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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dark Grail

My Dear Sheriff

Dark Grail Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Ok so this is the Build I found really good to use so far for myself this is still by far a work in progress.

Please also note the second Boots of Speed is there only cause they haven't created an Item listing for the Ionian Boots that reduce Cool downs.

EDIT: For now I put Berserker's Greaves in I Still use the Ionian CDR boots but sometimes its a little situational

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Runes- Ok I actually really like the recommended build for runes that I saw in the video and here is why... Spamming Piltover Peacekeeper. This ability does really good damage early game and harasses like no other due to its insane range. Late game spamming this is also great cause you will have enough attack power to make it hurt and the range is so good even fleeing champs can fall prey to a well placed shot. Armor Pen Marks and Quints combined with some mana regen per lvl glyphs and seals.

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For Masteries I like this 22/0/8 set up. Simply put Caitlyn is a Ranged attack damage character I have seen people put points infor extra gold in the utility tree etc I think that is kinda foolish... 1 extra damage or 1 extra gold every 10 seconds.... if you are doing your job right that damage is FAR more improtant and making gold shouldn't bee too hard. I flirted with going for Meditation in the utility tree but face it the 5% buff to damage from the attack tree is far more useful hence my rune build.

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Ok Items are always a topic of debate. Item builds are situational I know if I am fighting a tank heavy team I bet a bloodrazor and drop the cleaver sometimes I need some Magic resist so I replace something with veil etc use your discretion on item builds but I will explain my basic build.

Ok so as with alot of AD champs now a days I agree with the double doran's blade. I start with one and a health pot I follow this with boots of speed and then the second doran's blade. some people get the blade first, I say you need the speed. Next I build a Brutalizer yeah so its not the biggest AD item but CD reduction is sexy followed with the armor pen and some AD now this makes it an EXCELLENT first item built in my opinion. Next I get Zeal, attack speed crit and movement speed. Makes you harder to catch faster to chase and better mobility for switching lanes are setting up ganks. Notice I still haven't completed my boots yet?? Yeah with the boots of speed and Zeal I find I have enough early game speed to survive but if I am seeing that I am getting run down easy I switch the order of these next 2 items. Normally I get to work on Bloodthirster at this point. AD and lifesteal is yum this is the point I normally sell 1 (sometimes both doran's blades if I am not having issues) to complete the bloodthirster as its starting to hit mid game and you find your damage starting to lack some sex appeal. If not being run down I would continue to the new Ionian Boots they added to the game. the 15% CD reduction is really nice at being able to drop more traps slap people around with peacekeeper and fire off that Ultimate more the added speed also makes you a whirlwind as stated earlier if you are getting run down by gankers etc an you feel you are too slow switch the buy order of boots and bloodthirster. INfinity edge next is a HUGE item for Caitlyn putting it this "late" in my build prolly gonna lose me votes but its price makes the other things first better for early game and makes this item a better buy mid game to up that damage and hang with everyone else early game this is over kill and harder to build (at least for me) Follow with Phantom dancer and then a 6th item of your choice I sometimes take black cleaver for its Ability and AD, sometimes I take bloodrazor cause some high HP tanks need a smack down, times I have dropped both for a Banshee's Veil cause I was tired of a few AP champs touching me in no no zones use your discretion on all items in build but very few games have lasted long enough to need a 6th item and in the times it has for me its always been a situation pick

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Skill Sequence

Plain and simple max Piltover Peackeeper ASAP, take your ultimate when you can, then max your yordle trap cause this thing is GREAT put in places to stop ganks, throw behind an enemy as you engage so if they try to run they don't go anywhere, mixed with stuns this is debilitating, does decent damage too I have gotten a few kills cause a fleeing champion has run into one with low health and BAM, and you only need 1 point in 90 caliber net really its more of an escape mechanism than something horribly useful I take it lvl 2-3 depending who is against me in lane then I max it LAST.

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Summoner Spells

People will want you dead PERIOD. you do alot of damage if you are doing well, you harass like a beast, and you are squishy so they want a kill so I would suggest Flash and Ghost (improved ghost from mastery) you can take something else if you want but I think you lose survivability if you do with the mana regen and not super spamming your mana should be fine enough not to need clarity teleport might be nice for some turret saving or ganking but once they see you coming in you become the first target prolly being one of the easier kills in team battles etc

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General Play

STAY IN THE BACK. I have made the mistake of trying to go front line (yeah noob right) don't do it you are too damn squishy. Use Brush to charge Headshot and if you are able to hit a champ with it charged without putting yourself in danger do it other wise use the brush and stay back you have insane range you don't need to be up in the mix. As stated in the position line use Brush to your advantage, you are a sniper character after all put trap in front of you in case of someone like katarina or jax jumping in on you so you can get away. This might sound shady but aim for easy kills and/or low HP targets going full out on a full HP tank is dumb people can whine about Kill stealing till they are blue in the face, if they participated but you got the kill they got the assist this is a team game not a solo game without your team you would get rolled and as a Sniper your JOB is to take out the people you can and GTFO you don't run in at try to be a beast. Get the lizard buff as often as you can. This buff is awesome for you and feel free to chew out some ******ed Melee that thinks they need it more than you. With your range and damage this buff is sex in a can +2 The other tip I have is... RUN. you have insane range so you can help a fleeing teammate from max range but plain and simply put you are too damn squishy and if you run into range to help your friend most likely you both gonna die. Don't feed your team to the wolves but Riot gave you the range of the Gods... USE IT