desolation. As I've stated before, you will be trading very few hits with you enemy during lane phase so any time you crit them it will make a huge difference. Those 128 lvl 1 hits will crit for around 240 damage at lvl 1. The only problem with them is that you'll only have 8% of Crit Chance during laning phase, making Greater Mark of Desolation Runes a much more reliable choice. They'll start to clearly outdps Greater Mark of Desolation once you acquire your . But be careful with these RNGs tough, cuz at least with me, they never seem to proc when I need them <.> which makes me wonder if it's personal <.<

Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation


The perfect runes for laning phase, the "good" runes for mid game and the "ok" runes for late game. They represent your most reliable source of harass throughout the game and combined with + + will make your damage bypass more than HALF of the enemy carries' defense. Since your job is to kill carries and squishies, you won't need more Armor Penetration than this. They have low armor and you'll crit them for over 700 damage during late game, so you can make quick work of them anyways.


Since Seals are only good for defense lets get a better look at your options:

Greater Seal of Defense

Greater Seal of Defense


While your armor values won't be that high during late game, you must use this Seals to boost your early game experience, specially until you get . Otherwise you'll find impossible to keep up the trade-offs/farm against your lane match up.

Greater Seal of Regeneration

Greater Seal of Regeneration


Same rule applies here, they give your nothing early game. This runes are a total waste of IP for , simply because 18 HP/5 at lvl 18 won't help you at all during late game and have nothing to offer early game.

Greater Seal of Vigor

Greater Seal of Vigor


3.8 HP/5 is simply not worth it. You'll end up losing more HP for not having enough armor early on, than for having a slightly higher regen.

Greater Seal of Endurance

Greater Seal of Endurance


This runes start to kick in so late in the game that makes them not viable for . You'll be better off with Greater Seal of Vitality for most part of the game.

Greater Seal of Vitality

Greater Seal of Vitality


This is actually a solid choice if you are JUNGLING. If you can have your team to back you up in the jungle with good leashes, then there's nothing wrong with Greater Seal of Vitality. requires great amounts of HP to sustain his abilities, in order to become effective. Therefore, 175 HP additional HP during late game is way more valuable than 13 Armor from . But remember that Greater Seal of Vitality will turn your early game experience a living hell if anything goes wrong in the jungle process, since you'll be taking a lot of physical damage. Don't take Greater Seal of Vitality if you're laning, because Seals should be used to enhance your early game experience, in order to keep up with the trade-offs.

Greater Seal of Fortitude


This runes are just not good enough. While 48 HP also translate to +1.5 HP/5 from your passive, starting off with a combined with your will skyrocket you HP for a total of 862 HP and 30 HP/5 at lvl 1! However, you're not here to 1v5 at lvl 1, and even if you do, having Greater Seal of Vitality or will prove to become way more effective during lane phase.

Greater Seal of Resilience


This are the best in slot Seals, it not only gives you the best protection throughout your laning phase, but it also enhance your armor value during late game, which aren't that high. It's also quite useful when laning against ranged AP champions, since they main source of harass until lvl 3~4 comes from auto attacks, soaking up a lot of damage. Don't forget that they also reduce the incoming damage from creep aggro, making them your best option.


Since you still have no Magic Resistance Runes and needs no nor due to his low cooldown based abilities, your Glyphs will be much better suited with Magic Resistance. needs 30% cooldown reduction in order to keep his up all day and that's quite a waste of Runes and item slots for only 2s of cooldown, in MY opinion. Any other Glyphs are just out of question. So the winner is:

Greater Glyph of Warding


Since is a MUST on and is your Standard boots, you won't need , because you already have a pretty high Magic Resistance late game. So choosing over hugely boosts your lane sustain against AP-based opponents. You should only take if you're jungling, since you won't be taking much Magical Damage during early game.


The Quintessences are the "Cherry on the top" of our Rune page, choose them wisely in order to fine tune your as you please. Lets see what we've got:

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Desolation


You already deal true damage at your enemies during early levels with Greater Mark of Desolation + + , wasting more Runes on Armor Penetration is just not worth it since they are most effective during early game. So trust me when I say "enough and go improve your defense".

Greater Quintessence of Furor


As I've mentioned before, they are so late game it's not even worth running them and increasing your Critical Damage by 14% in exchange of anything else won't improve your game play at all, since you're required high amounts of Critical Chance to profit with this Runes.

Greater Quintessence of Malice


This Runes are best paired with for a total of 14% Critical Chance during lane phase. Keep in mind that they're RNGs, which means they MAY or MAY NOT proc when you need. Nonetheless, they're the highest DPS Runes for late game.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness


You really don't need this, since you already have to chase and + to close the gaps. You won't miss , trust me.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor

Greater Quintessence of Vigor


This runes are not bad, they just have nothing to add besides 8 HP/5. Choosing over Greater Quintessence of Vigor will grant you not only 78 HP but also 2.5 HP/5, making them way more appealing for an early kill attempt.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude


The perfect "All around" Runes, granting you 78 HP and 2.5 HP/5, as well as enhancing your early levels kill attempts. They will also make your enemies less likely to attack your 6~7 HP bricks health bar. Pretty scary.

So your Rune Page should be looking like this:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Ok... just searching for the end.

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Now here's where the PRO diverge from the average . Knowing when and how to level up your skills according to your needs, is what truly makes a good player. has EVERYTHING he needs in order to excel against ANYONE. has the BEST kit-spells, in MY opinion, since they synergyze amazingly well, in order to provide anything you might need against your foes. In this section I'll teach you how to lvl your skills properly, according to your match up. But first, lets take a look at 's flowchart:

So back in the days where people where still new to and all his complex abilities, 's flowchart used to be like this:

But times have changed, the games got harder and 's DPS was starting to fall off. So nowadays, 's flowchart is way different. 's got several different ways of approaching an enemy, and so 's flowchart drastically changed to this:


> >

This is the highest bursty damage dealing build on . It will allow you to eat your enemies alive before they can even think about running away from you. It consists on being able to trade blows against another champion frequently and once they are around 50% HP, you can usually go and finish them off, as simple as that. This setup is optimal against champions like: , , , , .

at lvl 1: Starting with allows you to deal TONS of damage, as early as lvl 1. So do not be afraid to engage whenever possible, because you'll most likely pull very ahead from your enemy, the more you hit them.

at lvl 2: Take as soon as possible, because it not only perfectly complement but it also consumes very little HP. So make sure to use to increase the amount of hits on your foes.

at lvl 3: Since is your main source of damage, you should be lvling as fast as possible, in order to keep up with your lane presence.

at lvl 4: You'll usually want to take once your HP and HP5 gets bigger, since it'll end up hurting you a lot, due to it's high sustain cost for short HP. will not only help you to increase your total DPS, but also reduce the duration of CCs, allowing you to catch your enemies faster, if they start running away.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Bait & Kill

Allow me to demonstrate how terrifying 's damage can be at lvl 1, when starting with . You should be ALWAYS attempting a kill at lvl 1 and lvl 4, simply because your kit-abilities synergyzes too damn well, compared to most of the enemy champions. So lets take a look at how much we're actually talking about:

's Maximum Damage Output at lvl 1 in 1s

= [( 's base Attack Damage) + ( at 1% HP) + + + )]*( + )
= [56.23 + (40 + 0.4*99) + 3 + (0.5*1) + 5]*(1 + 0.06 + 0.01)
= 111.63 Damage

Now the highest base HP champion in the game at lvl 1 is with 576 HP, which means that once he's around 1/3 HP, you can 1 SHOT that motherf**ker down, with a little help form , since you'll be dealing TRUE DAMAGE with Greater Mark of Desolation + + ( + ) + , against his sucky 16.5 base Armor Resistance. This is why is so damn scary at lvl 1, and so, exploiting his strengths are a MUST.

Don't forget that you're even more scary as soon as you hit lvl 4, due to your skills synergy and amazing baiting capabilities. The lower your HP drops, the deadlier you become. They try to burst you down, but you'll burst them faster, and that's how rolls. Bait them so they think they can kill you and once they're close enough pop to nullify their damage while you slice them apart, and once they realize they can't bet you down, toss out your and make quick work of your foes. You'll turn their lane into a living hell, denying his escaping abilities and outDPSing their faces. So let's understand the basics beyond your 3 main skills and check how high can 's damage go at lvl 4:

's Maximum Damage Output at lvl 4 in 1s

= [( 's base Attack Damage) + ( at 1% HP) + + + + (at least 1 tick from ) + (at least 1 hit from 's Minimum Damage)]*( + )
= [56.23 + (55 + 0.55*99) + 3 + (0.5*4) + 5 + 40 + 80]*(1 + 0.06 + 0.01)
= 316.38 Damage

So we've almost TRIPLED our total damage output in a period of 1 SECOND. Now are you ready to wombo combo that filthy sailor? I be you are. Now back to that scenario vs , which now has 813 HP and 19.5 AR, can be 1 SHOTTED once he's at HALF HP. Nop, that ain't Falcon, it's ! That's right kids, you can already split in half as soon as he's down to 50% HP, since is now burning for 130 damage, while 's total damage is still bypassing 100% of Mr. Gang & Plank's defense. So lets recap this whole process, step by step on how to to get kills at lvl 1 and lvl 4:

First Blood! You're Doing It Right.

