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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kindread

My Powerballing Jungler

Kindread Last updated on December 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Into the jungle

Introduction: Hello everyone, This is the first build I have made myself so bare with me I am sure there will be mistakes and things some people do not aggree with, But I am open to constructive criticism! This is my take on jungle Rammus which has became my main recently and has provided me with the most success. The build clearly changes every match like on any character but I will mention the variables as I reach them in this guide! Also I am sorry my build is kind of blocky, I ahve yet to learn how to insert icons which would break up the wall of words for sure, so sorry for now I will fix it as I figure these things out!

Summoner Spells: For summoner spells I choose Smite and Ghost. Smite Makes taking down the jungle creeps especially easy, and also helps to prevent your blue and Red buff from being taken from you by a ninja. Ghost just seems to make sense for me, ghost is a powerfull tool to have to speed up your travels in the jungle, pulling off ganks, and escaping with your life. Another perk to ghost on Rammus is Powerball combining the two together will almost always get you there in time for a team fight!

Offence tree: Plentiful Bounty. The reduce CD and Extra bit of gold from smite makes this well worth the one point in my opinion.
Utility tree: I grab perseverence Imp. ghost then pick up 3.75% extra exp gained
Defense tree: The defense tree seems varily straight forward to me as I am playing a tank role. The only mastery I am not sure of right now is ardor I have thought of dropping points to top off defensive mastery and Awareness but I have not played with that option yet. If anyone has suggestions on this matter please let me know!

Skill Sequence: I start with DBC as it pumps up your damage, deals damage to all monsters attacking you, and reduces the damage you take. Secondly, grabbing powerball to zoom around the jungle. I focus mainly on DBC as it seems to be the best choice for taking down the jungle mobs. Depending on the team comp I may focus on taunt a little more if I find champs are escaping during gank attempts. I only use Powerball for chasing and running away I find I don't need to put any more points into the skill untill later levels.

Rune Build:
With marks I went with armor penn to help deal some more damage.
For seals I went with Flat armor to help beef me up early game which also gives me a little bit more damage output twards early jungle creeps.
With glyphs I went for magic resist per level, simply because your not needing the magics res nearly as much early game so the per level gives you more later on.
Quints Flat health all the way, IMO: A tank needs his health!

Item progression: Being in the jungle I grab myself a cloth armor and five health potions. I build my cloth armor into Ninja tabi, but depending on enemy team you can grab yourself merc treads if you want magic res and reduce CC effects.Next in line I always get my one Sunfire cape to help farm and speed up the process! Now in almost every match I am in I'll grab Thornmail followed by Warmogs for the toughness damage and HP. On occasion I'll grab Force of nature first, and in some cases Thornmail will not be picked up at all, like I said armors will vairy match to match.
For my sixth item it is pretty much fair game, Randuins Banshee's veil, GA I guess it is all what you think you might need. I find a lot of games don't last long enough for a sixth item and I am usually Damn hard to kill with my first five anyway.
Also when you have spare change and especially late game grab Elixer of fortitude when ever you can afford it!
Note: Late game, it is advised to sell your sunfire cape for another option such as randuins, or banshee, etc...I find the sunfire cape dmg becomes a moote point late game.

Into the jugnle: Here I will talk about my route, I have seen others do things differently but I find this route has worked the best for me.
I start at the wolves, I can drop all three fairly quickly with DBC. I start on the wolves and not the golem to help prevent early ganking. If you do not have a look out you are an easy target starting on golem. In several matchs I have started on wolves and the two top lane champs have came hunting for me, being at the wolves I am close enough to the exit to make it to safety.
Starting at golem is fine too but I prefer to be more carefull and my way does not seem to hamper my leveling.
After the wolves and golem lord(useing smite on Golem lord), I powerball to the ghoulsand knock them out quickly. I head to the small golems, then I head to the lizzard elder. I continue to cycle around the jungle untill the laning phase is over.

While jungling I will start looking for ganks at about level four, if something is clearly visable before then I'll go for it, but I tend not to hunt for them untill level four. Most of the time I don't take out the dragon untill level eight or so because I am useually busy at level six setting up ganks.

Other Tips:
I find it helps to run jungle tank when queing with a friend as an off tank to duo the top lane, it is always good to have confidence in atleast one team member if you are not queing a full five man premade.
Ration your health potions if your careful with them and things go in your favor you can get an extra wolf and ghoul spawn out of your first route before having to recall.
If your team seems kind of slack, spend the money on wards for both your safety and theres.
Communication is key, dont just ping the map and hope everyone knows what is going on, ping and type in chat if your not using a 3rd party program to chat outloud!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy and I hope it helps you become a successfull jungle tank! Plese leave comments, advice tips, and constructive criticism! If you downvote, I am fine with that but let me know why please, that way I can try and fix the problem!