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League of Legends Build Guide Author HickstyleZ

MUNDOstyleZ better than sex

HickstyleZ Last updated on November 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

Mundo build of the ages vote high cus this one works. since beta. max AOE FIRST if u get aoe to level 5 before people hit level 10 or 11 ur doing 100 damage per second to anyone that is in ur aoe... the reason i choose this skill lvl 1 is that it does like 40 damage a second so if i can keep it on for 5 seconds 200 hp gone.. 10 secs 400 hp.. at lvl 1 200 hp is half a persons life... so plus my auto attack thats pretty beefy and if they get just outa range from my auto attack my aoe will take em down... i used to always start with cleaver but i mostly start with aoe now becuz if they over extend at all they are ****ed... so for those times when u cant hit with auto attack cus ur chasing... basiclly people run u stay on them cast Q hit once or twice chase more cast Q rinse and repeat. with this set up u get ur summoner cool downs lowered. so when u do fight somone and they have same summoner spells than u.. u can use ur spells 10 seconds sooner wich will garuntee u a kill. been playing this build since beta.. use ur aoe and ghost in cunjunction with an exhaust for an easy kill with no boots needed. if u manage to get 2 hearts of gold before 10 mins chances are ur gonna be pretty buff... also that means at 25 mins those hearts of golds have payed for them self and every 10 seconds after 25 mins u get free 10 gold... thats 60 gold a minute for free not counting the gold u get when u sell them at th end for more money. this build will allow u to have good movement speed aka chasing abilitie and also when u are on enemy turrets.. at lvl 6 with 25% or less hp u will be hittin turrets for 140ish a hit thru out the game and if a tower sits there longer less armor it has harder u will hit.. but what u do is u go in to a turret with ALOT OF MINIONS u rush that **** no matter whos there even a taunting hero becuz ur beefy u eat the taunt run outa range and back in while all ur minioins are attacking the guy. but basically u go in ur a mean tank/distraction/turret killer. u go in pop ur ulti only attack turret if tryndamere is on u you exhaust him and stay on the turret... people who build mundo with damage items are stupid the only damage skill set that he could benifit from is 75% crit strike. with this build you are mad HP mad armor MAD MR... this means u can sustain lower life fighting for longer... and the lower hp mundo has the better for his E spell. keep in mind his passive works with hp as well as hiS E spell cus i dont think E spell will work that well with a 1200 hp mundo vs a 3400 hp mundo.. when the 3400 hp mundo is at 10% hp he has 340 hp left vs when the 1200 mundo is at 10%hp he has 120 left... so the mundo with 3400 hp gets +90 damage at 340hp vs +90 damage at 120hp... plus the 3400hp mundo's passive adds way more hp regen. that sall im gonna say for now if yall dog on this **** good for u i played this mundo all thruought beta even thru the mean *** executioners calling patch... but U WILL see how insanely over powered u can be from 1min-20mins... if u just manage to snag 2x hearts of gold before 9 mins hell i have had plenty of games were i rocked 2x hearts of gold before 5 mins and it was just like a semitruck driving thru a smurf village with nitrous.