1. + +

2. Chop-Chop.

3. ????

4. Profit.

Securing A Kill At lvl 4 in 5 steps.

1. + + +

2. Chop-Chop.

3. Is he still alive? .

4. ????

5. Profit.

So if both you and your enemy are about to die, DON'T RUN AWAY, chances are that will save the day, before they are able to pullout something. Now all you need is to practice in order to improve your timing. Since 's Attack Speed is 0.9984, you're left with a little bit less than a 1s gap, in order to land all 's 4 blows. So make sure you pop right before hitting your target. Also, don't forget to chug a before engaging a duel, specially if you're not at full HP. A simple can change the tides of a battle. And last, but not least, save your for when your enemies start running away, instead of using to engage. This way, you can deal more damage, without taking any.

vs Lane Pushers

> >

You'll oftenly find yourself stuck under your own turret when facing enemies that can easily push the lane. The must be balance so that you can last hit your minions properly without having to worry about losing gold to your turret. Ideally, you would want to farm as close as possible from your turret, without hitting the minions. This way, your enemy is more susceptible to ganks and you can safely farm without having to worry about the enemy's jungler. Do notice that you'll only lvl up to lvl 3. Which is the balance between a solid pushing power and a good amount of burst damage through . This setup is best used against champions like: , , , , .

at lvl 1: Starting with is your best option here. hurts way too much at lvl 1, and remember that if you're fighting against a lane pusher, he'll be damaging you as well, once you get close enough from them. So you won't be able to out-sustain 's damage + his damage. Remember that you don't usually see a lvl 1 champion pushing all the way to your turret, which means you'll be fine.

at lvl 2: While it's still true that your HP and HP5 aren't that great to sustain 's health costs, taking at lvl 2 allows you to keep your lane under your control. Use it wisely.

at lvl 3: Now we can start to play around with , since 's cost efficiency went up. You should now be able to fight back against your match up. But keep an eye on your HP.

at lvl 4: The reason why we only take at lvl 4 is because we don't really need earlier on against lane pusher. If your lane is pushed, there's a big minion wave protecting your enemy, which means that you won't even be able to hit him with . But now that you have enough power to control your lane, it's time to improve your DPS. Use to cripple down your foes and burn them alive with , while smashing their heads off with the improved AD from .

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ganking & Counter Jungling

Same rules for the above lvl 1 kill attempt apply to this setup. However, it starts to diverge from the Standard setup once you get lvl 4, when you get , while is at lvl 2, and specially when hits lvl 3, is when you should start roaming. Because you are laning against another lane pusher, you can roam all day with this setup, if you want. All you have to do is to push your lane as fast as you can. Once you clear the newly spawned creep wave, you should attempt to steal you enemy jungler's buffs/creeps. If there's nothing to steal, go for a quick gank middle.

You don't need to go for a kill, just poke and try hitting your enemy, in order to help your middle lane friend. Your middle lane enemy will usually miss some CS or even some additional HP if you manage to hit them, giving a slight advantage to your friend. Repeating this process frequently will usually lead to an unconditional win on middle lane, unless his jungler is aware and able to keep up (which will usually turn out not to be true). Having a strong presence around the map and playing with your enemies' mentality can induce them to commit mistakes, because you're constantly drawing their attentions. Annoy them whenever you have the chance. Also, you have nothing to lose by doing so. can clear your enemy's jungle blazing fast and you'll barely lose any XP from your lane, since 30 seconds is more than enough for a quick roam, until the new wave spawns and start heading towards your lane.


> >

If by any means, you're being denied zoned and/or unable to farm properly against your lane match up, this setup will help you not to fall behind on CS. is a GREAT last hitting tool and you'll never run out of HP if you hit something. allows you to farm from safety, while being a reliable source of poke. Do notice that you'll only lvl up to lvl 3. Which is the balance between a solid farming ability and a good amount of burst damage through . This setup will usually best your best way against ranged champions like: , , , , .

at lvl 1: Starting with allows you to remain healthy for longer. Enabling your to safely farm your creeps without taking free damage from your enemy.

at lvl 2: By this time, the enemy minions should already be inside your turret ranged, but there's nothing to worry about. Remember that, roughly, melee minions die with 2 turret shots and 1 auto ATK, while caster minions die with 1 turret shot and 2 auto ATKs. So by taking at lvl 2, you'll be able to easily kill caster minions with only 1 turret shot and 1 auto ATK, ensuring no gold losses.

at lvl 3: Since you can't push your lane against a ranged champion (and you shouldn't) and you can't trade some blows, is your way to go. will not only help you last hit creeps much easier, but will also allow you to poke your enemy from a safe distance.

at lvl 4: It's time take your last core ability. In this scenario you'll want to use not to push your lane, but to help last hitting creeps and reduce CCs from a possible gank. 's also quite handy if your jungler starts ganking for you.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Dragon & Baron Control

Leveling before other abilities allows you to have a greater control over Dragon and Baron. At lvl 9 can deal up to 700 damage on Dragon or Baron on 1 single hit. So now you can picture how faster securing this kills can be if your is locked and loaded. You can also poke extremely well with since 's range is quite big.

So I Heard You Hate ... But Guess What? SO DOES !

Here's where I'll teach you how to spot and kill that tiny little f**ker for no-brainers in literally 2 quick steps. Now let's quit talking and get down to business:

1. Find a nearby bush and throw your inside.

2. Did you hear anything?

Yes. until 's death.

No. Go back to step 1.

They See Me Cleavin' They Hatin'...

is by far one of the BEST abilities in game. is 's signature stuck in your enemy's head. has a 4s cooldown and has a very low cost, which means there's NO EXCUSE for not SPAMMING all day long in EVERY single bush you pass by. I've lost my counting on how many times I've seen a player getting ganked, simply for not using . NEVER FACECHECK. ALWAYS . I can guarantee you'll come back to up vote me, if you follow this rules precisely. Need to check for Dragon? . Need to check for Baron? . Need to check for jungle creeps? Need to help a friend? . . Need to chase? . Need to escape? . Need to win? .

Just A Few Words...

I simply can not stress how vital is on . is the reason why doesn't need . lasts for 12s, is a BUILT IN ability and it's cooldown is 3.23x FASTER than (without CDR), making your BEST chasing tool. can outrun anyone with + + . + is just overkill since team fights don't happen more often then once each minute and neither last longer than 12s. Need to chase? . Need to escape? . Need to tank? . Need to heal? . Seriously, DON'T BE AFRAID of using whenever you please. has ONLY 1min of cooldown. Are you into a 40min game? Did you popped over 30 TIMES? If not, you're doing it wrong. You could be sustaining more in your lane, enhancing your presence. You could have more kills if you didn't use to chase someone even if you were full HP. You didn't pop soon enough (usually when you were full HP) to prevent enemies from catching you up, instead of when you started losing HP once they got you. So make sure you ABUSE 's low cooldown as much as you can. It will be surely ready before your next team fight.

Not even close baby!

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Y U NO BUILD (insert 133754uc3 here) OR (insert Omega Weapon here)????

Ladies and gentlemen, I here present you the almighty Theory Crafting Chapter, where I'll be proving that you were wrong and I was right. While talking about all viable items, we'll be always trying to make them as effective as possible against our match ups, without sacrificing our early-mid game power. Everyone knows that cost effective items cost efficiency only kick-in once they're done, but they will drastically weaken your early game potential, since cost effective Tier 1 items upgrade into nothing. So we must find the balance between wasting as little gold as possible and acquiring all best in slot items with a strong early-mid game. Now lets understand what's best for :

Possible Starting Items:



and are actually a very good start for . Helping you to: Easily dodge Skill Shots; Quickly last hit and go back to safety when against Ranged champions; Deal more damage against Melees on trade-offs, since you'll be able to stick to them for longer, and therefore, unleashing more blows; improving your Magic Resistance during very early game, since you can upgrade your quickly into a . You'll get the best out of x4 when fighting against:

  • Any Ranged AP champion like: , , , .
  • Any Melee champions with AP based harass: , , , .
  • Extremely low harass champions, during early game, like: , , , .



could be useful combined with and/or to start the game with 22% Critical Chance, which is quite good for . However, will upgrade into no useful item, making we lose some precious time and gold. Although I still don't recommend, you may try when fighting against:

  • Any Melee squishy duelist champion, like: , , , .



and are your best friends against strong AD champions, so will mitigate A LOT of early game damage and furthermore once upgraded to . Also 5 will ensure your stability. They're best used when fighting against:

  • Any Ranged AD champion like: , , , .
  • Any Melee champions with heavy AD based harass: , , , .


