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League of Legends Build Guide Author hsof777

my malz

hsof777 Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Chapter 1

hey guys so lets talk malzahar
personally i love a malzahar with loads of cooldown because i love those little minions, theyre just sooo cute and useful and when you can pull two of them out of the void its just amazing. so when i play malzahar heres how i do it

all basic caster **** no need to go into great detail over this

summoner spells -
so clarity is a must because you will constently be out of mana because everything costs sooooooo much mana and with cooldown its sooo easy to overspam it an run out in half a second.
exaust is useful more to save your *** then anything

magic pen - makes your spells more potent
health - improves early game cause your mad squishy!!!!
mana regen per lvl - cause regen is better then straight mana, trust me on this it is
ap per lvl- because you a caster you need it

early game -
start off with a tome and a pot but dont leave the base. spam call of the void until your next spell will cause you to get a minion.
now head down mid lane. what you want to do is keep the enemy on their toes and pushed back with call and with visions
remember to use your auto attack on minions to help visions bounce, cause you will get more mana if the minion dies, thus you can lane longer.
stay until you have around 1500 gold then head back
buy sorc boots and kegs pick
keep the enemy pushed back and keep harassing them with your abilities but dont let yourself get too low on mana either keep clarity ready and your mana low or keep your mana high and clarity on cooldown.
personally here i like to keep my mana to a minimum. makes it easier to bait the enemy out.
when they do come out to hit you finish them with this combo
e-> w-> r-> q
in this combo make sure they are on the zone circle. at lvl one its 20% of their health if they stay on it the entire time. also you q if your skill shot. determine if their health is low enough and finish them with this. the range is fairly good but remember they need to be led because of the delay.

mid game -
remember to be wary of ganks and by now you should have enough to get a codex and part of rylias. personally i go with the belt first and then wand then tome but the order is up to you. your lane should be pretty well decided also. if you keep getting pushed then turtle and hope for a gank. if the other way then hope he/she doesn't call for a gank. once mid is gone push one more wave of minions, head back and go help a side lane. another prefernece of mine is to push the first tower in all lanes then have 4 ppl hit one lane and one person hit another. your going to have to be in the group because as the middle you going to do the damage. remember your zone now is an aoe slow as well as a nuke for (if lvl 13) about 7 to 8 percent of their health, which can be a lot depending on the person.
by the time you push the towers in at least one lane back to their base you should have gotten or are going back to get a hat

late game -
idealy your in their base but if vice versa then just remember to focus the squishies and fight near a tower. you should be buying a revolver now and working towards a blasting wand. don't sell the pick until you can buy the wand without selling it. it will save you time on your build which could determine a win or lose. after that its will of the ancients and void staff and then the elixirs. remember that the blue on, elixir of brilliance, is the most important. then the red one then the green one.

items -
lets discuss the reason to my build.
1) sorc boots - magic boot for him............
2) deathcap - best ap item in the game 155 ability power + 30% of your total added back on thats ****ing awesome, so basicly it gives you 200ap from the item alone. badass
3)rylais crystal scepter - great health great ap and now your abilities slow the enemies, whats not to like.
4)void staff - great ap and heres the kicker takes of 40% of the opponents magic resist. thats ****ing sweet. so tanks and squishies alike will bow down to your power.
5) will of the ancients - good ap (80) 30 ap goes to allies bonus to all allies and everyone gets 20% spell vamp. this is awesome cause now you can farm a bit and be back at full health or you can take that over feed twitch and come out the victor
6) death fire grasp - great ability power item just remember to use it at the start then they have full health because its based on a percentage of their current health

well thats all i got on tbe subject hope you like it