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My Kind of Yi

Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Hi guys Akl2iD here, this is my very first guide so please leave comments and feedback for me, correct me if im wrong but anyhow! here we go!

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How does this build work?

Most of Master Yi I see in public games today are either BackDoor or Failed builds. So I decided to try to create a Master Yi that can do well in teamfight and can survive during it.

This build is what I think optimised each skills of Master Yi the most since Alpha Strike has 1:1 ap ratio and Meditation has 1:2 ap ratio plus it gives you bonus Armor and Magi Resistance during the chenneling time. I have Frozen Mullet in this build cos Yi has Low hp, this will keep him alive and dish out two for three more hits before he dies and tank a little better in teamfight while using Meditation.

Other items speak for themselves.

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Pros / Cons


    Build in Infinity Edge (lvl 5 Wuju Style)
    Strong laner using Alpha Strike
    High AS from his Ulti
    Build in self heal, Meditation
    Can tank for a period of time in teamfight when get focused

    Low hp
    No CC skill
    Meditation can be interupt

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First Phrase

In the laning phrase, Yi can use his Alpha Strike to farm golds by hitting multiple minions and some time kills most of them, the is skill also give you the advantage of pushing the lane as well.

Another good thing about Yi is he can heal himself and bonus dmg from Wuju's Style give him the dmg he needs at the beginning of the game, by getting all three skills at this early stage of game will help you stay in lane longer and do not have to go have if not forced to ot wanted to.

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Second Phrase

To me, this is when the actual game start, Ganking.

Yi has the ability to hit his pray hard and fast with his ulti passive he can dish out multiple kills in a very short period of time. According to this build, Alpha Strike will take a good big chunk of Hp off you targets, leading to faster kills.

The key concept of playing Master Yi is to stay behind tank(s). Yi is not the first to initiate and he is not the last to enter the fight, your job as Master Yi is to look for any initiation from your tank and rush the enemy back line with Alpha Strike and do a lot of dmg to the enemy team.

Ofcos, you will score some kills and this is true most of the time, you WILL get focus, this is when the Meditation comes in, with it bonuses and healing ability + all the ap we have u will not die if u dont get CC, during this time your team will most likely to be picking off the enemy or have gone back without you... Remember to use ur Alpha Strike when ever you can in teamfight cos that is your main sorce of AoE dmg

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Final Phrase - End Game

In this phrase, it is the matter of whose team has a better and tighter management, people are likely to die in 3 or 4 seconds in this phrase, so keep in mind that even with all these tankish abilities you have, you are STILL soft and squishy, dont try to engage the whole enemy time by yourself, since you have another 4 ppl as your meat shield so why should you take all the risk? xD

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We have come to the end of the guide. Thank you very much for spending your time reading this. I hope this master Yi build help you in some way. Remember Yi is not the first to enter the fight and he is not the last to go in (unless u are thinking about KSing, which sometimes could be a good idea)

Please Leave me comments and feedback so I can fine tune my build and update it for you. If there are any champion you would like me to try to cover please feel free to post your request and I will try to somehow make that possible for you ^^v