IT'S A TRAP. Although might seem superior than when taking into account lane sustain vs harass power, you might find very attractive. However, there's a very important factor that you should be taking into account, which is: Life Steal. Which means that you'll have to hit something, in order to get health, thus, preventing you from controlling the lane in a more effective way, since you'll find yourself obligated to hit creeps (pushing the lane) in order to sustain. That's pretty BAD. Once your lane is pushed, you'll have no gaps to harass or kill your opponent. They'll simply free farm under their turret and you won't actually benefit from the +10 AD, since you won't be hitting him with a higher frequency. That will also slow your build a lot, since must rush that in order to get the stacks as soon as possible.


is the perfect item for . If you could start all matches with a and succeed, you would be rushing your as fast as humanly possible. The reason why is so perfect, is because gives everything early game need. Health, Health Regen, more Health Regen and Armor. Remember that has to become tanky enough to sustain his abilities without hurting himself too much. For that, we will need a good amount of HP and resistances, specially Armor, since you should be already running . Everything you need in lane is and , before your , so you'll never actually have to leave your lane again, only when you get enough for . is best used when fighting against:

  • Any melee champions with low AD based harass: , , , .



is not a good pick for . Don't get if you're planning to reduce Magic Damage taken by a heavy AP based champion. Remember that if you're facing a Ranged AP champion, he'll spam auto attacks on you whenever you try go last hit creeps, so will have no effect on that, since it's all physical damage. They'll keep doing it over and over until you're either forced to lose farm, have to recall or commit suicide in a struggle for relief, where you'll most likely lose since you would be around half HP and without Boot's of Speed (which is a quite Standard Start for many AP champions), so you'll be pretty much kited till death. Forget about , get . They're much much better, making sure you're able to last hit quicker and even catch the enemy, when he lay his guards down. Plus, you can quickly rush into if you really feel like.


At first sight, seems to be like a solid pick on . The problem is that it ONLY grants you 15 HP/5, while will grant 8 HP/5 (from the item itself) + 3.6 (from ). In other words, you'll be trading 15 HP/5 for 11.6 HP/5 + 120 HP + 10 Armor. Keep in mind that starting off with +120 HP means that you'll have a waaaaay better start when attempting a lvl 1 kill. Also notice that Regrowth's Pendant would take 40s to regenerate 120 HP, while would take 51s to regenerate the same amount. 11s difference is quite small, isn't it? And you're not taking the +10 Armor into account, which will reduce all physical damage taken by a significant amount. Therefore, is much inferior than on .



HUE HUE HUE. Seriously, don't do that. You'll farm like a ****** in lane until lvl 6 and on, but you've just delayed your in more than 5 minutes. Unless your facing a low harass enemy, you should be able to out harass him all day, but the facts are: You can't sustain properly without enough Health Regen and won't save you in team fights. So you should be focusing on building "actual items" as soon as you can, trying to be as effective as possible (team wise). If you get into a team fight, you'll either get one shotted or be completely ignored. At this points, you shouldn't be engaging, since you've got no resistances to back you up.

Advanced Items:


is one of the most cost effective items in game. It grants everything he needs. Health, Resistances, AD and a really helpful aura effect. The only issue with is that it helps a little bit in every single core stat, instead one or two stats by a lot. So it means that we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. Unless you are short on gold or wanting to build-rush in a tournament, I would suggest leaving for the Support in your team.


Now here's a big one, is, for sure, a best in slot item for . benefits from stacking high amounts of HP. Therefore, making the best cost efficient item in game. grants you enough Armor to be your only physical defensive item. also grants some quite nice amount of Critical Chance. Now here's where really shines: the amount of AD granted by is INSANE for it's cost. Lets take a closer look:

  • At 1000 HP, 'll grant you +15 AD, critting for over +39 damage with + .
  • At 2000 HP, 'll grant you +30 AD, critting for over +78 damage with + .
  • At 3000 HP, 'll grant you +45 AD, critting for over +117 damage with + .
  • At 4000 HP, 'll grant you +60 AD, critting for over +156 damage with + .
  • At 5000 HP, 'll grant you +75 AD, critting for over +195 damage with + .
  • At 6000 HP, 'll grant you +90 AD, critting for over +243 damage with + .
  • At 7000 HP, 'll grant you +105 AD, critting for over +273 damage with + .


is really not a good item. Although 's main source of damage comes from hitting enemy champions, 's damage boost is negligible. While it's right that AD carries work around finding the "sweet spot" between Attack Speed, Critical Chance and Attack Damage, in order to maximize their damage output, can't be built like one. MUST be tanky, which means we'll have to sacrifice some inventory space and still carry like a boss with only 2 offensive item slots. Since boosting 's Attack Speed would require way more than 2 items to become effective, we should be focusing on Attack Damage and Critical Chance, because not only they work quite well together, but still leave us some empty slots to be filled with our tanky items. Also, keep in mind that taking over will significantly increase the CC duration on , even with activated.


As I've already talked about, I like to play every champion exploiting their strengths and unique abilities. At this point, you've already noticed that is what's going to make things happen, so why not boosting in 116%? That's right brothers and sister, you're getting a whole new passive out of , it's better than + ! But not only ******edly boost your , it also skyrockets your Magic Resistance AND Movement Speed. Because, after all, you're a melee bruiser, and therefore, you need to get close to them as soon as possible to unload your damage. The sooner you reach them, the sooner they'll be dead. Check out the Health Regeneration theory crafting down below, by the end of this section.


While it's true that has everything needs, we're not building . The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. is completely independent of . can make use , and to catch his enemies, unlike , or who have no Hard CCs or slowing abilities. There are also way better items defensive wise for other than 700 HP flat. And... well, +20 AD won't drastically change your game play for 3000 gold.


Straight to the point: NO. You're . doesn't die. is an initiator. is the perfect bait. is already quite tanky during late game, making your opponents less likely to attack you. 's priority is to draw the enemies attention fast enough, during team fights, in order to protect your carries long enough so they can kill the enemy carries . will make your enemies completely ignore . has nothing to improve your damage. doesn't scale with nor . is a complete waste of item slot for .


will tear your enemies apart before they can spell "ABC" . is another core item on . As soon as you get your damage output will skyrocket. To prove how cost effective is, in therms of damage output, lets check how much we're up to. 's total AD with and masteries is 298 with 43% Critical Chance. Now pop at half HP, boosting your AD to 450 and crit for 1170 damage per hit.


Did you forget that Greater Mark of Desolation + + + will make your damage bypass more than 50% of the enemy carries' defense? Now look back at , now back at Greater Mark of Desolation + + + , now back at , now back at . Really?


Upgrades from great items like Emblem of Valor for sustain and for early health boost and gold/10 help. So far so good! increases your health, armor and still supports your team with with a good aura. Unfortunately, is a COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME. The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. Seriously, gives great stats for 2225 gold (which translates to only 1625 gold if you held a for 20mins), but is still, a whole bunch of nothingness. Please, take out of your mind, as a core item, unless you're really need something to help on soaking some more AoE damage.


Another bait here. gives you a pretty good amount of Attack Damage, a nice quantity of Magic Resistance and a solid passive, giving you enough time to pop before dying, when facing bursty AP champions, like: , and . The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. Keep in mind that 's base Magic Resistance + + + = 147 Magic Resistance, which is still not optimal if you're fighting against heavy AP based champions, meaning you'll need a total of 3 Magic Resistance items to be able to sustain against your opponents. So you could either replace a core item like and miss all of it's awesomeness or stack with (replacing by ) walking around with an overkilled 223 Magic Resistance + 400 HP damage absorption shield. But remember, you'll be annihilating your DPS output by doing so. Unless they're 5 AP squishies running into all of nothing team fights, I would recommend on more suitable champions like: , or .


Want to become unstoppable with 60% CC reduction for UNLIMITED TIME (or as far as your HP goes if your HP/5 is low)? No problems, get and activate . needs no fancy items like , ignores CCs like a boss! Also, remember that we're trying to optimize our inventory space, since needs some items to back him up in the defensive sector, without sacrificing his threat potential. So + = 187 Magic Resistance, which is enough to protect against all sources of AP based damages.


should only be replaced by if the enemy team is low on Hard CCs and if they have more than one AD Auto Attacker carry, like 2 Ranged ADs or 1 Ranged AD and other champions like: , or . I can't deny 's power against this kind of champions that usually hit squishies for around 800 damage during late game. So you would be reducing that damage by 80 on every single hit you take, which would be many, since you've got a quite big HP poll.


would help you cap your Attack Speed and Critical Chance, if you ran full DPS . In order to reach our balance between offense and defense, we must add one las offensive item and none of them are better than . So is actually not a bad item, but is far from being better than and you know that all other item slots have already been taken and can't be changed for obvious reasons.


is an "OK" item for . comes from pretty usable items, like which helps you build items faster, in the long run, and which is great for escaping from clutch situations. also provides a great amount of Armor, solid Health and Health Regen improvements and an awesome usable effect. can turn the tides of a team fight, being used to either engage, getting someone off guard (empowered by your ), or pick off the left overs from your team fights. The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. 's base Armor + + grants more than enough Armor to . + + grants more than enough Health and Health Regen to . So building without changing the whole build is just a waste of money, time and item slots.


The only thing that makes viable on is the fact that you'll have an unlimited 15% slowing effect on ALL ENEMIES around you, once you activate . The health boost from isn't bad, but 3000 gold for +500 HP and 15% AoE slow is too much. The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. doesn't boost your resistances, which aren't very high and doesn't improve your damage output, is just another tool for . Nothing else.


Nothing much to say about . is of no use for . grants very little amount of HP, low HP/5, not really useful 15% CDR and a completely useless MP/5 effect. The only good thing about is 's usable ability to help you "jump" into the enemy carries or even escape from clutch situations. The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. For this reason, leave for your support.


Now before you start raging on me like: "Y U NO ADD !? 'S CHEAP! HAS ALL NEEDS! ADD NOW U NOOB!". The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. For further information, check out the Health Regeneration theory crafting down below, by the end of this section.


