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My first gameplay with Nunu

Last updated on June 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I play league of legends with the champion Yeti Rider Nunu for two month. I'm a new player about this game. So actually, I don't know how to play it better. I want to play with other champions,but until now, I am just only good at using Nunu. I was afraid to cause all team get failure when I choose a champion who i didn't play very well.

Nunu is a spell series champion, while he also has good defense. The setting of his abilities causes he is very important support role in the team. Thus, I used Nunu as a support champion.

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How to add ability point of mine? When you have already get in the game, you have one skill point to active one of your abilities at the summoner platform. I have read some strategy articles, they suggest you active the first ability 'Consume'(hotkey Q), and because it can help you live longer in your lane. But I have the first point added to the third ability 'Ice blast'(hotkey E). You can check the following screenshot about this ability's effect. It is used normally in all my games.

When you reach certain level, you will get more ability points. Next I just active the firstability in order to recover my health by using the skill to kill a minion or creeps. After this, I just give a ability point to the second ability 'Blood Boil'(hotkey W). When your level is 6, please active your ultimate ability which is range damage skill.

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Now I talk about equipment. Two health potions, a mana potion and Boots of speed, which are that I ready for my first journey of battlefield. Basically, although Nunu is a support role, I don't like to carry sight&vision ward. Maybe I'm not a competent supporter. :)

Anyway, when you have enough gold, I will upgrade Boots of speed to Ninja Tabi or Sorcerer's Shoes. In the middle of the game, if you can not withstand enemy's damage, you can buy a cloth armor. At the same time, buy a Kage's luck pick, it can help you gain an additional 4 coins every 10 seconds. So you will not lack of coins. I know Nunu's normal attack speeds is very slowly. This casue he gain coins slow as well.

Rod of Ages will increase your maximum of life and ability power. Shurelya's Reverie and Runic Bulwark are Nunu's the best choice. There are six slots you can use. For the rest slot,You can select Warmog's Armor, Randuin's Omen and Sunfire Cape. You may use them according to the configuration of the opponent team.

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As a support role, I think he must resist enemy's attack and give them debuff to help your teammates. So I add all mastery point(I am 15 level, so just only 15 points) to defense.

Plese check the tags about masteries.

It's my mastery simulation picture. I need high armor and health. I don't know whether it is suitable or not. If you have better idea, please let me know in comments.

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I don't have enough gold, so I just use tier 1 runes. Most of them increse champin's armor and health. I don't need other runes, maybe when my summoner are over 20 lvl, I will try various combinations of runes. About my runes, please check the runes tag .

I use a quint rune which reduce 1.67% cooldown. It can help you use your R ability soon. If you can keep live while use your R in short time, that's can make your teammates kill more even ace.

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Summoner spell

I always choose summoner spell teleport. Becuase it can make your return battle spanking. If you want to kill more enemy's champion, you can choose the second spell ingite. But as a support champion, I think you'd better choose EXHUAST or Heal.

Exhuast can reduce enemy's attack speed and movement speed. Heal can recove you and your teammates around of you.

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Nunu on the lane

Generally, Nunu should fight with ADC or APC in bottom. They have powerful damage, but less life. Nunu should stand their surround and use W ability to them to increase their movement and attack speeds. That can help them grown up very fast. You should always use E to decrease enemy champion's movement speed when they want to approach ADC and kill him. At this time, ADC can attack enemy champion until he is killed over. By this way, you can stop the enemy's attack. Meanwhile, ADC can also get a reward gold. Remember, you should use W to your partner at any time to keep your attack advantage. W ability can increase you and your ally movement and attack speeds when you launch it to your ally.

Once team battle are started, Nunu's R ability becomes very important. Please catch any opportunity during the time of group fighting, if over than two enemy champions are within the ability range, I think you can use R immediately to decrease them movement and attack speeds. At the same time, they will get massive damage at the end of the channel time. Your teammates also can take advantage of opportunity to kill enemies until ace. Ace appears, the victory will come to your team soon.

Control difficulty of Nunu is 4; So I don't know to say what about it. you must be flexible in the battle. More practice, more gain.

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Last words

Certainly, There are many ways to play with Nunu. Other players just play it as a AP, but I didn't try yet. As an AP role, I think you should choose damage power and cooldown reduction items. Like this, you just can have best power damage to enemies. And frequency of ability launching was faster.

Maybe in the coming days, I will try to play Nunu as an AP. And will know I can kill how many enemy's champions to make sure this way is feasible.

This is a little experience of my own lOL. If you have better ieda, comment please.


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