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My Optional Ryze Guide Build

Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Hi, this is my first build description I ever make well you find mine quiet hard to understand because what you see now I dont have all those runes but my friend does and I used his account a lot because I love using Ryze I have different ways of building Ryze because sometimes there isn't a good day you cant stick to one build you have to go from offence to defence.


lets talk about the runes it depends on how offence you want to be or both defence and offence well as you can see.


for red always - magic pen.
for yellow - regen mana or regen mana per level it doesn't matter but if you have problems with mana go for regen mana but if you'll build a mana regen item like (Archangel's Staff or Deathfire grasp)then mana regen per level because you'll mana will be fine. but some wants to be aggresive like my friend does and like that so he goes for Ability power per level. (ill explain this late)
for blue - ability power if you want to be aggresive at start or ability power per level well i prefer per level because i dont lane Ryze alone i never mid with him if i do ill go ability power instant because you'll harras as any Ryze do.
and Quintessence - ability power

.Summoner Spells.

ok about what i was going to explain its because of the summoner spells thats why my friend doesnt care about mana and I do as well because of Clarity always use it when you need to gank or when your out of mana creeping.

other summoner spells can use well: me friend sometimes goes:

flash - clarity. you clarity flash then use combo.
clarity - ignite. if you have the right time to rune prison even for a tank combo ignite but to bad you cant run if someone in on you and clarity just for your own sake of mana.
flash - ignite. same as the perfect catch in rune prison combo ignite then flash away if someone is coming for you or use it to catch up to someone flash combo ignite.

but I always stick to the spells I use:
Ghost - Clarity


well sometimes there are bad days you always get ganked so you never get your mana regen item so you have to stick to clarity. not everyday is a WIN.


Ghost is for catching up to some gank or running away. always helps me better than flash. because flash is only blink for a short range and if someone can catch up your dead that's why I stick to ghost.


OK lets say you have a good start with 1st blood and farm.

Doran Ring, Sor Shoes or shoes only for Mejai's Soulstealer. then get a tear of the goddess or fiendish codex choose one those if you want Archangel for more ap or Deathfire Grasp for another skill shot for sure kill. then you'll build a rylai or void staff why not both because it depends on how the game goes if about 40min you build void because the enemy will make a magic resistance but if the game is two fed team then go rylai because you just want to make sure it the game wont turn around. last two items is zonia ring and lich bane if you not sure about how lich bane works go for void staff because some just skill like kids and its waste.

here is another option when the game goes really bad you cant make the item and you feel poor on yourself because you always get target by them and ganked your being raped.

these are the item I go it might not be good because of low ap but this helped me a lot on turning the game around for a win

doran ring, sor shoes, rod of ages, deathfire grasp, rylai's Crystal Sceptre, Void staff, last item is up to you on how good your team is zonia if you have a good team play they always try to save you but if its like saving your own go Banshee vail.

about the lich bane if you don't know how it works here someone who explained it of how you use the combo and how it works.

ill just write down his name and search for him.


Tips: how you play him safely.

1. always remember never jump in forward without the tank or someone who is meele don't go before them always be the 2nd unless you just gank 1 person or two but the other person is to far to stop for rune prison.
2. if you cant target the carry because of the tank targeting you always remember to rune prison him and use your combo ulti, flask, overload. and if you have deathfire grasp add it to your combo then ghost and run a little far so you can wait for you cooldowns and put your item deathfire grasp on slot 1 so you can just click on number 1. it doesn't matter if his alive he still suffers a lot of damage.
3. when you get focus on start you have a hard time to harras forget about harrasing and start farming use flask for last hitting creeps just wait for a gank or ask someone to come to your lane and help like someone at mind or jungler.
4. don't go solo lane unless your mid. solo doesn't work for ryze unless you play defence very well without getting killed on side lanes.
5. never walk around to the enemy jungle alone like monkey and you know your way doesn't work like that you cant solo unless your fed by the enemy.
6. remember to buy wards when your side lanes or when your mid and there is a enemy jungler.
7. always use ulti on large amount of creeps don't just flax them use ulti for sure death for all.
8. champs that you should stay from Akali, Kassadin, Malazar, Rammus, Katarina, vlad, Fiddle stick, Tryd, amumu. they are really pest champs for Ryze always escape or die first before you even do your combo unless your fast enough. well I don't know about you guys but these are the champs you want to stay away from maybe Kayle as well for gay ulti when you combo her hahah! :)).
9. sometimes you don't need to rune prison because if you have stunner's slower snare taunt you can just use them just combo and use prison if they still survive.
10. never run after someone who just escaped you because sometimes feeling bad isn't a bad thing why because being greedy going after him getting hit by turrent killing him then being killed by someone else that's waste of spells and time for catching up when you could have gone base and shop then go back to lane and farm.
11. never focus on one person if you cant reach him find another target find the close one except tank unless they are to close then focus tank instead then go for them.
12. never def a tower alone against 3 or more that's stupid then can just pass through and kill you. doesn't matter if you kill creeps you still die.

hope this helped a lot and for those who think my build is bad then to bad for me it works fine for me. the optional runes is because of my friends account we have different runes so I just explained the different because I like my friends account.

hope I covered everything just leave a comment :) thanks.