I just can't understand why I see so many players blindly rushing a , no matter their score or the enemy team comp. That's dumb, to say the least. While provides a nice amount of HP and Armor for , it's far away from being a core item for several reasons. To begin with, increasing your 's final damage output by 35% won't be nearly as useful as increasing your Attack Damage with ANY other possible items listed in this section. +35 MAGIC damage every second is quite ****py if you're running the Dream Build, since you have 0 Magic Penetration, lowering 's damage by miserables +27 damage per second, against champions with 0 additional Magic Resistance. The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. doesn't need more Armor, 's base Armor + grants over 152 Armor (without ), and this is everything needs to efficiently sustain against physical damage dealers. There's no reason for pushing your Armor above 200 and lose some precious DPS improvements.


would help you deal nearly true damage against the enemy carries, boosting your Attack Speed and granting an Armor debuff to your enemy, which would also benefit anyone who strikes the same foe, if you ran full DPS . The same rules from applies to this one: In order to reach our balance between offense and defense, we must add one las offensive item and none of them are better than . So is actually not a bad item, but is far from being better than and you know that all other item slots have already been taken and can't be changed for obvious reasons.


would help you sustain and deal even more damage against your foes, if you ran full DPS . The same rules from applies to this one: In order to reach our balance between offense and defense, we must add one las offensive item and none of them are better than . So is actually not a bad item, but is far from being better than and you know that all other item slots have already been taken and can't be changed for obvious reasons.


This item works just like , if you reached a point where you had to buy a in order to sustain in a fight against heavy AD champions, they'll simply ignore you until all of your team is turned into ashes. When playing you want to be focused, you want to be a threat. Wasting 2000 gold into to improve only your Armor and nothing else is a waste of money. Specially because you're already quite tanky with 's Dream Build, so there's no reason at all to buy . The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly.


would help you deal even more damage against your foes, since has spammable abilities and would furthermore increase your Movement Speed,if you ran full DPS . The same rules from applies to this one: In order to reach our balance between offense and defense, we must add one las offensive item and none of them are better than . So is actually not a bad item, but is far from being better than and you know that all other item slots have already been taken and can't be changed for obvious reasons.


Here's where all the magic comes from. is what make what is. Without improving 's health would become too cost effective, making him a much weaker champion, specially without the huge HP/5 boosts granted by . You'll always want to build your as soon as possible, since the sooner is fully stacked, the better your tanking/engaging/sustaining abilities will be. helps in every possible way. helps you spam your abilities for much longer, and furthermore for as much as you want. turns you into that beefy hunger for blood beast that is. will make your foes cower in fear just by looking at your HP bar. allows to do some pretty awesome team fight engages under the enemy turret, just pop on the way and watch your team do all the work for you, as long as you're able to tank the turrets. Your enemies have nowhere to hide, there's no safe place for them. goes where he pleases. engages when he pleases. carry as he pleases.


You can completely skip from your "To build" list. farms like a boss with . regenerates his HP through and . There's no reason for wasting time and money with since your jungling speed will stay barely unchanged. The same rules from applies to this item: we're occupying a valuable item slot with an intermediate one, which can't fulfill any role properly. Need more sustain early on through your jungle? this is the reason why we buy + at the very start. This starting will not only make you look quite scary with all that HP, but will also make your ganks much easier, since you'll take way less damage from physical sources. isn't necessary in any champions with high AoE based abilities, like or + .


would help you lower your cooldowns and deal nearly damage against the enemy carries, would also grant the kickoff you need to pub-stomp any team fight, if you ran full DPS . The same rules from applies to this one: In order to reach our balance between offense and defense, we must add one las offensive item and none of them are better than . So is actually not a bad item, but is far from being better than and you know that all other item slots have already been taken and can't be changed for obvious reasons.

Zeke's Herald


Zeke's Herald would help you reach the cooldown cap on , boosting your Attack Speed, sustain and granting a helpful aura for your teammates, if you ran full DPS . The same rules from applies to this one: In order to reach our balance between offense and defense, we must add one las offensive item and none of them are better than . So is actually not a bad item, but is far from being better than and you know that all other item slots have already been taken and can't be changed for obvious reasons.

Gold per 10 items


If you ever need to make Gp10 items in order to not fall behind in gold for whatever reasons, here are some useful items for . grants what he needs the most, Health, specially during early game, where it's best to rush Gp10 to benefit as soon as possible from the extra Gold income. can be eventually built into in some rare cases, but most of the time, would just like to take the best out of stats.


will usually require not 1 but 2 Gp10 items in order to retake the lead during late game if you fell behind in farm. So there's no better Gp10 item other than besides for . already has to increase his Attack Damage, so why don't you DOUBLE 's damage? Get your right after , and , sit back and enjoy your late game once again!

Philosopher's Stone


Do not build Philosopher's Stone. You'll be wasting your time into something that'll not help at all, as far as late game is concerned, and you'll also be wasting your money, since you'll only benefit from half of Philosopher's Stone's stats. Holding Philosopher's Stone for 27 minutes will grant you 810 gold, which is 10 more gold than you've paid for Philosopher's Stone, plus the money you'll take back from selling Philosopher's Stone. But you have to take into account the time you spent building your Philosopher's Stone and the wasted slot, which could be used to improve your presence in the lane and even get kills and snowball, which would out farm Philosopher's Stone's gold power way faster.

The Maths Behind Health Regeneration (lvl 18)

's base Magic Resistance

= 30 + 1.25*lvl
= 52.5 MR

's base Armor Resistance

= 17 + 3.5*lvl
= 80 AR

's base HP

= 433 + 89*lvl
= 2035 HP

's base Magical HP

= ( 's base HP)*( 's base Magic Resistance)
= 2035*{2 - [100/(100+52.5)]}
= 2735.57 MHP

's base Physical HP

= ( 's base HP)*( 's base Armor Resistance)
= 2035*{2 - [100/(100+80)]}
= 2939.44 PHP

's base Attack Damage

= 56.23 + 3*lvl
= 110.23 AD

's base HPS

= 6.5 Hp5 + 0.75*lvl
= (20 Hp5)/5
= 4 HPS

's base HPS

= *( 's base HP)
= 0.03*2035
= 61.05 HPS

's Starting Magic Resistance

= ( 's Base Magic Resistance) + +
= 52.5 + 13.41 + 2
= 67.91 MR

's Starting Armor Resistance

= ( 's Base Armor Resistance) + +
= 80 + 12.69 + 6
= 98.69 AR

's Starting HP

= ( 's base HP) + + +
= 2035 + 78 + 108 + 30
= 2251 HP

's Starting Magical HP

= ( 's Starting HP)*( 's Starting Magic Resistance)
= 2251*{2 - [100/(100+67.91)]}
= 3161.4 MHP

's Starting Physical HP

= ( 's Starting HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 2251*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 3369.07 PHP

's Starting Attack Damage

= ( 's Starting HP)*( 's Passive)
= 2251*0.015
= 33.77 AD

's Starting Attack Damage

= ( 's base Attack Damage) + +
= 110.23 + 3 + 0.5*18
= 122.23 AD

's Starting Attack Damage

= ( 's Starting Attack Damage) + ( 's Starting Attack Damage)
= 33.77 + 122.23
= 156 AD

's Starting HPS

= *( 's Starting HP)
= 0.03*2251
= 67.53 HPS

's Starting HPS

= ( 's base HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)
= 4 + 67.53
= 71.53 HPS

= 19.354 HPS

Starting HPS

= [( 's HP)* *( 's Passive)] + [( 's Starting HPS)*( 's Passive)]
= [250*0.03*1.15] + [71.53*0.15]
= 8.625 + 10.73

= 46.1 HPS

Starting HPS

= ( base HPS) + ( base HP)*
= 8 + 1270*0.03
= 8 + 34.1

= 86.785 HPS

Starting HPS

= ( base HPS) + ( 's Passive)*( 's Starting HP)
= 8 + 0.035*2251
= 8 + 78.785

= 131.308 HPS

's Starting HPS

= ( 's Starting HP)*
= (2251*0.7)/12

= 92.178 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Starting HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= (71.53 + 8.625)*1.15

's Total Magic Resistance

= ( 's Starting Magic Resistance) +
= 67.91 + 30
= 97.91 MR

's Total HP

= ( 's Starting HP) + ( 's base HP)
= 2251 + 250
= 2501 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 2501*{2 - [100/(100+97.91)]}
= 3738.29 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 2501*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 3743.24 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= ( 's Starting Attack Damage) + ( 's base HP)*( 's Passive)
= 156 + 250*0.015
= 159.75 AD

= 117.63 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Starting HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)
= 71.53 + 46.1

's Total HP

= ( 's Starting HP) + ( 's base HP)
= 2251 + 1270
= 3521 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Magic Resistance)
= 3521*{2 - [100/(100+67.91)]}
= 4945.04 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 3521*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 3743.24 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= ( 's Starting Attack Damage) + ( 's base HP)*( 's Passive)
= 156 + 1270*0.015
= 175.05 AD

= 145.193 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( ] 's Total HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)*( 's Passive)
= 92.178 + 46.1*1.15

's Total Magic Resistance

= ( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 97.91 MR

's Total HP

= ( 's Total HP) + ( 's base HP)
= 2501 + 1270
= 3771 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 3771*{2 - [100/(100+97.91)]}
= 5636.59 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 3771*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 5644.07 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= ( 's Total Attack Damage) + ( 's base HP)*( 's Passive)
= 175.05 + 250*0.015
= 178.8 AD

= 158.31 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Starting HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 71.53 + 8 + 2251*0.035

's Total Magic Resistance

= ( 's Starting Magic Resistance) +
= 67.91 + 76
= 143.91 MR

's Total HP

= ( 's Starting HP)
= 2251 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Starting HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 2251*{2 - [100/(100+143.91)]}
= 3579.11 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Starting Physical HP)
= 3369.07 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= 's Starting Attack Damage
= 122.23 AD

= 198.21 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)*( 's Total HPS)
= 145.193 + 46.1*1.15

's Total Magic Resistance

= 's Total Magic Resistance
= 97.91 MR

's Total HP

= ( 's Total HP) + ( 's base HP)
= 3771 + 1270
= 5041 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 5041*{2 - [100/(100+97.91)]}
= 7534.88 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 5041*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 7544.88 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= ( 's Total Attack Damage) + ( 's base HP)*( 's Passive)
= 178.8 + 1270*0.015
= 197.85 AD

= 209.83 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)
= 117.63 + 46.1 + 46.1

's Total HP

= ([icon=Dr. Mundo size=20 ]'s Total HP) + ( 's base HP) + ( 's base HP)
= 3521+ 1270 + 1270
= 6061 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Magic Resistance)
= 6061*{2 - [100/(100+67.91)]}
= 8512.33 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 6061*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 9071.52 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= ( 's Total Attack Damage) + [( 's base HP) + ( 's base HP)]*( 's Passive)
= 175.05 + (1270 + 1270)*0.015
= 213.15 AD

= 248.865 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 117.63 + 8 + 0.035*3521

's Total Magic Resistance

= ( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 143.91 MR

's Total HP

= ( 's Total HP)
= 3521 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 3521*{2 - [100/(100+143.91)]}
= 5169.13 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 3251*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 4865.78 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= 's Total Attack Damage
= 175.05 AD

= 306.176 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( Total HPS)
= 248.865*1.15 + 8.625

's Total Magic Resistance

= ( 's Total Magic Resistance) +
= 143.91 + 30
= 173.91 MR

's Total HP

= 's Total HP
= 3771 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 3771*{2 - [100/(100+173.91)]}
= 6165.27 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 3771*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 5644.07 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= 's Total Attack Damage
= 178.8 AD

= 339.415 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)
= 248.865 + 0.035*1270 + 46.1

's Total Magic Resistance

= 's Total Magic Resistance
= 143.91 MR

's Total HP

= ( 's Total HP) + ( 's base HP)
= 3521 + 1270
= 4791 HP

's Total Magical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Total Magic Resistance)
= 4791*{2 - [100/(100+97.91)]}
= 7161.20 MHP

's Total Physical HP

= ( 's Total HP)*( 's Starting Armor Resistance)
= 4791*{2 - [100/(100+98.69)]}
= 7170.71 PHP

's Total Attack Damage

= ( 's Starting Attack Damage) + ( 's base HP)*( 's Passive)
= 175.05 + 1270*0.015
= 194.1 AD

= 238.07 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)*( 's Passive)
= 92.178 + (2501*0.7)/12

= 289.423 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Starting HPS)
= 158.31 + 131.108

= 323.02 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 117.63 + (3521*0.7)/12

= 398.164 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 145.193 + [(3771*0.7)/12]*1.15

= 454.257 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 248.865 + (3521*0.7)/12

= 466.413 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 198.21 + 294.058*1.15

= 559.147 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 306.176 + [(3771*0.7)/12]*1.15

= 563.388 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 209.83 + 353.558

= 618.89 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= 339.415 + (4791*0.7)/12

= 1125.84 HPS

's Total HPS

= ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS) + ( 's Total HPS)
= {[563.388 + (46.1 + 8) + (7581*0.035) + (1520*0.7)/12]*1.15} + 8.625

Dream Build Breakdown

Item Sequence

Warmog's Armor 3000
Force of Nature 2800
Atma's Impaler 2300
Infinity Edge 3400
Warmog's Armor 3000

's Total HPS

= 's Total HPS
= 339.415 HPS

's Maximum Magic Resistance

= ( 's Total Magic Resistance) +
= 143.91 + 25
= 168.91 MR

's Maximum Armor Resistance

= ( 's Starting Armor Resistance) + +
= 98.69 + 45 + 25
= 168.69 AR

's Total HP

= 's Total HP
= 4791 HP

's Maximum Magical HP

= ( 's Maximum HP)*( 's Maximum Magic Resistance)
= 4791*{2 - [100/(100+168.91)]}
= 7800.36 MHP

's Maximum Physical HP

= ( 's Maximum HP)*( 's Maximum Armor Resistance)
= 4791*{2 - [100/(100+168.69)]}
= 7798.90 PHP

's Total Critical Chance

= ( 's base Critical Chance) + ( 's base Critical Chance)
= 18 + 25
= 43% CC

's Maximum Attack Damage

= ( 's Total Attack Damage) + ( 's Starting Attack Damage) + + ( at 1% HP)
= 194.1 + 156 + 80 + 199
= 629.1 AD

's Total Critical Damage

= {( 's Maximum Attack Damage)*[( 's Passive) + ]}*( + )
= (629.1*2.6)*1.07
= 1750.15 Damage
Yep, you can literally 2 shot carries.

The Jack Of All Resistances

Here's where I'll quickly explain my thoughts behind 's Armor and Magic Resistances values. But first, lets take a look at the chart below:

AD champions usually run around 31 ArP (Greater Mark of Desolation + Greater Quintessence of Desolation + + ). But don't forget that Armor Penetration Percentages stack multiplicatively, while Flat Armor Penetrations stack additively, and so, we must obey the following rules when stacking them all together:

1. Flat reduction.

2. Percentage reduction.

3. Flat penetration.

4. Percentage armor penetration.

Champions usually have around 44% Physical Damage Resistance (80 Armor Resistance) at lvl 18. Which means that they'll reduce 's base Armor Resistance roughly to (80 - 31)*(1 - 0.1) = 45 AR (31% Physical Damage Resistance) without any additional items. Now adding into the equation, the AD carry will reduce 's base Armor Resistance roughly to miserables (80 - 31 - 45)*(1 - 0.1) = 4 AR (4% Physical Damage Resistance), which is nearly true damage. But what if they get a instead of ? Then it should look like this: (80 - 31)*[1 - (1 + 0.1)*(0.4)] = 27.44, which translates to almost 23% Physical Damage Resistance. Now lets apply the the exact same rules on 's Dream Build:

VS Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation = 56% PDR

's True Physical Damage Resistance

= 's Maximum Armor Resistance) - [(Greater Mark of Desolation + Greater Quintessence of Desolation + )* ]
= (168.69 - 31)*(1 - 0.1)
= 125 AR

VS Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation = 46% PDR

's True Physical Damage Resistance

= 's Maximum Armor Resistance) - [(Greater Mark of Desolation + Greater Quintessence of Desolation + + )* ]
= (168.69 - 31 - 45)*(1 - 0.1)
= 85 AR

VS Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation = 44% PDR

's True Physical Damage Resistance

= 's Maximum Armor Resistance) - [(Greater Mark of Desolation + Greater Quintessence of Desolation + )*( * )]
= (168.69 - 31)*[1 - (1 + 0.1)*(0.4)]
= 80 AR

Now lets see how AP champions affect . While lvl 18 carries usually have around 23% Magical Damage Resistance (30 MR), bruiser-like champions (like ) have roughly 34% Magical Damage Resistance (52.5 MR), so lets keep this last value for further mitigation craftings. Most AP champions will make use of ( + + ). This will reduce 's base Magical Resistance to (52.5 - 8.55 - 20)*(1 - 0.1) = 21.55 MR (19% Magical Damage Resistance). Now adding into the equation, will make 's base Magic Resistance fall down to (52.5 - 8.55 - 20 - 20)*(1 - 0.1) = 4 MR (4% Magical Damage Resistance), which is also nearly true damage. If your enemies choose over will drop 's base Magic Resistance to only (52.5 - 8.55 - 20)*[1 - (1 + 0.1)*(0.4)] = 14 MR, translating into a 12% Magical Damage Resistance. So lets once more interpret how all this rules apply on 's Dream Build:

VS = 56% MDR

's True Magical Damage Resistance

= 's Maximum Magic Resistance) - [( + )* ]
= (168.91 - 8.55 - 20)*(1 - 0.1)
= 126 MR

VS = 51% MDR

's True Magical Damage Resistance

= 's Maximum Magic Resistance) - [( + + )* ]
= (168.91 - 8.55 - 20 - 20)*(1 - 0.1)
= 105 MR

VS = 44% MDR

's True Magical Damage Resistance

= 's Maximum Magic Resistance) - [( + )*( * )]
= (168.91 - 8.55 - 20)*[1 - (1 + 0.1)*(0.4)]
= 80 MR

Conclusion: 's Dream Build's Resistances are so close from the breakpoint between Penetration Percentages vs Flat Penetrations that I honestly see no reason to further invest into 's Resistances, other than his own HP, which makes a much stronger champion if you already raised your Resistances value.

Don't lose faith bro!

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While this guide might seem very similar to Fuggernought's PWNDO guide, it is not. After months reading guides and watching videos and live streams all over the internet, I took the liberty to add my game experience with with Dyrus' and Fuggernought's experience in my endless search for the "Holy Grail". So let me share with you what I could gather from these experiences.

Dyrus' belief:

- has the highest AD steroid in game with , so we should exploit this, specially early game when your enemies have very low armor values.

- His guide is too AD Carry oriented in MY opinion. Except for his Alternate build which goes like this:
(yeah 7, cuz... uh... he doesn't give a flying F**K).

Fuggernought's belief:

- Stack HP and HP/5 and abuse your OP + C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER. Tweak a bit your resists and finish off with a cherry on the top damage alike item. It usually is since it scales with your HP, boosting your Resistances, Critical Chance, rocket jumping your damage output.

- Pretty solid in MY opinion. However, I have much better results having more presence in lane, like Dyrus, nut cracking any foe on the way between myself and my creeps. If you read all the way through here, you already know what I'm talking about, so I won't go into details. Now let's get started:

Normal/Ranked vs Premade/Tournament

There are actually 2 different item builds on and only several hours of game play will teach you when to build the right one. As you might have already noticed, Tournament matches snowball pretty hard and tend to be way faster, because very few mistakes happen and the enemy knows how to profit out of those. For this particular reason, you should be always ready to engage, geared with nothing but the best for THAT MOMENT. Which means that items like aren't the best choice, since 's Recipe costs 980g and you still have to build up 's stacks.

During Tournaments, Early and Middle game are the most important phases. Whoever takes the lead on those phases will usually win the game. For this reason, low-cost/quick-building items are essential. They will not be the "best in slot"s during late game. They were designed to provide all a champion needs for MID GAME, to help you snowball faster and end the game earlier. This is build is also good, because it will not only make you become stronger than the Dream Build, during mid game, but also help you snowball cheaper and faster.

Do notice that you should always prioritize the Dream Build over Tournament Build when going for a Normal Match or Ranked games, since your allies and enemies are all Random and games tend to take longer to finish. There are lots of silly mistakes, which causes a lot of back and forths, therefore, dragging the game on and on and buying yourself enough time to achieve your Dream Build.

Dream Build

Starting Items


vs Strong AP:



vs Heavy AD:


Choosing your boots




vs Heavy AD:


Item Sequence

Warmog's Armor 3000
Force of Nature 2800
Atma's Impaler 2300


Item Sequence

Warmog's Armor 3000
Force of Nature 2800
Atma's Impaler 2300
Infinity Edge 3400
Warmog's Armor 3000



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Tournament Build

Starting Items





vs Heavy AD:


Starting with in a Tournament is not an option. If you do so, they will make sure to focus fire on you as early as possible, just to keep you low on health, unable to sustain/farm in lane. So instead of accelerating your building process, you'll quickly find yourself struggling to keep up on CS and lane presence.


Item Sequence

Doran's Shield 450
Spirit Visage 2900
Aegis of the Legion 1200
Randuin's Omen 3000

Here's the main difference of Tournament Build. As you don't have much time to build as a Bruiser (Damage + Tankyness), Tournament relies purely on his abilities to keep on damage (and I must add that they're more than enough for a 20~30mins game) before they start to falloff at late game. So basically, we just build him as a pure UTILITY tank. Keep in mind that 90% of the time, you WON'T be able to even finish your Core build. Make sure you have a before you get , so you can speed up your building process, and later on, finish your .

Is the cheapest way to boost your Health Regeneration like and or even . will also provide enough Magical Resistance throughout early game and rushing as your 1st real item will grant you more than enough sustain for your jungle and ganks. Since you'll be running 0/21/9, your will be on a 0.3s downtime, once you're done with .

Will afford more than enough Resistances for , for a very cheap price, when combined with other items. 's Aura is also quite strong during both early and mid game, when usually the enemy team doesn't have enough gold for or , making the ultimate early game supportive item.

Is built last, simply because the longer you hold , the cheaper will become. will grant you all Physical Damage Resistance you need to sustain against heavy-hitting AD based champions. 's usable ability will also make quick work of heavily reliant Attack Speed champion, like , , , , , etc. 's usable ability can also be used to catchup unawared enemies or safely escape from a gank.


Item Sequence

Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Locket of the Iron Solari 2300
Warmog's Armor 3000

Now that you're left with only 2 item slots available, it's up to you how to finish your build, at this point in a Tournament, the finishing touch will won't change your whole game play. It will do nothing but fine tune your playing style and should be used to fulfill whatever your team lacks. Lets take a closer look at what can be improved:

Should be your priority if you are still not tanky enough to sustain in a team fight. Specially when their main source of damage comes from AP based champions. Do notice that will really make a difference against sustained damage champions (AKA Bruisers), since you'll be constantly regenerating HP. 's Passive will not only almost double your total HPS, but will also make it easier to engage, since you'll be running 8% faster.

Is awesome if all your team needs is someone who can prevent their enemies from running away in a team fight. will not only slow nearby champions for 15% with for as long as you want, but + will also reduce your enemies movement speed by 40*1.35 = 54% Slow. Ensuring that nobody will run away from you and your team.

Is great if the enemy team has a hard-hitting AoE ability, if you're sure they'll only use it when your teammates are next to each other. is the perfect item against , , , , , etc. Remember to activate before getting CCed, this way you'll come out of CC before your friends do, to be able to shield them faster. While 230 damage absorption (1130 total) might not seem to be much at first sight, it represents more than 10% of a carry's total HP.

Should only be taken into account in a Tournament if you're really fed. already takes quite some time to build, due to it's expensive Recipe cost. You'll still have to build 's stacks up. The game will end before you finish . You should already be too tanky to need a , which means that you're already being ignored by the enemy's carries since you mean no threat for them.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Since Tournament 's role is to tank, engage and soak some damage for his team, there's nothing more important than having the right masteries to enhance your gaming experiences. I've chosen the Defensive Tree for Tournament , because it excels at improving your defenses and movement speed. The edge on Utility Tree improves your movement speed furthermore and help you keep Red Buffs up for longer, as well as speeding up the jungling process. So here is the most optimal masteries setup for Tournaments and Premades:

Supporting with

If you just can't miss one single chance of playing with , here's a good new, YES CAN SUPPORT. It's far from being optimal, but he can fulfill all requirements. Now before you start raging on me, let's try to understand what I mean with "fulfilling all requirements". Beware that is best used as a Support against enemies with NO HEAL.


is one of the SAFEST champions in the game for warding. He can use to check for enemies inside brushes, without having to facecheck them. Also, can be used to check for Buffs, Dragon and Baron. can easily escape from his enemies if he gets spotted while trying to ward somewhere by using as well. Don't forget that even if gets caught by a hard CC, you still have + to reduce their duration, making it almost IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH , specially if your and are up.


We all know that is one of the BEST champions for poking. 1/4 of your enemies current HP every 4s with 1000 range at barely no cost? NO PROBLEM! . It works best when you have bush control, since they won't be able to dodge your in time, so make sure you buy many Sight Ward.


Here's where excels. will slow down your enemies, so you can get on melee range. will keep running wherever he pleases. provides a solid amount of damage. will nerf your enemy's damage and close the gaps, making sure he doesn't escape. It works even better if you have . is always ready to catch up the enemy's Support or any low HP unawared champion.


synergizes just fine with + + Philosopher's Stone, there's nothing to worry about 's late game. Those 3 Gp10 items will make sure has enough gear to become tanky (through cost effective items), place many Sight Ward and still offer lots of utilities for his teammates. Since Support needs cheap items (because you won't farm), there's no better build than 's Tournament Build. Since you won't be taking much Magical Damage, taking over is a great improvement, while boosting your poking potential lvling up your spells like this:

> >

at lvl 1: There's no reason to not start with , because it's your only reliable source of poke, specially when your enemy is pushed.

at lvl 2: Allow you to unload as much damage as possible on anyone who gets too close from your bush, will usually net you a kill at lvl 2 if you and your partner act properly. will be your main source of damage through mid game, since it hurts way more than and you don't really need to be farming or up pushing lanes.

at lvl 3: Since is your low cost and reliable source of harass, you should be lvling as fast as possible, in order to keep up with your lane presence. Which will furthermore help you secure Dragon & Baron much faster.

at lvl 4: To reduce the duration of hard CCs on and improve your overall damage output.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Summoner Spells

As I've already explained, is a MUST on . So you're left with the 3 following options:

> >

Which means that in MY opinion, you should be taking over and if your laning partner doesn't have . Now if he does have , prioritize over , because 's a GREAT scouting tool and as a Support, your job is to help your team as much as possible. isn't optimal for Supports since they should be giving away kills for their carries and not for themselves. If you've fed your carry, granted map awareness, aided and soaked some damage for your team, you've fulfilled your job as a Support. In order to take the best out of each one of this Summoner Spells, can spread those 9 Utility Points in order to cap out 's cooldown as well. So you can change your masteries to be like this:




Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Viable Items

Here's a list with all viable items on , according to MY understanding. Do notice that during any given point in this guide, I've mentioned AP as a viable choice. Because it sucks. You only have 1 low AP scaling ability, which is , and it's based on sustained damage. I also believe that any sort of Magic Penetration bonus are useless on , simply because you're meant to kill the enemy carries, and for this, you have HUGE amounts of AD bonus, and they're also very susceptible to Magic Damage. While it's true that works best against tanks, it's also true that they A LOT of Magic Resistance. In other words, you would have to either stack + + { or [ + ( + ) or ]} or just buy a , in order to slightly increase 's damage against tanks. So here's the list:

Item Sequence

Atma's Impaler 2300
Force of Nature 2800
Frozen Mallet 3100
Guardian Angel 3000
Infinity Edge 3400
Locket of the Iron Solari 2300
Maw of Malmortius 2800
Mercury's Treads 1100
Ninja Tabi 1100
Randuin's Omen 3000
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Spirit Visage 2900
Sunfire Aegis 2700
Black Cleaver 3100
Bloodthirster 3200
Thornmail 2700
Trinity Force 3333
Warmog's Armor 3000

We're almost done...

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I could go beating around the bush here, but I wont. So here's your answer: clear his jungle blazing fast with . Therefore, he makes absolutely NO USAGE of , as I've already explained in this chapter. But some people just can't get it right at the 1st time, so I'll repeat: is a HUGE drawback for your precious . Rushing on results in a quite damn WEAK and vulnerable when fighting against anyone. + will grant EVERYTHING needs to sustain in the jungle, as well as increasing 's ganking and 1v1 potentials by a whole lot for way cheaper.

Starting Items


lvl 2 Gank:


Dream Build:

Tournament Build:


Dream Build Core

Item Sequence

Doran's Shield 450
Doran's Shield 450

Dream Build Masteries

Tournament Build Core

Item Sequence

Cloth Armor 300
Doran's Shield 450

Tournament Masteries

Standard Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Jungle Paths

While some junglers enjoy starting with , I don't. Simply because starting with implies on changing some of your runes to , , or , just like Stonewall008 does in his video, in order to be equally or more efficient than starting with . However, you should've already learned that Attack Speed runes are terrible for , as I've described in the Runes Chapter, since you must become tanky during early game to be able to sustain your abilities, while soaking the damage for your teammates. Taking over is a great overall improvement, since you won't be taking magical damage inside your jungle route and by the time you start ganking, will become nearly as good as . Also, 0/21/9 turns out be more effective, in MY opinion, than 9/21/0, as far as Tournament Build ideals go. You can do more ganks with Red Buff up or simply increase your jungling speed, if you can't gank. is also quite handy, combined with .

This is my Standard, and therefore, my most used setup on jungle . If you don't want to risk an all-in at lvl 2 into a gank, this setup is the best as far as farming, lvling and counter jungling goes. The only difference between Dream Build and Tournament Build is that will either turn into if they're AD heavy, or into later on. While is just a waste of time and money, if the enemy team isn't AD heavy, as far as 's Dream Build goes. Your standard procedure for a lvl 4 gank should be:

1. Wolves.

2. Blue Buff.

3. Wraiths.

4. Wolves.

5. Golems.

6. Red Buff.

However, if you want to speedup your jungle process and pull ahead in XP/time/farm, there's a different path that I occasionally take. The following process should only be done if you feel that all enemy lanes are strong enough to avoid any possible ganks until 7 mins or so into the game. Because it not only includes taking your Red Buff earlier than usual, but it also weakens your ganking potential, since Red Buff will expire too soon, leaving no gaps for mistakes on gank. So it goes like this:

1. Wraiths.

2. Red Buff.

3. Golems.

4. Wraiths.

5. Wolves.

6. Blue Buff.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

lvl 2 Gank

This setup should only be used in cases where you're sure about getting a kill in a lvl 2 gank. It not only involves your lane partners to bait the enemy properly, but it also requires your enemy to be very susceptible to CCs (without any sort of dashes/stuns/defensive or evasive Summoner Spells) and it works even better if your friends have any sort of Hard CCs. Lets say your bottom lane is & (with ) VS & (without ). Like... COME ON... I can't imagine better match ups to run this jungle setup. If you still can't manage to get at least 1 kill in a lane like that, surrender @20 plz. The jungle path is exactly the same as describe above for the starting on Red Buff.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Side Notes

As you might have already noticed, I rush only up to lvl 3. While it's true that is your main source of jungle speed, 's potential in a duel is still much weaker than 's. At lvl 7 you should no longer need in order to clear your jungle safely and Recall, since you'll already have , which means it's time to start kicking some butts! So rush until 's lvl 3, then prioritize over and , then finish lvling and finally lvl . This should help you to dish out massive amounts of damage. While still keeping up with your jungle.

Plus, ALWAYS carry at least x2 while you don't have . takes a lot of damage through his 1st and 2nd runs in the jungle, so you'll need some to back you up. Also, you never know when you're to be ganked inside your jungle or being called out to hold an early game lane. You want to stay always healthy to do your best.

You can perfectly clear the whole jungle with the Standard setup without any help. However, if you go for the lvl 2 Gank setup, you'll need a good leash on Wraiths or Golems and Red Buff in order to clear the whole jungle. But remember, asking for leashes is always good. The less sooner you clear your jungle camps, the less HP you lose, the faster you lvl up, the safer you sustain, the faster you'll be ganking for your teammates. SO ASK FOR LEASHES.

Off we go!

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Here's where me and Charlie Sheen are going break into your mind and make a man out of you. Through this chapter you'll not only learn how to grow some balls, but will also explore the deepest secrets of the human mind in order to apply Reverse Psychology on the trolls in your team.

I took some of Mr. Sheen's best interview quotes and threw them all into this chaotic looking guide. And to be honest, I never thought I could learn so much about LoL from a single non-LoL-playing idol. I must add that, in order to keep Mr. Sheen's authenticity, I've marked with "*" the quotes I had to edit, in order to stay always on the same topic... And so it starts like this:

An Interview with Mr. Charlie Sheen

A: *This is MY belief of game play and probably took more than anybody could survive! I was banging 7 gram rocks, because that's how I roll! I have ONE speed! has ONE gear: GO!

A: It's a good start. It's a GREAT start. YES, it's the first win, when we can claim to be extremely ORIGINAL, which excites me, which puts me in the zone of WINNING. I'm BI-WINNING! I win HERE I win THERE, now WHAT? Lets just DO IT, lets make this thing HEAD ON and you're in there to WIN IT!

Q: You say you’ve cured yourself –


Q: You’ve told me you’re at war with them now.

A: Well, I'm definitely at war, YEAH!

Q: What’s the war?

A: The war is that they’re trying to DESTROY my family. And so, I take GREAT umbrage with that. And defeat is NOT an option. They picked a fight with *THE MADMAN OF ZAUN!

Q: How do you plan on winning this war?

A: With ZEAL... and, and FOCUS... and, and VIOLENT... HATRED. You either LOVE or you HATE. You live in the MIDDLE, you get NOTHING.

Q: A lot of your fans have been worried about you -

A: Well they can worry all they -

Q: - are you going to DIE?

A: - No, no, nah, that’s for AMATEURS, come on now. I’ve always had a PLAN. I’ve always executed it PERFECTLY. Sometimes I overshoot the mark. WHATEVER. -

Q: How do you AVOID slipping back into that again?

A: Just — I don’t know. I won’t do it. I mean that’s — I will not believe that if I DO SOMETHING then I have to follow a certain PATH, because it was WRITTEN – and it was written – for NORMAL PEOPLE, people that AREN'T SPECIAL, people that don’t have TIGER BLOOD and ADONIS DNA.

Q: Strong people have RELAPSED. Strong people have started DOING IT again. How do you –

A: Fools. FOOLS. TROLLS. Weak. DEFEATED. They allowed defeat to be an OPTION. I will NOT.

Q: *What’s next for YOU? How do you CONVINCE a Summoner in this server to take you BACK on their set after basically being let go from the ranked games?

A: *Well, I mean... first of all, um... come Tuesday morning, they’re gonna BAN me, uh, Corporate Mundo – heh – duh! WINNING! Um, and it’s not convincing ANYBODY. It’s like, DBAWSS right there. Sixty-two WIN STREAKS, um, and a ton of ELO. I mean, I won rank 1 in Dragon's Lair at the age of FIVE. And I wasn’t even TRYING. I wasn’t even WARM. Um, I’ve got Guardsman Bob, with "Yesterday"'s Player Report. I’ve got Dan Dinh, with a Pentakill on . I’ve got Dyrus, with x13. I mean, it’s like the list goes on and on –

Q: You have OFFERS?

A: Well, YEAH, and they’re, like, SO excited that I-I might be available. Cuz I haven’t been for *TWENTY years.

Q: Do you owe them an APOLOGY?

A: No. They owe me a BIG one – *ELO... while licking my FEET. And if people think I’m INSANE or don’t think that what I’m saying is TRUE, then I have NO INTEREST in – in, uh, their ******ED OPINIONS. I really DON'T. You know? I’m gonna live my life the way I WANT. I’m gonna win inside of EVERY moment, and, uh, and they can just find the most comfortable CHAIR in their SMALL house, and, uh, SIT BACK and ENJOY THE SHOW.

A: I have poetry in my FINGERS, I'm an F-18, bro. And I will DESTROY you in the AIR.

A: I am on a drug. It’s called * . It’s not available because if you try it, you will DIE. Your face will MELT OFF, and your children will weep over your exploded BODY.

A: If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you’d be like, "Dude! Can’t handle it, unplug this bastard!" It fires in a way that’s maybe not from, uh… this terrestrial realm.

Q: How do you survive that?

A: Because I’m * . I’m different. I have a different brain, I have a different heart... I got TIGER BLOOD, man.

A: I expose people to MAGIC. I expose them to something they’re NEVER going to see in their otherwise BORING lives. And I gave that to THEM. I may forget about them tomorrow, but they’ll live with that memory for the rest of their lives, and that’s a GIFT, man.

Mr. Charlie Sheen's Words of Wisdom

Clearly he didn't bring gum for everyone.

Can't is the cancer of happen.

I don't sleep. I wait in the *bushes.

Basically they strapped on their diapers.

You can’t kill me with a normal brain.

I embarrassed him in front of his children and the world.

If they want me in it, it's a smash.

It’s about winning. Sorry.

Look at this sad trolls.

I’m just giving them what I guess they want, I just don’t know if they can handle it. P**sies.

I don't believe in panicking.

I finally extracted myself from their troll hole.

Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words.

Thought you were messing with one dude? Sorry.

If you’re a part of my family, I will love you violently.

She was attacking me with a small fork.

Quit hiding dude. It’s embarrassing. Next subject.

I have a disease? ********. I cured it with my *passive.

I closed my eyes and in a nanosecond I cured myself.

That just flew out. That was a pretty good one.

I'm still alive, which is pretty cool.

My success rate is 100 percent. Do the math.

Teamwork. * +

Achievement Unlocked

What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

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's base attack speed increased to 0.625 from 0.595.
's attack speed per level increased to 2.8 from 2.5.
's magic resist per level increased to 1.25 from 0.75.
's health cost reduced to 10/15/20/25/30 from 20/25/30/35/40.
's cooldown reduced to 65 from 75.


now additionally reduces silences and blinds, but no longer allows to walk through persistent slowing fields such as when stack with with disable duration reductions (i.e: Tenacity).


Revised tool tips.


's base health reduced to 433 from 468.
's health per level reduced to 89 from 92.
's cooldown increased to 75 seconds from 60.


Fixed a bug where was slowing targets additively instead of multiplicatively.


Fixed a bug where 's description was incorrect.


's magic resist per level increased to 0.75 from 0.5.


's cost changed to 50/60/70/80/90 from 30/50/70/90/110.
is now healed for half of 's cost when strikes a target.
's cost reduced to 20/25/30/35/40 from 20/27.5/35/42.5/50.
's cost changed to 25/35/45/55/65 from 15/30/45/60/75.
now returns 40/55/70 percent of 's health instead of 50/50/50.


's health cost increased to 30/50/70/90/110 from 20/35/50/65/80.
's crowd control reduction reduced to 15/20/25/30/35 from 25/30/35/40/45.


Removed cooldown from 's rank up tool tip since there is no change to the cooldown upon leveling up.


Fixed a bug where would delay for a short period if cast immediately after the cooldown ended.


will now fire directionally, even if targeting a point outside of the cast range.


's attack speed per level increased to 2.35% from 2%.
's AoE range increased to 325 from 300.
's movement impairment reduction increased to 25/30/35/40/45% from 20/25/30/35/40%.
's cooldown reduced to 7 from 8.


's health cost reduced to 20/27.5/35/42.5/50 from 20/30/40/50/60.
's damage decreased to 40/55/70/85/100 from 50/65/80/95/110.
's health cost reduced to 15/30/45/60/75 from 20/35/50/65/80.


's armor per level increased to 4 from 3.5.
's projectile speed increased to 2000 from 1500.
's projectile size reduced to 80 from 90.


's armor per level increased to 3.5 from 3.2.
's path finding radius reduced to 35 from 45.
's damage per level increased to 3 from 2.25.
's movement speed increased to 320 from 310.
's basic attack animation improved.
's added missing HP regen per level.
's cooldown reduced to 8 from 10.
's cooldown reduced to 4 from 5.
's projectile speed increased to 1500 from 1300.
's cast range increased to 1000 from 900.
's min damage reduced to 80/130/180/230/280 from 90/140/190/240/290.
's damage increased to 40/55/70/85/100 from 25/40/55/70/85.
's cost increased to 20/30/40/50/60 from 15/25/35/45/55.
no longer increases regen, now it reduces movement inhibiting effects by 20/25/30/35/40% while active.
's cooldown reduction effect removed.
's health cost reduced to 20% from 35%.
no longer reduces movement inhibiting effects.
now regenerates 0.3% of 's max health per second.

V0.9.22.16: Added.

-> hurls his cleaver, dealing damage equal to a percentage of his target's current health and decreasing their movement speed by 40%.
-> Active: drains his health to deal continual damage to nearby enemies. Passive: While not active, regenerates a % of his max health per second.
-> Increases 's physical damage by a flat amount for 5 seconds. In addition, he gains an additional amount of damage for each percentage of health he is missing.
-> sacrifices a portion of his health for increased movement speed, reduced cooldowns, and drastic health regeneration.
-> The duration of crowd control effects on are reduced by 30%.

He's going for you, so you better hide your kids and hide your wife...

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Here's where I'll post YOUR win-streaks and videos using MY guide. So if you wanna see your name in here, leave your comment down below or send me a PM.



But beware...

...and for the Grand Final...

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Q: Are you always that awesome?
A: No doubt!

Q: Can I add you in game?
A: Sure thing, my Summoner name is "DBawss".

Q: Can you play with me?

Q: Are you looking for a Ranked Team?
A: Yes.

Q: Which are your best roles?

Q: Which you enjoy the most?

Q: Will you release more guides like this?
A: Yes, but not as awesome as this one. But they will be equally useful and powerful when it comes down to building and gearing your champion.

Q: I still can't win my lanes. What should I do?
A: Go back to Chapter 2.

Q: I still can't reach Rank 1 ELO, there's something wrong with your guide.
A: Yes, it wasn't meant for normal people.

Q: Can you tell how's an average day for Corporate ?
A: Hell yeah!

Q: What happens if I don't play with Corporate ?
A: So... You really want to know uh. Ok. Once upon a time, I miss-clicked my skin into a Ranked Match. And so I've got cursed with a Solo Top going 0/5/0 that AFKed at 10mins mark and with another AFK Ranged AD bottom lane. So by the 20mins mark the team score was 3 to 17 but I didn't broke "The 10.20 Summoner's Commandments", where it clearly states:

1 - Thou shalt not feed.

2 - Thou shalt not surrender.

And so it went kinda like this, but apparently didn't see that it was an "All about "'s picture.

And NO, I wasn't on the mood to push the blind monkey away and do more games. As you can see, I quit playing for few days to entirely dedicate myself to this guide and on the very lasts days, I only did the dailies, in which I used that Ranked to warm up. But as far as I know some of you, I can surely say that:

Q: Can you show us some footage?
A: Sure, I use nothing but the finest brands of potatoes to record my videos.

Q: Can I ask you something about other champions' builds or just speak with you?
A: Sure, you could comment down below, but I would rather reply through Mobafire's PMs. However, the fastes way to contact me, would be through my Facebook account. See you on the Fields of Justice, summoner!

Q: Your guide sucks.
A: To begin with, there ain't no questions in that sentence... and to continue:

...and for the Great Grand Final...

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So, I would like to take this moment to send a special thank to jhoijhoi's guide, cuz without him, this would be all just a massively boring text wall. I would also like to thank myself for the whole +300 hours of effort I put into this guide, including over 700 reviews (according to Moba's counter) of editing before this guide's publishment to make sure EVERYTHING was looking good enough for my first guide.

@Me: sup yo! omfgwtfbbq me n my hommies think u got a nice *** guide brow!

@Myself: thx dawg! I rly appreciate.

@Me: No I mean... for real brow, DAYUM nigguh... u're DBawss!

@Myself: Seems legit.

@Me: Real talk!

@Myself: omfgbrbcatsonfiregottathrowwater!

@Me: nuffsaidkthxbyebb!

@Mom: Hi mom! I'm on

@Blizzard: Thanks for taking away 6 years of my life with WoW, 2 year with Diablo 1, another 6 years with Diablo 2 and all of what's it's yet to come with Diablo 3.

@Corporate : Thanks for being the coolest boss in the world.

@Phreak: Thanks for jungling with Morello's newest support champions.

@Charlie Sheen: Thanks for being such a great source of wisdom.

@Chuck Testa: Thank you for making them think I was dead.

@Serious Sam: Thank you for making my sack drop a full 3 inches after chapter-stacking this guide.

@Swifty: Thank you very much for being my main source of inspiration and faith in this newborn gaming community. None of this would ever be possible without all the efforts you put into your videos and daily vlogs, since Incredible Warrior Tricks One haha. Your contagious motivational power is what keep this young souls in shape. Seriously bro, you're my hero.

@Athene Thank you for telling me to GO PLAY THEM GAIMZZ! and PWN THE NOOBS! Thanks for all the collabs and charity events that you've mentioned in your channel.

@Guardsman Bob: Thou shalt name 's Rune Page: "CLEAVER TO FACE".

@Saintvicious: Your streams are nutricious!


@Regi: Baylife bro!


or not.

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